TEEN MOM 2 Meet Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vetzabe ‘Vee’ Torres

Teen Mom 2 Jonathan Rivera and girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres

Teen Mom 2 returns for its third season later tonight and one of the major plot lines for star Kailyn Lowry will be struggling with the relationship between her son Isaac and his father Jonathan Rivera’s new girlfriend Vee. Here is a preview clip in which Kailyn talks with Jo about it, and obviously she seems confused by his relationship and what it means for the two of them and for Isaac:

It’s clear in the video that Kail thought her hook ups with Jo meant there was a possibility of reconciliation, but Jo iterates that he thinks the two of them having a romantic relationship is a bad idea. An emotional Kail doesn’t take the news very well and she seems to focus her frustration on Vee when she tells Jo, “I don’t want this girl around my son. There’s no reason for her to be playing mom.”

The scene above could have been filmed more than a year ago, but it appears Kail’s feelings were just about the same last week when Jo brought Vee along to the Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping in New York City. Kail explained her animosity toward Vee in an interview with Wet Paint:

“I think it was more of this girl being around Isaac than him moving on to somebody else. I wanted to be with him so she wasn’t in the picture,” she told Wetpaint Entertainment editor Lindsay Dreyer. “And I know that’s unfair and it’s selfish, but that’s what was going on in my mind.”

“I didn’t want to be with him, and I didn’t want her to be with him either,” she continued. ”That’s something I feel like a lot of people can relate to, so I’m just happy to be past that.”

When we asked if she met her yet, Kailyn was quick to respond, saying, “No. I don’t want to meet her.”

Kaily Lowry's son Isaac with Jonathan Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres
^ Kailyn Lowry’s son Isaac with Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vee

So who is Vee? Her full name is Vetzabe Jocette Torres and she is a 21-year-old aspiring model. Fans may remember her as the sexy brunette starring alongside Jo [aka N.I.C.K. B] in his music video for the single “Unthinkable.” Here’s an intimate screen shot of Jo and Vee on the bed from the video:

Teen Mom 2 star Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee from his video for Unthinkable as rapper N.I.C.K. B

Born on September 20, 1991, Vetzabe (or “Vee” as she likes to be called) began dating Jo on June 23, 2011. The two have enjoyed a rather flirty relationship online, with Vee sharing numerous (often funny) photos of the two of them together as well as almost daily affirmations of their affinity for each other. Jo seems to want to maintain his bad boy image, but Vee will have none of it and seems determined to let the world know Jo is actually quite the fun-loving romantic.

And Vee is no stranger to children, being the aunt to a newborn niece and toddler nephew, both of which seem incredibly fond of Jo.

And speaking of incredibly fond, here are a few photos of Vee looking nothing short of intimidating with her thin but very curvaceous figure! (Click to enlarge)

Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee posing for an instagram photo  Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres bikini picture  Teen Mom 2 Jo's girlfriend Vee Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee modeling photo

The photo of Vee with the gray background above (credit: Ricardo Cabrera) is from one of her many shoots for School of Life Clothing Company. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video clip from the Unity Collection photo shoot featuring Vee:

And don’t think for a second Miss Queen Vee is just another pretty face! This girl is smart and completely unafraid to speak her mind! Nope, there are no self-confidence issues here. Check out her “About Me” from her Facebook modeling page:

I am a model. I Kill Shoots, Rip the Runway & Kill COMPETITION!
If you’re a strong female, you dont need permission 😉

Vee’s Twitter bio is similarly sassy:

You might hear me but you don’t listen, competition? Come & GET some. IG: Vwowwxohh ♥
Bad Bitch Central!

And for any Teen Mom 2 fans wanting to jump on the ol’ hater wagon this season, be forewarned that Vee will come back at you big time! She seems to have zero tolerance for negativity and she’s ready and willing to let you know in a way that could be considered anything but gentle. I only hope she’s given enough screen time this season for her personality to come through on the show!

Who is Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee? Vetzabe Torres

Much like the rough road travelled by Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell, I’m sure things are going to be rocky between the strong-willed Vee and equally strong-willed Kail early on, but Vee and Jo sure seem to have a great relationship so let’s hope (just like Maci and Dalis) Kail and Vee will be able to eventually become friends for the sake of Isaac.

Be sure to tune in to Teen Mom 2 on its new night, Mondays at 10/9c on MTV!

