PHOTO – Adam Levine goes shirtlss on SNL


Adam Levine brought the hotness to SNL Saturday night during the opening monologue.

The gest of the skit parodied Adam’s show The Voice, which competes with NBC’s Americon idol. They had a team of coaches in Voice-like red swivel chairs to judge his comedic performance as an SNL judge.

Andy Samberg was the first, who mocked himself for being an SNL alum who was featured in very few live sketches, and made fun of Adam’s singing. Cameron Diaz had this comedic advice to Adam, digging deep to her There’s Something About Mary days. “You have to be willing to take a handful of Ben Stiller‘s splooge and shove it up in your hair.” She’s the one who encouraged Adam to take his shirt off (to make up for the awful singing.)

Jerry Seinfeld was the final comedian judge, saying that he knows what it takes to be an SNL judge because of his many years at NBC.

Thankfully, Levine took Cameron’s advice and took off his shirt.

Adam participated in a pretty hilarious riff of MTV’s new show Catfish, (Adam played Nev, of course.) He did seem a little too attached to his cue cards in his skits, hardly ever making eye contact with the people he’s supposed to be talking to.

He did take his shirt off, though, so . . . .

Here’s the clip, via Mediaite:

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