Jenelle Evans after boob job photos

Jenelle Evans new boobs photo

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is still recovering from the breast augmentation surgery she had last Wednesday, but that didn’t stop her from putting on a new bikini and enjoying the summer sun on the beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina yesterday!

Jenelle shared the photo above featuring a rather close look at her new 34Cs along with the tweet, “Wowww!!” Can you say, “Jenelley shows C-cups down by the seashore?”

TMZ also has a number of photos of Jenelle in her bikini showing off the “twins” with her former ex-boyfriend Gary Head – click the link to check those out!

Jenelle was also able to put on a t-shirt for the first time since she got the breast implants, tweeting this next photo and “First time in a t shirt since I got the surgery…”

Jenelle Evans shows off her new breasts in a tight tee shirt

It takes a good while for “new” breasts to heal completely, so I’m sure Jenelle is still dealing with swelling issues and such. That being said, what do you think of her new gals?

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  • FR

    She lOoks like she’s gained a lot of weight, not in the boobs.

  • Sparkle

    I saw one of these pic on another site and thought they photoshopped it to make her look fat. But nope.. she really did fatten up a bit. She looks like crap. LOL

    • Lix

      OMG! lol I thought the same thing! hahahaha

  • Ashley

    Her body looks down right weird now. I do like how she’s able to nurse those boobies but couldn’t stay out of trouble long enough to take care of her son… Selfish!

  • Sparkle

    Also Gary is a serious fame wh0re. I think he could do way better but stays with her for the fame. How embarrassing.

  • xtina

    The breast implants make her look top heavy because she has no curves to her body. I don’t think she looks fat but she could tone up. I mean everyone needs to tone up.

  • Blahblahblah

    What the hell happened? She blew up. She’s not huge by any means, but she was such a skinny girl before. A bikini body that is NOT. And what the hell is with all these pics? I would be covered up until I fully healed! Everyone knows new boobies need to drop a bit, along with the swelling….until then, she just looks like she got big ol’ clown boobs that sit on the very top of her chest. They’re all deformed-like.

    • Sparkle

      I’m glad she didn’t wait. We all get to see how crappy she looks. I’m surprised she waited this long. Since she isn’t keeping them wrapped up and compressed they will likely stay that far up and have a canyon between them.

    • hello there!

      wha the heck is ur problem? downing someone beause they have gained some weight? she is by FAR fat and she looks great besides the bobs, they need t heal for sure. You are probably 500 pound erosnho is so lost in depressed u need topick on others to make ur self feel good, shame on u thats horrible u truely have the devil in u; along with everyone else who spews this hate out of there mouth!

  • Amber

    I think her boobs still need a bit of “settling”….they still look way too high, they ‘re practically at her chin!! They’re also really far apart…hopefully that’ll change too.
    And what’ with her gut???

    • Diana

      That my friend, is called a refund gap.

      It looks like she went to a discount doctor. Those things are up to her chin and they DO have quite the gap.

      Not attractive.

  • Dillllyyy

    Lmaoo Omg she gained so much weight! She doesnt look HORRIBLE but because of her short size it really shows wow! And I hope her boobs settle more they look deformed all high and miles apart. Sheesh.

  • Sara

    She looks awful!! They are to big for her body frame, just like Maci’s. Plus she should have lipoed that gut while she was there.

  • ER

    WOW. She looks terrible. I tend to think she’s the cutest out of all the tm2’s, but she has definately gained some weight. Do her boobs seem like they are too high or something? Maybe in a few weeks they will settle down a bit.
    Is that guy Gary Head again?? Oh brother.

  • Diana



  • Jennie

    They look a little weird.. Is that normal? and didn’t she JUST get the surgery a few days ago? isn’t she suppose to keep them wrapped up or something?

  • Sara

    Her boobs look weird…and her bikini seems way to large!

  • olivia

    she got fat

  • Rachael

    Ive seen friends get implants before and even during the swelling process they didnt like that horrible, She probably went for somewhere dirt cheap and whoever agreed to that big of a cup size it doesnt work for her she looks awful with that size cheast and they just look like they are uneven

  • xTammi

    I know a few girls who have had b))b jobs and they were strictly told to keep them wrapped up before moving on to very supportive sports bras for around 3/4 weeks or they could end up not sitting properly…. Seems like Jenelle can’t even look after her b))b job but who is surprised? Those things are going to end up one deformed.mess, what a waste of money!! They’re only about 5 days old!!!!!

  • Val

    She looks absolutely horrid. She will have deformed boobs when she is done with it all for not following post op procedures.

