PHOTOS Jocelyn Wildenstein – before and after $4,000,000 of plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a wealthy socialite and ex-wife of billionaire art-dealer heir Alec Wildenstein, has reportedly spent over $4 million on plastic surgery in an attempt to look more like the exotic wild cats she admires. Because of this hobby, Jocelyn has been often nicknamed “Cat Woman” in the press. As part of her 1999 divorce deal with Alec, the judge ruled that Jocelyn could not spend any of her alimony from Alec on plastic surgery.

Jocelyn met Alec in 1977 through billionaire Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. They fell in love hunting lions on Alec’s Kenyan game ranch (good old billionaires! And he was a billionaire in the 70s, so that’s like a Googlaire in today’s money.) It was exactly those lions that did her in, though. She later told plastic surgeons that she wanted to look like big game cats.

They married in 1978 in Vegas, and divorced in 1999 after Jocelyn discovered he had been cheating on her. They had two children together. Alec died of cancer February 2008 at the age of 67.

Here’s what Jocelyn looked like before she started her plastic surgery journey:


Here’s Jocelyn in New York circa 1999, the same year of her high profile divorce from Alec:

And, in 2005, dressing the part of a kitty:


UPDATE: In 2011 Jocelyn has been seen looking much more human, leaving us to believe she’s had some sort of corrective surgery done. Her lips definitely look smaller, and her forehead and eyebrow line are looking more natural.

Here she is 5/20/11 (with sunglasses on, but you can still tell a difference)

Jocelyn Wildenstein recent photos

A close-up of her face now:

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  • BeNnie

    Hate to say it, but she looks better now than she did a few years ago….the lips aren’t as slanty and she hasn’t got the super eye thing going anymore. Whilst she is still far from normal, it’s obvious she’s taking steps….which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

  • Stan Pierce

    Please….one more surgery!

  • jdjsk

    she is ugly!!! i think she is a stupid person for having had so much surgery but then i do feel really sorry 4 her! imagine havin 2 go out in public lookin like that!!!

  • CG

    i believe she made herself ugly. check out her picture in the 70’s , now she really looks ridiculous, thats just to say plastic surgery doesnt make u any finer than u were before it. sheeesh!

  • Mare

    What’s wrong with her skin? It looks blotchy and bumpy. Sad.

  • babra

    heck! she looks awful…..she has done to herself more harm than good…bad lookin babie!

  • Janne

    She is one of the most gruesome-looking human beings I have ever seen. She looked good in the ’70s photo….that four million dollar face could easily earn the money back by charging for tickets to see the freakshow.

    • Alyssa

      thats mean

      • Megan

        But true.

  • kassandra

    Her story is tragic. She did have the plastic surgery to look more like a cat yes but not because she loved them. She did it because her husband was having an affair with a much younger woman so she asked a plastic surgeon to make her look more like the cats that HE loved. All in an attempt to win him back. Said but her story is a tragic not a laughing-stock. Maybe she doesn’t look “normal” but you have to feel for the woman who would do that to herself for a man who didn’t deserve her in the first place. Just saying.

  • hollyjesuz

    What a f**king retard.

    plane and simple.

    looks like she has a fate face problem.

    women needs to be locked up in a padded room

    • Rishy

      Please learn how to spell.

  • Sandra

    Only one more surgery will end this horror – snip off her head. Eww!

  • Nat

    So I get that her husband loved cats but wasn’t he having an affair wih a 19 year old model and not one of his cats?? so wouldn’t you want to look younger and not like a cat??

  • bella

    I have to agree with Kassandra, she did do it for someone she loved, and that’s so sad that this was the end result. But wow, it must suck to go out in public looking like that, I feel so bad for her. She actually was pretty before, and now her face just scares me. 🙁

