Chelsea Houska opens up about baby daddy Adam Lind and her love life

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind of 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea Houska has been making headlines lately after her baby’s father, Adam Lind, posted a video of their daughter saying she didn’t want to go with mommy and wanted to stay with daddy. This guy sure hasn’t made things easy on her. Now, in a new interview, the Teen Mom 2 star is opening up about Adam as a father and her love life.

Chelsesa and Adam’s daughter Aubree is getting bigger — she’s nearly three years old. As she grows, she will surely begin to wonder why her mommy and daddy aren’t together, especially now that she’s in day care and interacting with other children. “With Adam being a jerk, that’s going to be a hard conversation,” she tells The Stir, adding that because of Adam’s inconsistencies as a parent, she tries extra hard to be the best mommy to Aubree.

For the record, this young mommy by all accounts appears to be super dedicated to Aubree. She’s always tweeting pictures of her and gushing about what she’s up to.

Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree

As for Adam, Chelsea says, “He’s always going to be there, he’s her dad.” Unfortunately, he only sees her occasionally and on Father’s Day, he didn’t even ask to see her. Chelsea expressed her disappointment with him on Twitter which led to him issuing a statement of his own via Facebook blaming her for not offering him a visit.

Chelsea recently split with Aaron Crisp after dating for a short time. Before that, she was rumored to be involved with one of the stars of Caged, which she denied. This mommy is not having any luck in love. “I don’t even know where I’d find time to date,” Chelsea admitted. Chelsea can’t imagine taking time away from her daughter for any man. “I don’t want her to think that I’m leaving her to go be with this guy. At the same point, I do want to find a guy some day.”

Teen Mom 2 will be back later this year. Fans can expect to see Chelsea and Adam begin their custody battle. If you thought there was tension between them before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  • Amber

    I CAN’T stand Chelsea.

  • jane

    Chelsea seems to be low drama since getting rid of Adam. Some people don’t like that.

  • rose

    Where did Adam post a video of Aubree? Is he dumb as a box of rocks? oy vey. I bet Randalicious is not happy.

  • Joei

    Rose, thats fantastic.

    I like Chelsea. She is the most like all my other young mom friends..

    • Jess

      “I like Chelsea. She is the most like all my other young mom friends..”

      I feel sorry for you if you have more than one friend who is like “Chelseaaahhhhh”

  • Diane

    Honestly, hasn’t that doormat’s 15 minutes ended already. Why do we care about her stupid life with Adam?

    • Jay

      You care enough to read about it… and comment on it. Apparently plenty of people caring over here.

  • Erica

    Sh!tty dads (and moms) have often been known to badmouth the other parent to the child, or let the child do whatever they want, or give them toys and candy and let them run amok, just so the child will like them better. I could imagine that’s probably what’s going on here.

  • so

    She shouldn’t have screwed over spencer, he’s a hot single dad 😀

  • LIli

    I cant stand chelsea she is super lazy all u see her do is lay on the couch and i never see her cook and I hate that she says she has it hard when her daddy pays for everything

    • Alexis

      She is a FT student and Mommy. I don’t see that as being lazy!

    • Kayla

      I don’t know what you have been seeing or watching but Chelsea never said she had it hard. She actually said once that she had it easier than a lot of young mothers because her family is so well off and her dad helps her with everything. Just because you don’t see her cook when you watch her 15 minutes a week, doesn’t mean that she never does. Maybe she just isn’t a good cook? Maybe she can afford to go out and eat every day. As long as she has food for her daughter that’s all that matters.

  • bgmarx

    i’m glad she isn’t with adam anymore…..but adam needs to spend time with his daughter more before she grows to hate him for not being there

  • Brittney

    Where can i see this video adam posted?

    • Kaycee

      I don’t think you can since he took it down.

  • Vanessa

    Chelsea and Adam are both immature Adam is now growing up and I think Chelsea and Adam should both go to counselor. To get the issues on the table both of them need to learn how to co parent I think now Adam is finally see what an ass he been on tv. So now he is changing which is good hopefully Adam and aubree can have close relationship Chelsea just needs to take a step back.

  • Jess

    ”I don’t even know where I’d find time to date,” Chelsea admitted.

    What exactly does this freeloader do that prevents her from finding time to date? She doesn’t really work, she doesn’t go to school and she sticks her kid in daycare. No time to get ole Randalicious to babysit on an occasional Friday night? Puhhlease. She wants us all to think she’s just this super busy mom. I ain’t fooled and neither are my friends, some of which are single mothers and have been for years. They laugh at her and all the other “teen moms” who are constantly complaining about not having time to themselves. It’s called getting a job and PAYING a babysitter so you have time to yourself. This girl has money and support so wtf is her problem? Oh yeah, nothing…

    • brittbritt

      maybe she rather be with her kid instead of going out to screw people like the friends u have. Maybe she rather be with her family and he rkid rather then doing her own thing…isnt she a student? yea so i could see whys he has no time to date…dating is hard work sometimes. Maybe she doesnt want to ditch her kid which she said if u read the whole thing…sooo STFU.

  • Ashley

    Her hair looks like Top Ramen noodles in the first picture! Much better in the second.

  • K

    I don’t dislike Chelsea I just find her very self involved and spoilt! Its funny how she says she couldn’t find time to date but she had time 2 fly out and chill with Jamie-Lynn Spears and hook up with that Caged guy. How can she deny it now when months ago she confirmed they hooked up when he had a girlfriend. She was trying to hook up with that Dane guy as well, an then Aaron Crisp. How doesn’t she have time 2 date?? Adam’s an idiot but she’s hurt him just as much as he hurt her, she needs 2 stop playing the victim. I hope Adam steps up to be a good dad for Aubree before its too late!

  • Taylor

    Yawn boring! This is what the tenth time she has said the same song and dance. I don’t feel for her cause instead of actually being done with him and doing something with her life she just throw excuses. Watch the show every time her parent try to get her to grow up she dangles Aubrey in front of them and gets her way. I felt bad the first 4 times this same song and dance happened and now all I can do is roll my eyes. She is going to be thirty still living off of her parents and constantly taking Adam back after he treats her like shit.

  • kelcey

    i reall
    y like you chealsea and i hope that your not seeing adam any more