  • Forrest

    Those look pretty big to me

  • dev

    I don’t think it’s right to judge because all of us would be insulted if somebody thought us gaining a couple pounds was “getting fat”, with that said her breasts look a little amateurly done. It may just be the swelling, but I think she could have gotten a more real looking set.

    • If ur willing to broadcast ur life on TV then u should b able to get criticize. She’s an awful mom I feel for her son n mom

  • Brittany

    She shouldn’t be wearing that top. She’s an idiot.Not only do her boobs look gross, but her body as well. She looks like she never works out and just has a strong aversion towards physical labor of any kind.

    I’m sure she didn’t check out her doctor. Gary implied on Twitter that college degrees are stupid, stating that “you can’t buy groceries on the thought of someone knowing you have a degree.” So it wouldn’t surprise me if they found the cheapest doctor possible. What morons. Also, how disrespectful? All of those people who help them when their sick, i.e. doctors, or the people who run their lab tests, have to have degrees. I can’t stand people like this. It sucks because they have no choice but to spend time and hard-earned education to look at their blood and other fluids for disease when they just have no respect for their bodies or for the people who help them regardless of what they do to themselves. Ugh, keep huffing and puffing the weed and cigs, SO good for you!

    • Brittany

      Oops, when they’re* sick.

  • noname

    Looks like she let the munchies get the best of her.

  • LaDy

    Gary’s a chubby chaser. And good lord, those boobs are ridic. I wonder if she’s just trying to go for Hoosier princess of the decade or something.

  • Ashley

    She is dumb for wearing an underwire top. You’re not supposed to wear anything with wire for at least 6 weeks because they can really mess up the settling of the implants. This girl is just screaming for attention…and all the wrong kind.

    • Sparkle

      Shhhh don’t tell her that! The more wonky the better. She doesn’t deserve an awesome rack!

  • InWonderland

    One of them looks A LOT bigger than the other

  • Patri

    She is a waste of space on this earth! You never see her with her son. Poor baby boy has a horriable mother.

  • Michelle

    They look good, Jenelle!!! =)

  • Whitney

    if I were her dr, I would screen cap this article & save all the pictures! she has a bad habit of blaming everything on others so when she comes back crying that her boobs turned out bad & wants them fixed, he’ll have proof that it’s due to her improper aftercare.

  • Ashley

    My goodness they look fake. And the size is terrible, they make her look much bigger than she is (although she has gained some weight…not bad, but she should tone up a bit).

  • liadee

    she looks like she gained a bit but not enough for people to be calling her fat. not to mention shed loook skinnier if she had on a bikini that actually fit/ didnt show her whole butt

  • tab

    she looks really awful. too much fake tanning, not a fit enough body for that… outfit? swimsuit?

  • Lisa

    I had my boobs done 5 years ago and the other posters are right, you should be wearing a sports bra for at least a couple weeks. Those look poorly done, even for being a few days post op.

  • aja

    Haha refund gap somebody reads the dirty. But anyway I’m so sick of this attention wh0re!! Please stop giving her attention with all her stupid twitter drama.

  • Shirley

    She paid for that mess? I can’t believe she thinks they look good….Aweful aweful job! Blue Light Special on boob jobs! Way too high and spread apart! GROSS!

    • white lamp

      I think a girl like Jenelle doesn’t have enough money to pay for a better doctor and better implants. So it was a very bad decision. I didn’t have any problem with her original shape and look (but her mind, oh gosh…).

  • Lisa

    She still has that face. She is such a waste of space.

  • helloisitme

    she has gained a lot of weight. A boob job can’t hide the fact that she is clearly not taking care of herself physically… and not to mention mentally. Often one’s life shows in their appearance.

  • jess

    she should NOT be showing those off yet!!! they havent “dropped” lol!

  • suzy q;)

    jenelle does not look like a 34C at all, more like a D-cup, at least.

  • gigi gabardini

    haha, Jenelle instead of spending your money on a pair of new boobs maybe you should spend them on your kid, and stop being such a kid posing for the camera so you can post new pic on your facebook while your mom has to take care of your kid

  • Sherita

    She took care of her breasts, not that she needed too but when is she gonna do something about those awful eyebrows? Those things are f#*$&d up.

  • Joseph W. Iudice

    She should have had that huge hole above her lip filled in from her ugly face piercing. Monroe’s are the ugliest of all face piercings, and once a girl finally smartens up to that fact ….she gets to have an ugly ice pick scar on her face for the remainder of her life.