Amber Portwood is sober, doing well in prison

Amber portwood doing well in jail

Even though Amber Portwood initially regretted her decision to choose prison over rehab, according to her brother Shawn, she’s now adjusted to her prison life, and is enjoying being completely sober. The structure of prison is apparently a welcome difference from the chaos of her regular life. “She enjoys being up before 7 a.m., which is pretty hard to believe!”

Shawn told OK! Magazine “She’s surprised at how well she’s doing. She likes being completely clean and sober. It’s good that she’s there because she has a new level of focus and commitment that she couldn’t get on her own.”

Amber is also about to start classes to finally completely her GED, and other classes to learn a trade. She’s going to church, and is “really excited” about taking drug abuse classes. “She’s going to learn about her disease and understand it.”

She hopes she won’t have to stay for the full five years (she’ll be up for parole in two-and-a-half years,) but for now this may be the best thing for her. She hasn’t been able to see her daughter Leah, and that’s probably the biggest tragedy of the situation: Leah won’t get to see her mother much for the next few years, and when she does, it will be in prison. However, if Amber is able to use the prison’s structure and programs to better herself and overcome some of her worst demons, maybe this is the best thing in the long-run.


“Prison is no cake walk, but Amber is doing the best she can in there, and she’s doing really well.”

  • Sara

    I hope this helps her in the long run.

  • Beatrice

    So great to hear she’s doing better! The best of wishes to her & her fam! <3

  • K

    My heart goes out to this girl and her poor daughter!! This is a horrible situation but I hope to God she can overcome this for Leah’s sake!! Amber has made a lot of mistakes but I can’t help but think that this could of all been avoided if mtv had gotten her help before all this went too far. Surely someone from mtv would’ve known how badly depressed she was and seen her addiction sprial out of control. It seems to me that they were more concerned with ratings than helping this girl. I’m not saying that she’s not to blame as well because she is but she’s obviously very mentally unstable and has been for a long time! I wish she would have gotten help before things got this bad! I wish her all the luck in the world!!!

  • nomatter

    I’m glad she will finally get back to working on herself and her GED.

  • Jessica

    I hope that she does get her GED. Jail is not the ideal situation but if this is the way for her to become better than I am happy for her and wish nothing but the best. I also pray when she comes out she does become a new and improved Amber.

  • someone

    lmfao. This piece of trash seems to be ENJOYING prison. I hope she never gets to see that little girl again. What a waste of air.

  • Meh

    Her addiction and depression started before MTV and really wasn’t MTVs problem.

  • Courtney

    I never cared for Amber on the show, but in the end I think she’s just a lost soul who let addiction/ mental issues get the best of her…hopefully everything works out so she can be in her daughters life long term…she’s still soooo young to let her life just be that of addiction and jail sentences

  • amanda

    My heart really goes out to her family. Hope she really learns from all of this, and gets her self in gear and get her priorities straight. Atleast leah has a loving grandma and daddy to take care of her while she is in jail!

  • Ness

    Im confused shes serving 5 and a half years because she hit Gary???Or due to other counts??Our Justice system is so f’d up a rapist gets out in 6 years & we have people like Casey Anthony out there free as a bird…I’m not saying its right what Amber did but that’s a harsh sentence if it was just for that altercation.I hope she gets her act together she deserves a second chance!

    • Blair

      No. Hitting Gary started her legal problems, but somewhere along the line there were either parole violations involving drug use so everything snow balled from there. The judge gave her a choice between prison and another stint at rehab and this is what she chose.

  • Paula

    Leah is better off with Gary. Amber does nothing but cuss, whine, complain, hit people, bitch, etc. etc. etc. She is not a good person, and she probably never will be. Prison will do nothing but harden her, I don’t care what her brother says. When she does get out, she will probably be a bull dyke, too.

  • kate

    sad she’s going to be missing out on so much with Leah. But it’s for the best. Hope she continues to do well even after prison.

  • I wish Amber the best of luck. I hope she is able to see Leah soon and I hope that once she is released she can continue on the road of sobriety.