Mother of 16 and Pregnant’s John Todd Hight, Jr. suggests his death may not have been accidental

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Kristina Robinson and her fiance John Todd Hight Jr

John Todd Hight, Jr. drowned while swimming in rough waters in Galveston, Texas on April 30, 2011. As mentioned in our detailed post about the incident, Todd was swimming with friends at the time, including his pregnant fiance Kristina Robinson (seen in the photo above with Todd), who is one of the 12 girls featured in the upcoming fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

Todd’s mom Tina Hight began posting on her son’s public Facebook wall back in July, 2011, and would continue to share her grieving process in this public forum with heartfelt messages to her deceased son, as well as interactions with the rest of her family and Kristina too.

Kristina and Tina seemed to have been brought together by John Todd Hight, Jr.’s tragic death and they often exchanged condolences and words of support on his page, including a time in August when it appeared as though Kristina’s son Lukas Todd might be born three months premature. Todd Lukas (the baby) held on or another month though, and was born two-months premature on September 26, 2011.

Not long after Lukas’ birth Kristina’s relationship with Tina and the rest of Todd’s family began to fall apart.

According to Tina’s posts, Kristina was not allowing John Todd’s family to see the baby much at all. Tina wrote on John Tood’s public Facebook page February 24 “I have only been able to hold my baby boy’s son 4 times,” two of which were while MTV was filming.

Also painful for Tina and John Todd’s family was the fact that Kristina began dating again. And not just dating again, she became engaged in December, just a couple days before what would have been John Todd’s 20th birthday. The Hight family began talking negatively about Kristina openly on Facebook in posts visible to the public, and even suggested that John Todd’s death may not have been an accident.

Here’s the post with comments from Todd’s brother, sister-in-law, and finally his mother Tina. These are posted on John Todd’s public Facebook Page:

Tina Hight posts about the death of her son and fiance of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Kristina Robinson

Tina then wrote this less than an hour later:

Tina Hight facebook post about her son John Todd Hight, Jr.
The suspicion seems to date back at least to November 30 when Tina posted, “BeBe,I miss you so much,and momma loves you even more than the pain I have for you be taken from all of us that love you and it haunts me the way you left us,and I wish that we werent heartless told of 1 detail of you bein pushed to save themself,brokenMe”

UPDATE – Tina Hight spoke with us exclusively about not being able to see her grandson and her statements about John Todd Hight, Jr.’s death possibly not being an accident. CLICK HERE to read what she had to say!

Here are the rest of Tina’s posts detailing the falling out between the families. The post created by Todd’s brother on Christmas day comes just a couple days after Kristina became engaged again, so I am guessing that is what sparked his anger.

Tina Hight December 11, 2011 at 4:40pm
Son you will always tattoo this world,your son will know that his daddy is a very special and unique person,you trusted and they let you and your son down,but God will deal with them,I hope what they did to you haunts them each and everyday son,I MISS YOU
DH [Todd’s brother]: I agree and I will make sure he knows him to.
Tina Hight: I Know Son,You Are Great DH,Momma Loves Yal So Much,I Always Will.I miss brother so much,aint fair at all,aint I had enough heartache and pain?Now I have pain that never ends,wish I was the only 1 Hurting,hate that all who love him Hurt Too,LOVE MOMMA
DH: Yea people have no heart theses days.
Tina Hight: We have all the heart and goodness to keep Lil Todd alive,the 1s that Betray Lil Todd will answer for it ,They have to Face GOD AND LIL TODD,GLAD ITS THEM ,JUST WISH I COULD SEE THEM PAY,BUT THEY WILL COME JUDGEMENT DAY SON,I LOVE YOU.
Tina Hight: I hate to be on Lil Todds Bad Side,ya know?
DH: They will hate to b on mine soon enough
DH: Ill come by with Lukas after work tomorrow let u know all about it then
Tina Hight: Ok lookin forward to seein you all,love momma

