PHOTOS Jenelle Evans shows off new boobs, is dating Gary Head again

Jenelle Evans and Gary head are back together

I’m beginning to seriously think that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is the only person on Earth that could pull off a 24/7 live feed reality show! Earlier this week she broke up with her infamous hoodied beau Kieffer Delp, in addition to having breast augmentation surgery on Wednesday.

The surgery meant Jenelle was on muscle relaxers, so when her roommate Allison revealed she was leaving town for a couple days this weekend, it meant she would need someone to come stay with her. Enter Jenelle’s other ex, Gary Head, who volunteered to stay with her and take care of her while Allison was away.

Jenelle then shared some photos of the four of them together (new boobs y’all!) out and about in the 910, seemingly picking up right where they left off before both went on a three-week marathon bashing each other on Twitter and Stickam.

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head are dating again Jenelle Evans kissing Gary Head

UPDATE – Jenelle and her new twins take a stroll on the beach in a bikini!

She replied to fans concerned about a reconciliation by be making it clear that she and Gary were not back together.

A couple hours later, Jenelle announced on Twitter and Facebook that she and Gary are back together! (That exclamation point was probably a bit unnecessary.)

Me and @gary_head have made it official we r dating now <3 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

A concerned fan tweeted, “whyyyyyy!!!!? This is so dumb! He told you he cheated on you jenelle! Come on think a little.” Jenelle responded by writing, “I kno but I forgave him I’m over it and we r starting out fresh”

If you remember, Gary reportedly proposed to Jenelle just before they split for good last time, and according to his tweets, he later returned the ring. I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see Gary on bended knee once again.

You know, I have a suggestion for Jenelle… polygamy! She could have a reality show called Brother Husbands in which she has several husbands (Gary, Kieffer, ???) all living in the same house with Jenelle and her female BFF at the time. At any given time she would only be in love with one of them and the others would be plotting together to bring about her downfall. In between all the romantical backstabbing and plotting, Barbara and Jace would make guest appearances. I would call it Happily Evans After.

Annnnnnyways… Congratulations to Jenelle and Gary! They do seem really happy together.

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans dating again
  • Sara

    So dysfunctional. Sad.

  • LaDy

    We should start squares or something to bet on how long they stay together or who’s her boyfriend any given week.

    • Neacy

      Haha I’m up for it! I give it two weeks (14 days) at most lol

    • Kim

      count me in also please. I give it 1week and 3 day’s =)

  • InWonderland

    What? She claims he hit her. Congrats? No. Either she lied about it, thereby ruining his reputation, not to mention making her a pretty despicable person. Or she took back someone who hit her, which makes this situation very dangerous for her.

    Again, congrats?

    • Katie

      She took back Keiffer after pressing charges on him for putting his hands on her. She’s just a dysfunctional b*tch who only cares about herself and her next boyfriend. Jace will never get the mom he deserves.

  • jane

    It seems that Jenelle admitted on stickam she lied about Gary hitting her. That makes him an idiot for being with her and she switches Kieffer and Gary around like shoes. I, personally, do think this girl is mentally ill. She has to have drama. Borderline Personality Disorder or something similar.

  • Jen

    Are you guys seriously going to write an article every time her relationship status changes? This girl has serious issues.

  • Patri

    where is is son? All she cares about is finding a man. And she doesnt even seem to love her son. Its so sad. She should have given her son up for adoption. Where he would have been loved and cared for.

  • Brittany

    She said he “punched” her. That is a huge allegation. And she swore up and down that she wasn’t lying. She also swore up and down that Kieffer abused her. She pressed charges on him, and then said he never hit her when they recently got back together, merely “restrained” her. Does this not seem psychotic to anybody? She is a psychopath. And Gary is a fake, pitiful excuse of a marine. He will go down with her and inevitably get discharged. He is an idiot.

