Win a date with Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley!

Win a date with Teen Mom star Gary Shirley

Surely we must be joking?!? No we’re not, and for those Airplane! fans out there, please do call him Shirley!

That’s right, you could be snuggling up with the Belden Lineman Camp t-shirt wearing teddy bear Gary Shirley from MTV’s Teen Mom! Burly Shirley will be appearing live in the studio on The Matty P Radio Hour Show this Thursday, March 29 at 8PM ET (UPDATE – Gary apparently won’t be on until 9), where three young ladies (actually, the contest doesn’t specify age or sex – we’re just assuming) will compete for a cyber date with “America’s #1 Baby Daddy!”

How do you enter? Just send an email to with “Gary Date” in the subject line. Include a photo of yourself and why YOU deserve a date with the Gare Bear! (18+ only) (Apparently they don’t want Gary getting a second spin on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant)

The best three entrants will compete live on the show in some sort of “dating game” to determine the winner.

So what are you waiting for? The competition is sure to be fierce! You can certainly expect superstar actress Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls will be putting her waitress hat in the ring!

And in case you wanted to familiarize yourself with The Matty P Radio Hour Show, check out their episode from last week featuring Teen Mom 2 baby daddy (and professional rapper) Jo Rivera! (His interview begins just around the 60:20 mark)

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  • Dani

    I’ll pass, thanks…

  • Me

    Really, who wants to date HIM? I’ll pass.

  • Ceci


  • names

    more shirtless pix of gary pleaaaaaseeee! he is a total babe, minus that chest tattoo. yum.

  • tab

    he’s disgusting!
    he’s not even close to being “#1 baby daddy”.

    gary, go to the gym, quit eating crap and for the love of god, keep your shirt on!

    • Dani


  • mekamean

    Lmao …

  • ashley

    that quote is from airplane not police academy (not police squad)!!

    • Starcasm Staff

      You’re right. We were thinking of a different Leslie Nielson project: Police Squad (Not Police Academy) We changed it above to Airplane!

  • Shianne

    I prefer to stick with who I’m with.
    He really thinks he’s more popular than he really is eh?

  • BBT

    Why would you put a tattoo right between your moobs? Is it like one of those fold-point-A-to-point-B things from kids’ magazines?

    • anonyMOUSE

      LOL! Your comment made my day!

  • Maze

    Haha I didn’t even notice the tattoo.

  • its1999

    Is that his sexy face? LOL

  • LaDy

    A date with chubby wubby-kins over there is definitely not worth the wrath of his jail bird, pill popping, baby momma. That’s for sure.

  • lala

    He srsly thinks he’s cooler than he rly is & I’ll PASS cant date a dude with bigger boobs than me ha!

  • lala

    PS he seems like a good father tho 🙂

  • Mimi

    So lame, but at least his trying to look for a better girl than Amber. Good luck Gary!

  • fsjfsfgh

    aww! he’s cute! and seems like a wonderful father:)
    and-DON’T BE SO MEAN! it’s really depressing to read all of your comments aboout he being fat=yucky. maybe tha teasing and namecalling is the reason why he is big?? you should be more supportive towards him:)

  • fsjfsfgh

    ps. i love how the “related” things in the top includes “hot boys”:D soooooooo cute!!!!

  • Danielle Taresh

    You guys are mean! Poor Gary…..He may not be in shape but trust me he knows that he isn’t. Is there any reason to be so cruel? He is a human being. And everybody deserves love. I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there who would love to date him who aren’t so shallow that the base everything on his looks. He is a good father, he was good to Amber and he has a good relationship with his Mom…..all very attractive qualities. Shame on you people with the nasty comments. I’m sure you all aren’t super models either.

    • Sherita

      Gary is no angel and I saw that when they aired the unseen footage of teen mom and he bailed on picking up Leah to go on a date with some girl and he told his date “watch this, im gonna tell her im on a date with a girl and thati cant see leah tonight” umm…that doesnt sound like a mature dad to me. Amber was rotten to the core but I believe Gary did things too that just were not aired on tv. Is he the more responsible, loving parent, yes, but he is no innocent party in that situation.

  • Mwe

    He’s too hairy!!!!

  • KatieK

    No thank you, can I actually go on date with his cute friend? He was in few episodes, had some male-female kind of name.. He was cute 😉

  • ;)

    You couldn’t pay me enough to go on a date with that fat ape!

  • KAS

    Seriously? Wow this is sad. I would be a shame if NO ONE applied to win LMAO. I mean he isn’t good looking. He wasn’t a great boyfriend or anything I mean he bought his babys mother a $20 ring from like walmart or some shit, but he bought himself a $400 game system. UHHH WTF? I would be like uhm are you fing serious right now. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANNA WIN A DATE WITH THIS HEFFER?