Here are some links for those of you wishing keep up with Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vee online:

Twitter: DELETED
Facebook (modeling page): Vetzabe Torres Lo’VEE’rs
Facebook (personal – haters need not apply) – Vetzabe J. Torres
Instagram: @vwowwxohh

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  • observation

    Is it just a weird coincidence that Jo & Vee celebrated their one year on June 23, 2012 and Ryan & Dalis also celebrated their one year on June 23, 2012? Both relationships were mentioned in this article and both of the girlfriends will probably have lots of haters because of the moms being the favorite. And also on the Teen Dads Special, Jo & Ryan shared the couch together and declared they were single and not looking for a relationship, and about one month later on the exact same day they entered long term relationships lol. maybe i’m just the only one who find it to be an incredibly odd coincidence 🙂

    You know what else is weird, Ryan & Dalis and Jo & Vee have the longest relationships out of the whole entire casts of the Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 besides Catelynn & Tyler, yet other couples such as Leah & Jeremy (married, have had two pregnancies), Kail & Javi (engaged or married), Jenelle & Courtland (living together), Cory & Miranda (living together), Adam & Taylor (living together) are all moving super fast with living together, engagements, marriages and pregnancies but the two couples who have been together the longest are actually taking things slow. I’m not sure if Jo & Vee live together yet, but Ryan & Dalis have said that they do not. But some of these couples have only been together a few months, so even if Jo & Vee do, it actually makes sense, not some of these other couples moving in together after like a week. Props to them for actually being mature about their relationships and not rushing them for absolutely no reason at all.

  • Ace

    I don’t get why Kailyn has a problem with her being around Isaac when she obviously has Javi around him all the time, and Jordan was too.

  • mzlady2012

    I agree with you observation 100%. I think it is hilarious that Kailyn doesn’t want Vee around her son. Mean while she would take Isaac around Jordan while living with Jo’s parents. Now she constantly tweets pictures of Isaac and Jose but its okay for her. I believe that Kailyn struggles with the fact that Jo has a gf because although Jo isn’t perfect he was good to her and Isaac. Jo and his parents did for Kailyn what her own mother wouldn’t do. We saw how long it lasted before her mothers bf was all in her case while she lived there. They say you never miss a good thing until its gone and I think it kills her to see another woman stand in the shoes she once stood. Jo wanted to be with kailyn and felt that they should move in together to raise there son. Kailyn denied that she wanted to be slutty and date Jordan. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Kailyn tries to rock the same hair and clothing sytles as Vee. (who is beautiful btw) Kailyn also tried being a model as well. I don’t think Jo is as bad as Teen Mom makes him out to be. Kailyn isn’t completely over JO she is Jealous and I really feel that this current “Marriage” isn’t going to last. I feel like she is trying to jump into married life to prove a point

    • crystal8521

      That is exactly it, she’s going to “punish” Jo for moving on and getting this pretty, smart and out going woman. What would be the ultimate is for the courts to grant Jo full custody while she’s playing Military wife in another state, because Kailyn thinks this is what Jo gets for rejecting her.

  • Kailyn is a hypocrite. If she doesn’t want Jo’s girlfriend around Isaac than she should have been the one to set the example and kept her boyfriendS away too. Ugh, this girl is one of the worst….her attitude is so “poor me” and she seems to act like everyone owes her something. Good for Jo for moving on. And by the way, she’s been trying to get with Jo since he started with Vee, sometime in June. So it took Kail little over 1 year to meet her new guy and supposedly marry him? Wow. These girls will never learn…….

    • crystal8521

      I swear Kailyn ran out and got married/pregnant/and came up with this I am taking Isaac out of state scheme thinking she will really punish Joe for moving on/rejecting her and finding a pretty out going woman.

  • Grrr

    Why the HELL hasn’t she met Vee yet? Her and Jo have been together for almost a year and a half!! How has she not gotten over the fact that he’s moved on by now, ESPECIALLY since she’s married or getting married to Javi?! And about the whole comment of she doesn’t want this girl around Isaac, well i have news for Kail, Jo can bring his girlfriend around Isaac since you had Jordan around Isaac and currently have Javi around Isaac. Ugh.

    • badchicka

      Kailyn is very immature and envious of this lovely young lady Jo is with IMO .

    • IBeeTweekin

      She needs to meet her. Obviously she is around her son and if someone was spending time around my kid, I’d want to meet and know them for my own peace and mind. Kail is just being childish.

  • josh

    It’s hypocritical but honestly its different for moms to trust another women. Women can be bitches let’s be honest

    • Mia

      Stepfathers and boyfriends are significantly more likely to physically or sexually abuse a child than a stepmother or girlfriend is. And that’s a fact, not my opinion.

      My opinion on the subject is that men seem less likely to force a mother-like relationship on the child with their girlfriend, but a woman will often force a father-like relationship with her boyfriend. I don’t think it helps that most of them grew up in broken homes and are structured to think they need to tie people down before they run away. Ryan and Jo both came from very stable homes with very powerful, strong male influences. Both of their fathers seem to have very traditional gender-roles, but also keep their wives’ best interest in mind. Out of all the dads, I think they’re the most likely to go onto live very happy divorce-less futures.