    When you’re in love with someone, you don’t go straight from one person to the next. She was just saying how much she loves Kieffer like what, a few days ago? Oh yea so in love, but wait! Now she is so in love with Gary. This girl doesn’t have an independent bone in her body. If she does want Jace back (IF, BIG if), it’s only because she cannot be alone. She doesn’t want him back for the right reasons. She wants him back because when she doesn’t have a man, she’s lonely and can’t stand to be alone with herself. I am right with her on that. And as we can see, so is everyone else that she has been around. Gary will reach that point in no time, I’m sure.

    Oh and here’s a good one. Someone on Twitter criticized how she’s not with Jace and she replied “uhmm how can I spend time with jace right now when i can hardly walk. Im still recovering from surgery…” HAHA really? Um, Real mothers don’t just dump their kids off on someone when they get breast implants. How does she think other mothers with breast implants got them? She is so pathetic and lazy it’s sickening. I wish MTV would stop filming her. I’ve honestly had enough of her. Same old story of a loser who’ll never be anything but.She’s boring now, on to the next!

    • Neacy

      could not agree with you more!

    • InWonderland

      I totally agree. Gary is a poor excuse for a man if he’s willing to take back someone who made false accusations like that. Jenelle is a poor excuse of a person to say that her boyfriend’s hit her if it isn’t true. It also puts into question her word about James Duffy. If she’s lying about the abuse there, she’s probably lying about his drugging her. I hope she never gets her son back. He’s better off without her.

      Yes, this sounds really cruel, but come on. How can people keep defending her behavior?

  • Ashley

    1) She seems happy now, until the next fight they have which they post all over the internet. Real mature.

    2) Her breasts looked a lot better when they were natural and small….from the little I can see in those photos they look fake and too big.

  • Jen

    Ok, listen! I am going to put it like this. Jenelle has VERY VERY serious issues! When her & Gary broke up, she was on stickam calling him ugly with Allison, sayin she will never get back with him. Just talking soo bad about him! THEN he got on there and was saying how he doesn’t love her, and not to mention he was retweeting all these tweets from random girls how much better looking this one girl is that he was hanging with. Then, there was an article that came out sayin he went to a strip club & met some random girl. He denied that cuz he said he never goes to strip clubs cuz their dirty. So why did the next night he go out to one? Also, back to Jenelle, she was bragging so much to people how Kieffer got his GED, 2 jobs, his act together, how much she loves him & also done retweets how he looks so much better than Gary. She went from Gary hitting her, to Gary Punching her, To Gary hitting her with his palm of his hand & she had marks on her face.THEN she gave THREE different ages on stickam when people were asking! she at one point said wait.. I think? she was so high after her boob job she had no idea what the heck was going on. Then, she said she was on muscle relaxers. Bout 5 minutes later someone asked her if she was high she said no, i’m on pain pills. Then, when u look at her page she does retweets saying who needs pain pills when u can smoke weed or something like that. I can go on and on. But, I’m telling u all, Jenelle is fooling u all!

  • Jen

    OH YEA! 1 more thing! she was asked atleast 3-4 times on stickam will she ever get back with Gary she said No. another time was maybe, maybe not. Another time was i love him as a friend but not in love, i’m focusing more on Jace, can’t do relationships now. So, then she announced he was coming over, now if any of your dumb Jenelle fans really truly believed they wouldnt get back together or already were together when he came over, then something is wrong. I seen that crap coming! When Gary put on his page “we will see who she truly loves tomorrow” then Kieffer and her broke up. they must have been recording or something so she could break up w/ him for everybody to see. So, at the end really, I pray that Jenelle hurts Gary Head’s career not only by MTV but just by how she is in general

  • ted

    PLEASE do NOT make this white trash relevant. Let their kind fade into obscurity from where they came! Way to go Dr. Drew. You are as much of a wh0re as she is. Hope you’re proud of your ‘benevolent’ measures. Oh, and a big ole F U to Morgan Freeman for dreaming up this whole debacle. Nothing but hate!

