PSY of ‘Gangnam Style’ fame rapped about wanting American soldiers and their families killed

South Korean internet sensation PSY dominated 2012 with his unavoidable “Gangnam Style.” It is already the most watched clip in YouTube history but something tells me that his popularity in the United States may soon take a serious hit.

It has been revealed that on a song from before his horse dancing viralness, PSY rapped about the murder of American soldiers as well as their families.

During a 2004 protest against the U.S. presence in Iraq following the beheading of a Korean missionary, PSY, during a song called “Dear American” by the band N.E.X.T., rapped the following lines:

Kill those fu**ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those fu**ing Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

As of this post PSY is scheduled to perform on Sunday at the National Building Museum’s Christmas in Washington concert, with President Barack Obama in attendance. I got a feeling there are some White House staffers busy trying to figure out how to handle this mess.

UPDATE: Psy performed at the event after he issued this apology:

“I understand the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world,” he said in a statement.
He said the song “was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the killing of two Korean schoolgirls that was part of the overall anti-war sentiment shared by others around the world at that time.

While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self, I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words.
“While it’s important that we express our opinions, I deeply regret the inflammatory and inappropriate language I used to do so.”

Does PSY’s previous lyrics, rapped in protest, change your opinion about the South Korean pop star?

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