DH [Todd’s brother] December 25, 2011 at 12:18pm
I know I shouldn’t be so angry today,but this emptiness breeds hatred all I can think is that u should b here with us, and how everyone has just forgotten u but don’t worry karma is a bitch.I gotta say this is no holiday I’ve enjoyed all I can think about is smashing folks, sure ill get my chance and looking forward to it,wish I could just talk to you it would make everything better well merry christmas up there I love you bro and always got you’re back.
NA: It will git better one day bud
CH [Todd’s sister]: Bro im with ya on that and karma is a bitch. Cant c how ppl cn 4get bout lil todd… Im here 4 ya if ya need talk r nethang i knw its nt tha same as u n lil todd talkn bt im always here 4 ya… I wish he was here 4 us to talk 2 also… Hope u n [your wife] n kids had a good christmas love yal
Tina Hight: No nothing is ever goin to be right anymore,not without Lil Todd,he was a big part of all of us and now we are kinda lost,but he knows how much he is Loved and Missed Forever,love momma

Tina Hight January 7 at 1:32am
My son you are missed and loved so much but there are ones that are so false that it only took a short time and they dishonored you and have no hearts at all seems to momma anyone truely loves you could neva forget you or dishonor you son I will keep you alive forever,I love you and forever will!!Love you,Momma

Tina Hight January 7 at 6:56am Anyone that could forget soo Easily bout brother and how he was taken from this world and HIS SON,DONT HAVE HEART OR A CONCIOUS AT ALL,HE SEES THE FAKE 1s now and it breaks my heart,it aint ova yet,I will not rest til Brother has Justice,that is a FACT

Tina Hight January 7 at 7:09am

Tina Hight January 7 at 7:33am
You are my lil munckin#3,my finalee,YOUR SON IS YOUR 1AND ONLY FINALEE,YA MOMMAS LIL GRAND MUNCKIN #6,my very last Grandbaby,and they tryin to rob me of him to,son ,guess taken you from me wasnt enough for em,he is all we have left of YOU NOW,AINT FAIR

Tina Hight January 22 at 7:29am
Son there so many things goin on and I know that you see it ,and that it sadins you,so many fake and evil people in this world,ya left and I began to realize that some of these people even fooled me and it .broke my heart cause cant believe who some are

Tina Hight February 21 at 12:09pm
I wish that some heartless people would give you the respect and honor that you and your son Deserve,but all care about is themselves,BUT WE MISS,LOVE AND FOREVER WILL HONOR YOU,AND SO WILL YA BROS AND SISES,LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY
DH: Carma is a bitch right…

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  • Jessica

    Wow, when I read the first story (earlier this week I think? Maybe last week). I thought it was so sad… now it seems like these people are too dramatic. Show some respect for your son and take that stuff off of Facebook. My gosh. Im sure that if he innocently died, then he would want Kristina and his son to be happy, and if she and the baby are happy then thats all that matters. If your accusing her of murder, maybe you should take it to the police and not facebook.

    • Jenn

      I totally agree! It seems like now they’re in the limelight they’re trying to get their name out there. It disgusts me what some will do for attention.

      • Kayla

        Some ppl jus need to realize that somethings need to b left off of the internet. i feel that she lost her son but she doesnt need to say everything else that she is. its disgusting ugh but thats what some ppl do for attention.

      • Sunshine

        I think it’s disgusting what this woman is doing. That’s no way to honor your son.

        I don’t believe for ONE minute that he was murdered.

        Go to court if you want to see the baby…don’t post your personal intimate details on a public forum and say it’s for your son.

    • mel

      Her son just passed away. The girl is already engaged. I’m sure they don’t like her for a good reason, one maybe being she cant see her grandson. She’s just posting how she feels on facebook, its not they’re fault everyone is interested in what they say.

    • Jordan

      I agree FB was not the place for all that crap. It’s disrespectful to her son posting all that out in the open like that. She is an upset mama which she has every right to be. Losing a child is something that no mother or father should ever have to experience but you can’t blame someone of murder just bc you are upset and dnt understand why this happened. It’s heart breaking but it’s not means for all this.

