Jenelle Evans explains rumored “kidnapping” of Courtland’s daughter Jordan

Jenelle Evans tweets a photo of Courtland Rogers' daughter Jordan

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans found herself in the middle of a dramatic custody dispute this weekend involving her boyfriend Courtland Rogers’ infant daughter Jordan and Jordan’s mother Taylor Lewis. (CLICK HEREto find out more about Courtland and his daughter, including lots of photos!) Jenelle shared the above photo on Thursday along with the tweet, “Who’s ready for the new addition to our family. Lil miss Jordan Rogers <3 ;)”

A follower responded by writing, “Aw she looks so sweet! 🙂 do you two have her all the time now?” to which Jenelle responded, “yes we do :)”

Meanwhile, Jordan’s mother Taylor Lewis wasn’t as happy about the situation, posting on her Facebook wall, “i miss you jordan so much cant wait to have you in my arms again uggghhh this sucks ♥” She then added in the comments section, “her dad took her and wont give her back shes been gone 3 days nw”

Courtland Rogers' daughter Jordan with her mother Taylor Lewis
^ Courtland Rogers’ daughter jordan with her mother Taylor Lewis

Jenelle responded to Taylor’s comments by tweeting, “we didn’t even have her for 3 days lol ONE night then to the babysitters cuz I was in the hospital all night” (In case you missed it, Jenelle was in the hospital with severe pain stemming from her recurring problems with ovarian cysts.)

While Jordan was with the babysitter, her mother Taylor Lewis showed up and took her back – much to the dismay of Courtland, who posted on his Facebook page, “”I HATE YOU TAYLOR LEWIS 1!!!!! U JUST REALLY DID SOMETHING STUPID AND ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT I FIGHT FOR WHAT I LOVE AND I SWEAR I AM GOING TO GET FULL CUSTODY OF MY DAUGHTER…..OMFG I HATE YOU…” He then clarified that “she took my daughter from me…..AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We spoke with Jenelle and she confirmed that Taylor now has Jordan again. “Taylor took Jordan away from Courtland’s babysitter last night. So she is gone again,” Jenelle says. “It sucks for him,” she adds.

So who actually has custody of Jordan? “Courtland has half custody of … his daughter and so does his daughter’s mother, Taylor,” Jenelle tells us, “so whenever Taylor has Jordan she never lets Courtland see Jordan at all! The police here say that as long as each parent has half custody there’s nothing Courtland can do about seeing his daughter unless Taylor says so.” And it seems it is a two-way street because Jenelle tweeted that after Courtland picked up Jordan from his sister’s, Taylor “called the cops… They told her there’s nothing she can do, cuz he has half custody.”

Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Courtland Rogers and his daughter Jordan

And why was Jordan at Courtland’s sister’s? Jenelle pulled no punches when she explained that situation! “Courts sister received a call at 2am to ‘come pick up Jordan’ Taylor was not in the right state of mind,” she tweeted. “Then of course we took her in becu Taylor got kicked out of a state troopers house she lived with that night and she’s house hopping now with her daughter… When our environment is 100% stable and safe.”

Later, after people began accusing her and Courtland of kidnapping Jordan, Jenelle took to Twitter to dish a little more on Taylor:

“Courtlands baby mama said we stole her daughter. It’s not called stealing when both parents have half custody in NC. She smoked crack and handed his daughter over to Courtlands sister at 2am. Her whole family is f***ed up. Her dad is in prison, mother stripper, GRANDMA locked up. There’s the truth everyone.

“If we knew where Courtlands daughter was at this moment we would go get her, but guess he has to go to court… And his baby mama will NOT tell us where she is. Last time we knew she was at a crackheads house with like 5 dudes. 🙁 sad… The only reason I said something. Is becuz rumors r going around saying we kidnapped her? Lmfao wow really? F*** that.”

We asked Jenelle about Courtland’s relationship with Taylor Lewis and she basically said there isn’t one. “She was a one night stand to Courtland. That’s all, no relationship, nothing special, but he still cares and love his daughter to death and is in the process of getting his daughter back.”

And speaking of Courtland being in the process of getting Jordan back, Jenelle has been tweeting updates and receiving suggestions all day.

