Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra wedding plans

Catelynn Lowell is in defense mode after rumors hit the web and newstands that she was expecting a baby with her fiance Tyler Baltierra. The couple is engaged and planning to wed, but they are not planning on starting a family anytime soon! Catelynn and Tyler aren’t rushing down the aisle either!

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, Catelynn sets the record straight saying, “We’re getting married next year and I don’t want to be big and huge in my wedding dress.” The couple set the date for July 13, 2013 and not only will she not be pregnant, Catelynn has recently lost an impressive 20 pounds! Like any bride-to-be, she wants to look her best on her big day. They hope Carly can make it to their wedding next year, but they still have to have the discussion with Brandon and Teresa. Catelynn’s BFFs Maci and Farrah will also attend, she also wants Amber to go, but that might be doubtful.

Even after they wed, they will still be putting off having a family for a few years — and for good reason. “I’m still waiting on my degree, and want to get married — and be married for four years — and make some memories ourselves before having kids.” Catelynn and Tyler have just wrapped filming on season 4 of Teen Mom. Although they would have liked to film their wedding for the show, they didn’t want to rush into it. MTV may film the wedding anyway as a special. Catelynn: “I really, really want my fans to watch me and Tyler say our vows.” Their adoring fans tell them that’s what they want to see all the time, so they want to oblige, also [spoiler alert] the Teen Mom finale doesn’t end on a good note for them. “There’s a fight between my mom and Butch that really gets inense. I don’t want that to be the end for us. We want our happy ending.”

They’ve already picked out the venue. The pair plan to marry in Olde World Canterbury Village, a 21-acre historical landmark in Lake Orion, Michigan. They plan to use “Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz as their first dance song at their wedding.

Dealing with the tabloids may sometimes be an annoyance, but Catelynn takes it all in stride. She explains, “I just laugh because I’m like, ‘Okay people, believe whatever you want,’ but in four months when a baby’s not popped out, you’ll know I’m not pregnant.” Catelynn also told the mag that she has been on birth control since having their first child, Carly, who they gave up for adoption in 2009. She also said she had to call Brandon and Teresa, Carly’s adoptive parents, to tell them that the In Touch pregnancy report wasn’t true because “They freak out when they see those kinds of things.”

Tune in to Teen Mom‘s fourth and final season every Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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  • amy

    I love thease two they have grown so much from this expreience and it has made them into great young adults. I wish them the best of luck and all the happiness in the world and I hope they keep us updated on their lives from time to time.

  • Joei

    Can we get VIP invites? lol. But seriously, my best friend is getting married the next week, so that wouldn’t happen 😉

  • Jamie

    These two are my favorite on Teen Mom! They made the most selfless, mature decision to give their baby a better life than they would ever provide for her at such a young age. I hope they achieve all their goals and get everything out of life they deserve!

  • Brittany

    LOVE THEM!!! So unbelievably mature for their age. They really are amazing people.

  • brittany

    they are getting married on their anniversary, which is the day after mine 🙂

  • Paula

    I believe it’s July 15, not 13th. 🙂

  • Dianna

    yayzz!!! im sooo happy for them. and i really really hope they film the wedding!!! i would love to see it. these are the most mature people on teen mom 1 and 2. i just wish their parents were as mature at they are and wouldn’t create so much drama for them.

  • Sara

    I love them! Anyone else notice how Catelynn’s mom April has improved also?

  • Hannah

    I love them so much! It breaks my heart to hear them talk about Carly. I saw when she gave birth and how they both just broke down and didn`t wanna look at her. I can`t wait till they start their on fam! They will be amazing, loving parents! But I am glad they are waiting! I hope Carly can go to the wedding. Wouldn`t it be cool if Carly was the flower girl?

  • Mimi

    great kids! their parents don’t deserve them!!

  • TheAverInn

    I don’t see the big deal a bout catlynn and tyler they are nobody’s who made it big for giving up there kid WHICH was the right thing to do but they are milking it up for all its worth and act like big shots when in reality they are hillbilly inbreeds who weren’t properly taught about sex and protection and try to keep up and be as mature as some of the other teen moms they need to get over there worthless selves they take the money given to them for being a part of teen mom and use it to get a house but get a job so they seem mature HEY TYLER WHAT HAPPEN TO WORKING AT THE PIZZA PLACE U BUM AND WHO THE FUCK ARE U TO PUSH ANOTHER PERSON TO GO TO COLLAGE U NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL YOU SELF OR JUST DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND FIND UR SELF SO WE DONT HAVE TO HEAR UR CONSTANT REAPTING OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY JUST BE CAUSE UR HILLBILLY TRASH ITS FAKE SCUM LIKE U THAT TAKE OVER MTV AND FUCK OUR CHILDREN UP SO BAD IF I WANTED MY KID TO THINKS IT OK TO HAVE SEX BEFOR MARRIAGE AND TO BE FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD LIKE UR FAMILY IS I WOULD PASS HER OFF TO UR ABUESIVE WHITE TRASH STEP DAD WHO IS IN JAIL.

    • Kait

      Wow, you obviously know nothing. Yes, they bought a house…to get away from their crazy families. And just because Tyler’s DAD (not step-dad btw) is trash it does not mean he is. Stop being ignorant assholes and talking about things you have no clue about. P.S. They have proven to be far more mature than any other person on that show.

    • Kait

      Oh and it’s college no collage idiot. Maybe you should go back to school.