  • Any doctors that worked on this woman should really feel ashamed, no doctor that is a good,caring, doctor would take this womans money, instead they would tell her that she should defiently have no more work done and that she clearly has an addiction. If i was a doctor I would absolutely 100 perccent deny working on her, i dont care if I was offered a million dollars, i wouldnt be able to know that my greed for money ruined a womans life and looks. This is terribly sad doctors did this to her, i mean how many sugerys does a person have to have till a good hearted doctor says no? Obviously all the doctors that worked on this woman didnt care about her at all and only cared about taking her money which is incredibly sad that there are doctors in this world that cares less about their patients and only about how much money is in their pocket and thats scarey that people we rely on to do medical procedures are cold hearted and could care less about patients, its really scarey. How do these sick doctors even get a liscense to practice and why arnt they shutdown? This woman also needs clear physcological help, and bad! She is clearly suffering from body morphic disorder and i am sure a list of other mental illness and we all know her “HUBBY” is probably only with this woman for money which is sad that someone is taking advantage of her, she was emotiontally abused by one man and it clearly caused her to go a little crazy but leave it up to another man that knows what she went through but clearly doesnt care or else he would get her help but he is after her money and is another scum bag. I am so sick of men that emotionally abuse their woman, woman are amazing beings and men would not be on this earth if it wasnt for us but some men dis respect woman and treat us like garbage and Its absolutely awful and its really sad that there are men out there that only think with their pants and not their head and really abuse woman emotionally and cause woman to have some serious mental problems and when the woman starts to catch on that their husband is a cold hearted coward then the man calls us crazy like theres something wrong with us like its wrong for us not wanting to be treated like dog and we should deal our husband being a womanizer when in reality they’re the ones that are crazy and need help. I hate men like that, thankfully my husband cares about my feelings and would never put me through something like that, and i really feel for the woman that marry feelingless selfish pigs, and i hope they can find the strength to leave them and move on, too bad this woman didnt move on before he caused her so much emotional damage which lead to her doing this to herself, its sad. and it just shows what men do to a woman when the woman really cares for her husband but he cheats on her and could care less about her feelings and the pain he causes her and never accepts the blame and in turn calls the woman crazy, well a man clearly drove this woman to craziness.
    JUST PLAIN OUT SAD. There should be a law too of how many plastic procedures a doctor can perform on a person.

  • LOL

    TING TONG of little britain

  • wc

    she wasn’t very pretty before the surgery but after she’s atrocious. I mean before the surgery she was decent looking at least, now she’s made herself into a monster.

    How sad.

  • lol

    she was never meant to be beautiful
    i almost lost my lunch looking at this abomination to the world.

  • Erin

    I agree with the poster who was asking about the doctors. Same here. What decent human being would do surgery on you, when they knew it would be a catastrophe. The other poster is right—the doctors should have seen to it that she got counseling or psychological help. Same with Michael Jackson. After his first nose surgery, he looked fantastic. They just altered it slightly so he was really handsome. Then a bunch of doctors took a hand in destroying his face. Makes me mad.

    • person

      lol cat-astrophy

  • Steve

    first off, she was raised in a middle class family in Switzerland. she married into wealth, and so this whole “greedy husband living off of her” thing is erroneous. 100 percent false. if some of you read up on the story before you started weighing in on things you might have some different views. also, doctors are not allowed to act out of sympathy, and so to label them as criminals is also false. the plastic surguries are less than flattering, yes, but so are tattoos and piercings, at least to an extent. so uh chew on that, all of you saints out there, who don’t read the back-story, but want to crucify everyone anyway.

    • bob

      Doctors are required to be ethical, and yes, compassionate. Her doc(s) was violating the hypocratic oath and harmed her greatly by agreeing to continue to work on her. Yes, this is tragic.

  • Alena

    Here is a photo on youtube of her latest surgery, which has corrected the problems. She looks very nice. You’ll be amazed by the transformation.

  • Alena

    Here are some additional photos I saw. There have been questions by some, as to whether or not the one I posted earlier with brown hair is actually her. I could believe it was her, with lower brows and no injections in her lips. But the following two photos seem more in keeping with her high eyebrows and former look. I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself.

  • stephanie

    you pple are horrible. she shouldnt be viewed as a monster but as a very hurt woman that like others has been hurt by a man. she was just trying to please a man who she loved. she is some work of art i have to admit but its the result of other’s opinions and acctions. she doesnt need to be reminded BY PPLE everyday about her mistake of her life wen she walks out her door because its enought that she gets reminded evry morning when she looks in the mirror so pple sould stop judging

    • Megan

      She’s an idiot. Period.