“We called the cops and so did she and they said doesn’t matter which parent has her [they] both have rights to her,” Jenelle pointed out to one commenter. Another fan suggested Jenelle call Child Protective Services, to which Jenelle responded by writing, “we r going to do something about it on Tuesday when the courts open.” Another commenter demanded that they not wait and go get Jordan immediately, but Jenelle revealed, “we don’t kno where she is 🙁 his baby momma will call us over 30+ times to cuss us out but not tell us where she is…”

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Taylor doesn’t seem to care for Jenelle, possibly because she wants a relationship with Courtland. Jenelle says of Taylor’s feelings for Courtland, “I think she wants him back because she said, ‘You can only see Jordan when Jenelle isn’t around.'”

At the time of this post, Jenelle’s last tweet stated she was trying to find an emergency number for CPS that would work on weekends.

We will keep you updated on the situation.

UPDATE – Courtland just tweeted this heartfelt plea: “i miss my little girl so bad !!!!! i need her with me RIGHT NOW !! i am so worried about her being with her mom!! i gotta rescue her !!!HELP”

UPDATE – Taylor Lewis’s sister Kristen Lewis has taken to Twitter to defend her sister. Here’s what she posted over a series of tweets on November 12:

she wants is to be left alone she is a awesome mother jordan goes to day care everyday and has a stable enviroment

everything they are saying is a lie mind your own bizz jenelle and worry about your own stuff stop posting sh*t about my sis

@PBandJenelley_1 i dont like drama but if you keep slandering my sis you will face me if courtland loves his daughter so much he would get along with taylor for jordans sake and give her the clothes that taylor worked her ass off to get its really sad you cant give them to jordan we even have the message courtland left saying come get jordans clothes from police station and then 5 mins later he said f*** you nevermind

quit playing games and man up courtland you cant even pay your child support.

and jenelle dont you ever talk about my f***ing family yea my dads in prison but my mom is not a stripper and my grandma is right here so stop lying in the media this didnt have to come to this…its really sad but sh*t happens

@PBandJenelley_1 go ahead and block me dont care i dont even get on here made it a long time ago so tell courtland to quit calling my phone oh yeah by the way go ahead and call social services because your only wasting your time taylor stays with a state trooper and im sure as soon as they see the house and drug test taylor the case will be closed.

everything you say is a lie courtland is a piece of sh*t and could take you to the hospital that night but not his daughte who had a fever a severe diaper rash when we got her back from my aunt which was ur so called bbysitter haha

1st of all my sis is not a crack head yeah she has tried mayb weed or pills before but never crack courtland is a crackhead n has been since he was 16 and every1 knos it in brunswick county so its ironic he is goin 2 call her that 2 the media

he wants is to be left alone she is a awesome mother jordan goes to day care everyday and has a stable enviroment

im taylor sista they will never get jaja we r lawyered up u junkys get custody of ur own son

  • Burkey

    So now Jenelle wants to raise her newest boyfriend’s child, but still can’t manage to raise her own? Is this girl for real?

    • Courtney

      Jenelle needs to stay out of this it’s NOT HER child and its NOT her place to try to take over the role of mother to this girls child. She needs to focus on her OWN child, Jace and quit causing everyone around her so much drama and heartbreak! Jenelle needs to stop running to Twitter and the cops every time someone hurts her feelings. Airing people’s private struggles and info is just SO low she needs to knock it off!

  • tab

    jenelle needs to stay out of it. she has her own child that she can’t even take care of and doesn’t have custody of. she’s going to hurt his case by talking about it so much on social media!
    he needs to go to court and get an assigned custody schedule. there are many programs that will help him financially. that poor baby girl. 🙁

  • Katie

    Jenelle disgusts me. I would march right over to that babysitters and get my child too if he was threatening to keep her from me. If he actually wanted to see and have rights to his daughter, he would go to court, which is something he has said he won’t do.
    I hope Jenelle never gets Jace back again, he does NOT need her immature drama.

  • Whitneylea23

    So wait, why is it that Jenelle wants to love and take care of this baby, but no her own?? I don’t mean to judge, but anyone whose watched Teen Mom 2 or seen any news about her, she is NEVER with her child. Just always shopping, and smoking pot. Sorry but this makes me mad, where is Jace meanwhile all of this is going on?? Oh thats right, her mother raises him.

  • Karen

    Word of advice for Janelle: Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Seems like her and Cortland are going to fight to gain custody of his daughter. If she would only fight or even care enough to try to gain custody of her own child!