    • Dianna

      what does this have to do with dr drew?? yes he does try to help her but dude she needs help don’t you think?? the only thing is you have to follow his advice for it to help you. he even told her straight up on the reunion that she hasn’t changed and hasn’t been getting her life together like she claims.

      you would think that all these years shes been doing the same thing this going back and forth with men and it not working out than she would try something different for a change.

      i don’t think she should get her son back. she’s not trying to either in my opinion, trying would be making major changes in her life and the only change is her b/fs. he doesn’t need to be around that and if she really cared about her son she would do everything possible to get him back and make sure he’s in a safe and steady place. it hard for it to be safe if she’s dating men who she claims it her. even if its a lie

      her b/f needs to stay away from her if he doesn’t want to be discharged. when you sign a contract for the marines you make a promise to also keep your life together. if you break that contract you can go to prison until the your years that you signed the contract for are up. and her going around saying he hit her is a big deal for them. they are not going to be happy with him for dating someone like that. when you join the marines they make sure you are not only a good solder but that you are also a role model citizen and he isn’t doing a good job of that.

  • tab

    wow, she is disturbed. and so is he? is he trying to get an std? she was just with keiffer last week and who knows how many girls he’s slept with. nasty.

  • hbh

    so she doesn’t give a sh*T about her kid?? i dont get why ppl hate on her and farrah so much?? ive seen macy trashed off her as*s, new boyfriend a minute after she left kyle?, and acting like a mess but shes the better parent here? blah!

  • OhMyGeez

    Stupidity is a vicious cycle.

    • CiCi

      Ha!! That is an awesome statement & I might quote you on that 😉

    • hbh

      so if your ignorance.

      • Kelli

        Actually, anyone who thinks Jenelle ISN’T an idiot is ignorant & lacks an common sense. Nice try though. Better luck next time on your spelling too.

  • Jen

    u know whats also sad, Gary also put on his page when they werent together that child support doesn’t mean taking care of your child #justsaying so basically right there he admitted Jenelle doesn’t take care of Jace. and u notice him and that one chick ClaudiaAyn don’t speak no more since him and Jenelle got back together? that was another girl that was a rebound for Gary or a “Talk to me i’m depressed, i have nobody to speak to” and now since he’s back with Jenelle, he speaks to NO girls. I bet he wont @ that @prettyx0 chick either as much or at all either since he’s with Jenelle cuz Jenelle thinks their “Twitter s**ts”

  • Blahblahblah

    None of this is funny. Just pathetic and sad. Instead of kissing jenelle’s ass and making jokes about her deserving her own show, someone should seriously question wtf she’s not taking care of her son. Why are new boobs and men a prority? #badmother

  • sanoga

    Nobody take this the wrong way, but doesn’t it seem like the trashiest girls on Teen Mom wear glasses? Sorry, but I have the same frames as Jenelle and after seeing this pictures I am definitely not wearing them outside of my house anymore.

    • Jim

      Its not your imagination that so many of the teen moms wear glasses. Getting pregnant your whole body changes and that includes the eyes. A very large percent of pregnant women become nearsighted or become more nearsighted while pregnant. This does not change back after the baby is born.

  • 123

    Let’s be honest, at this point her life seems more staged than a VH1 reality show – 10 bucks says she’s just doing this whole drama to keep her name in the gossip mags (when was the last time anyone talked about Kailyn or even Leah – a while ago, because their twitters aren’t so crazy!) This girl needs some time back in the real world!!

  • Sara

    Next thing you know he will punch her in her fake b00bs.

  • Alexis

    At this point shouldn’t she still be all bandaged up and wearing sports bras? They probably look really big right now because there is swelling.

  • Ohrreally

    Macy parties sometimes but she’s still a mom the rest of the time. Janelle never has Jace. And honestly I don’t think she even wants him she just acts like it for the show. She’s never had to take care of him for any extended period of time, her mom has always had to do it. I’d say janelle is more a sister to Jace than anything. He’s probably a big inconvenience to her. I doubt she’ll ever get custody.

  • Ashlynn

    Stop making her relevant. THIS is what she strives for, her poor useless soul. She is a waste of television time and my time coming on here wanting to read articles that have nothing to do with this girl.

  • Ya never know

    Fake boobs are so out. Natural is in! She changes boyfriends like she changes her panties (every week or so). LOL!

  • Allie

    Those things look seriously deformed.

  • Sparkle

    Those things are up to her collar bone and look like shit. This pleases me.