  • Len

    I agree that it is very sad. I hate that her natural beauty is destroyed. I wonder if she actually thinks she looks good?

  • The Judge

    Hang in there dude; your payday is coming.

  • Me

    Hate to say it Jocelyn, but you looked way better in the 70’s then you do now. What have you done to your beautiful face? This hurts to say… but, you should get your money back!

  • Diane

    She still looks like her face is made out of silly putty.

  • white lamp

    that’s a curse to have enough money for plastic surgery, isn’t that?


    She deserves to have her face forever like the picture at the top. Lion hunting bitch!

  • momma t

    how sad it is to c a bunch of people ranting about someone they don’t know! None of you have the exact timeline of her life mapped out. Who are we to judge her?? she is a person who feels and she corrected her error the best way she could. besides life is short and we will all die sooner or later! the only thing that will live on is the memories we leave behind. their are people out there who matter to her and none of you exist in her mind. so f off and get a life! make memories for the ones you love. and if no one loves you…. well just think about it!

  • Before she did her plastic surgery, she was pretty. Y she wanted to become a “CAT WOMAN”? lol.

  • Why be so mean?

    There is no need to be mean. Even a basic upbringing teaches that it is wrong (and ironically… “catty”) to dump on such an obviously mentally ill person. It’s bad enough that her so-called doctors have taken advantage of her. And there is never an intelligent reason to start slinging sexual slurs at anyone. At least, she is finally starting to get some help.

    • Brenda Budd

      She is not ill, please!

  • Jennifer

    Somebody needs to put that thing to sleep.

  • WoahNellie

    Holy Crap!!! What a mess!!!

  • marko

    I feel sad for this woman. She needs serious help.

  • eyah…no

    She obviously isn’t – or wasn’t now, I guess – that ugly…or scary…or crazy, if the comments managed to steal my attention so fast… I showed her to my grandma…appearantly, she dosen’t much look like a cat either… Hmn, oh well

  • Sneha

    I guess whatever she has done to herself was all for her husband. I agree that she completely ruined herself but I also feel that she is a brave and courageous woman who , with such a horrible face faces the public and the taunts every single day. And instead of taunting her guys just focus on yourself.

  • t

    What was she thinking….she looks horrible

  • Jocelyn

    Why do I have the same name as her 🙁 Im so ashamed

  • Derplyn

    She’s a nasty, organe, troll.

  • georgio

    I really feel bad for this creature… then again, she is a billionaire…. I wonder how much good she’s done for with the money

  • Matthew Sims

    I feel bad for her too, this is just awful. Is there any way to change her back? My God….

  • IM8888


  • Darlene Mae

    Sorry, but I cant feel sorry for anybody who hunts lions for sport.

    • ccurtaingal

      Stop it! LMFAOFFF!

  • Hammad Ahmed

    She is 74 ! Really?

  • JD Bowden

    That is one ugly rich MF. Why doesn’t she use some of that 500 million dollars for some true surgery, not those Hollywood Quacks?
    The Elephant Man is easier to look at. If I were her I’d buy an Island, fill it with all the possible creature comforts, hire a blind chip’n’dales dancer and just fade into obscurity.

  • disqus_cXB1R0duFt

    I think its sad that $4mil was wasted on unnecessary plastic surgery. That could have been used in so many ways to help people.

  • stella

    I don’t feel sorry at all for this woman. $4,000,000 on her face???? Vanity, all is vanity and look where it got her. The face of a monster. I’d respect her if she’d given half that money to charity and grown old gracefully. She should be ashamed.

  • Marisa Cherry

    what doctor would do that to someone’s face? Poor lady all that money and she couldnt get her mind right.

  • E;f

    She brought it on herself.

  • Kim C

    I will just say that this woman has throughout the decades, consistently had fantastic hair.

  • Stuck_in_Ca√→


  • Brenda Budd

    If you see her speak, she’s completely in control of her facilities. She’s simply eccentric and enjoying herself as SHE see fit too. What’s the big deal, she’s not hurting anyone.

  • alwaysright

    If I saw her I would run.. She is just crazy looking..