  • Ace

    So you have her “all the time” which equals 1 night? I guess that would be about right in Jenelles mind seeing as her idea of seeing Jace ‘all the time’ is hardly ever.
    “in the process of getting his daughter back” – the same way you’ve been “in the process of getting Jace back” for 3 years now?
    And here’s a thought – maybe she doesn’t want you around her child cause you’re a skank and will most likely not be with Courtland in a few weeks anyway?
    Worry about your own kid first. Feel so sorry for both Jace and now this girl.

  • Jenn

    whoa whoa whoa……they’re back together? the hell lady. Thought she was taking a break from men to reconnect with herself and her son?

    • micro OP

      I guarantee you Jenelle will not have a significant period of time being single, ever. I honestly think she’s going to cling on to men from now forward.

  • Ashley

    “When our environment is 100% stable and safe.”
    Is Jenelle for real?! She doesn’t have custody of her son, breaks up with her boyfriends and gets back together seemingly every other week, and just moved into her house of the moment, which also seems to switch up often. She is seriously delusional. Poor Jace that his mother is now fighting for custody of her boyfriend’s child and not him, but he is very lucky not to be in her custody. So sad and ridiculous.

    • sarahb

      Amen…100% stable & safe? Hmmmm,what time is it? That baby does NOT need to be anywhere near Jenelle.She can’t raise her own child,but wants to be mommy to another woman’s child. Taylor,keep that baby away from that nutcase. Bring her arrests,drugs & the fact that she’s not been responsible for her child ever.

  • L

    “Our environment is 100% stable and safe” —is possible the best sentence ever…I can’t even cope with this shit.

  • missem

    Trust me, I dislike Jenelle just as much as the next person, but maybe she realized just how much she missed out on Jace’s life and doesn’t want Courtland to go through the same thing. I haven’t heard about J getting arrested in the past few months so we really don’t know what’s going on between her and her mother.
    Courtland not going to court might be because he doesn’t want to hurt Jordan by taking her away from her mother. The courts may decide she can’t have any custody, or very small amount of time with her. Courtland may not want to go to court because he doesn’t want to risk losing custody himself even if he is the better parent or he doesn’t want to risk Jordan having to grow up without her mother.

    • tab

      he can still petition the court for a legal schedule that both parents would abide to and she could have both parents in her life. there is clearly so much of this story we don’t know.

    • Missed out on Jace’s life? The poor boy is only 3- if she wanted to, she could easily become more involved in his life. Even if she doesn’t get custody right away, she could at least attempt to spend more time with him.

    • Bri

      Please tell me you’re joking. Are you seriously sticking up for these ***holes?

  • ariel

    Jenelle is making things worse and needs to stay out of it and should focus on her own son

  • yousuck

    Guess Jenelle didn’t have enough of her own drama to keep her in the spotlight so now she’s involving another persons innocent child. Go away already!

  • ashley

    I feel so sad for the child involved! Children are human beings, not objects to be passed around and used against each parent. So sad 🙁

  • Ashley

    It’s pretty bad judgement to be posting about the welfare about someone else’s child. Anything for a little attention eh Jenelle?

  • Jazmin

    Starcasm, you disgust me almost as much as Jenelle. You are so biased in your “reporting”.

    All for what? So Jenelle can go to you to “clear up” rumors while bashing the people she currently hates. She’s a disgusting human being. And you are worse for enabling this train wreck just so you can slap “EXCLUSIVE” on it.

    This faithful reader is gone.

  • mya

    Omg that lil girl is so beautiful… I feel so bad for her… I hope her dad is a good dad and gets custody… and as for Janelle she needs to go away from this family… they have enough problems …

  • Leah

    It’s called joint custody, not “half custody” you idiot! How about focus on your own child before worrying about someone else’s!

  • I just want to know if they found the child already!

  • They both need to grow up and learn to parent together. I know it is hard. It took lots of drama and 14 years for my husband and my stepson’s mom to be able to be friendly and supportive of each other. It is not always easy, but it is the best for the child.

  • urasorrychump

    Courtdouche should have been with his CHILD, not Jenelle, when she went into the hospital. If his child was important to him, she would have never been at a babysitter after one day!!! Jenelle can take a damn taxi!

  • SarahB

    They are both dead beats. Both using their innocent babies as pawns. Jordan’s mom should get 100% custody. He’s out buying her rings,I bet he doesnt pay child support.
    These two dead beats deserve eachother!

  • mim

    This girl does not look like a crack head! She looks pretty decent to me. They need to get far away from jenelle as possible! Jenelle=trouble & problems!.
    My advice to this girl is to run. Run far away from these two!

  • Kiki

    Kids having kids….tragic.