  • nicole

    She is to cute for him

  • Mzsexy

    LMAO Kailyn is in denial she had the nerve to post on her twitter that there is a difference between being jealous and simply not liking someone. Here we go again how can you dislike someone you’ve already denied yourself from meeting. If she has never met Vee than how can she dislike her. This chick is so hypocritical just weeks ago on her twitter she was encouraging people to not judge a book by its cover and to “Open there minds” SMDH Typical Kail she just needs to stfu Vee’s a bad bitch all the way around and kail can’t handle it. I bet if Jo had met a female who wasn’t as beautiful or smart as Vee she would have a different attitude. Javi is a rebound just so she doesn’t feel lonely. and I personally feel like he is just enjoying the fame of dating a teen mom. So glad Jo had one baby with her and stopped she and Leah are two of a kind. They both cheat and mess up their relationships than cry victim……..

  • Sophie

    Typical chola girl!! Model my a**!! Go to California and try to get yourself an agent see how many times you get turned down !

    • lol

      How many times were you turned down? You seem very bitter.

  • Bri

    Sorry, but she looks like a tranny.

    • rachal

      If she looks like a tranny then I must know what does joes baby mother look like? LMAO

  • Bri

    Why is it a problem for Vee to be around Isaac when all of her boyfriends were?

    • siriusthecat

      It doesn’t even matter, its not her place to say shit. Unless you have proof of a serious character flaw, there is nothing you can do about who your ex has around the kid. I’m shocked by how many times these girls and their parents think a judge is going to step in. Maybe if its a sex offender or violent felon . She picked him. He can have a new girl every night and two on Sunday. She’s lucky he’s just with the one. She’s the one bringing too many dads around and she has primary custody. That will cause the baby damage. Unfortunately, its her right to do it.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Those hispanic boys really like the fatter white women don’t they? That kailyn bitch is one fat ugly bitch. I’d like to get deep in that Vee.

  • Texas Girl

    Maybe she doesn’t like Vee because she feels like she got in the way of her and Jo working things out and getting back together…

    • crystal8521

      or she is a insanely jealous, spiteful, and controlling bitch?

      • alissa

        or not

  • Ha

    This chick is a hoe and only want to be on tv. If u do the math-Jo slept with the both of them at the same time. Probably raw-YUCK, Jo is a gutter donkey and his girl is fu€king crosseyed

  • IBeeTweekin

    Kailyn needs to get over herself. Jo has had one relationship since their break-up and he’s clearly serious about this girl because they’ve been together for quite some time. Kail has had 2 boyfriends since their break-up & both of her men were very involved in Issac’s life. Her new fiancée is seen a lot with her son and they have taken family portraits together. I will commend her tho cause she chooses really great guys that really do love her son (although I feel she could’ve gave Jo a chance before moving out). And I do understand her frustrations with being sexually active with Jo then finds out he’s dating someone. But she has moved on. And if Jo took his girl and Isaac out for family pics, she would be livid. She just needs to get over it. I commend Jo for being such a great dad and putting up with Kail’s contradicting demands.

  • Alina

    she is trashy. i saw her youtube channel and intsagram .i wouldnt want her around my kid when all she talks about blowing his father and weed then posts it online like an idiot.she acts like she is all upset but for her to do that she must be fame thirsty

    • crystal8521

      That was before she met Jo, give it a rest.

      • alissa

        it wasn’t

  • Yas

    I love how any random person in a music video become a “model”. That girl
    no model…

  • truth

    Javi is such a little bitch. Kailyn is going to be one psycho baby mama…she will become just like her mother..and already has

  • kate

    Vee has a great body but is NOT attractive. The way she presents herself isn’t classy. A

  • crystal8521

    Vee seems like a all around good person, it appears to have eaten Kailyn to the core with jealousy. This weed/gas mask photo is a excuse from Kailyn to keep her son away from her. If she had such a problem with weed, she would have done something after Joe was arrested for it.
    I have no doubt kailyns marriage/baby/ take Isaac out of state was all a spiteful reaction to Joe moving on in life, that “I will show him” game back fired, he could care less.

    • alissa

      you’re wrong

  • Lea

    I completely agree with Kaitlyn but at the same tine she does have Isaac around her boyfriends so I don’t think it’s fair maybe she’s jealous and insecure

  • KeepinItReal

    LMFAO! That lowbudget commercial sucks! And the photo poses were even more pathetic! Ugly ass models who would even purchase those horrid shirts? Models? What a freakin joke…she cant even pay for her own books…get a real job hun cuz modeling is not for you or your friends…ha!

  • isa

    Please this new chick with him thinking she’s going to get famous…. Lmbo. Bitch please