    • i like what you said jessica. you guys are going to be or are grandparents so som RESPECT! your son would not of liked this trust me! so plase say anything to her face insteaa of saying it on facebook! lik forreal!

  • Roxanne

    Wow. Sounds like the Hight’s are simply crazy with grief, and their grief is making them think and do shitty things. I mean, even if they had hunches like this, no sane person actually blows up facebook with this stuff, they don’t openly talk shit about the mother of their grandson, they don’t openly make MURDER accusations. They are insane.

    I wonder if they have stopped to consider that the things Kristina is doing are ways of dealing with HER grief? Have they stopped to consider that maybe it is difficult for her to see the Hight’s, and that this is probably why they haven’t seen their grandson a hell of a lot? That it brings up way too strong emotions, and she probably already has plenty, due to the fact that she lives with and takes care of the guy’s son every day? Have they considered the fact that MANY people deal with the death of significant others by moving on romantically VERY fast? Some don’t move on at all, but some take things very fast. Grieving people mostly do things in EXTREMES.

    The Hight’s are stooping so low it’s actually disgusting. Yet, I am still sympathetic to them because they have experienced a terrible loss. And if they aren’t in therapy, they need to be, because they are not keeping their actions in check. Also, what that person said about Kristina not deserving sympathy, um, excuse me? I don’t know Kristina, I don’t know Todd, I don’t know the Hights, I don’t know anyone involved, but I know a thing or two about grief and common sense. This death has clearly affected Kristina, and she does deserve sympathy. Just because they may not agree with her actions doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve sympathy. She is a TEENAGER who has experienced such a GREAT loss at such an already trying time in her life. They have no right to say she doesn’t deserve sympathy based on how she deals with the loss. I think they are being quite hypocritical, considering they are all being extremely tacky and classless grievers themselves.

    They (Kristina included) all need therapy, but most of all, the Hights need to stop openly and publicly bashing this girl. How do they think their grandson is going to feel when he someday reads how they bashed his mom like this? Do they really think that’s going to help anything or bring him closer? Their grief has made them insane.

    • Stephane

      You took the words out of my mouth … and stated things so well. Every individual experiences grief differently, and bashing this girl is not going to bring their son back. And all they are doing is pushing their grandson out of their lives as well. Such a sad, sad story. I hope for the sake of all involved, they will seek grief counseling.

    • Anika

      Thank you Roxanne for making some sense.I wrote a bit on the other post about how he died, and about not being judegmental.I am a widow and personally,can’t imagine being engaged 8 months after my partner died.I was still grieving very deeply then. But I know people who have re-partned that soon, and it has worked, and no it does NOT take away your love for the person who died.If you loved someone, they became your family, you love and miss them forever, no matter what.

      Even if she isn’t grieving actively anymore, it will still affect her for the rest of her life. You don’t have the father of your son, and fiance at the time die and then forget about it within a year as they are implying. You just don’t. I am also engaged (almost 2 1/2 years since my late partner and father of my son died) and I can tell you it has affected me for life.Just because I have found new love, doesn’t mean that old one is replaced.I miss him and think about him everyday and will always love him. People need to understand that.

      What also bugs me is it seems that it’s okay for family members OTHER than the partner to ‘move on’, and do whatever they like,do whatever makes them happy, but it is unacceptable for the partner of the person who died. Weeks after my partner died, his sister was going on holiday with her husband, his dad was going away with his partner, his sister was back to partying, and his brother got into a relationship.Had I done any of those things, people would have judged me and thought I didn’t love him. My life was permanently altered and different, while they went back to their usual ones, doing the same things.They were grieving, not saying that, but their everyday life went back to normal, while I was raising a baby alone and going to bed alone each night. You have no idea how terribly lonely that is until you experience it, which is why many do seek a new relationship fast.

      And based on these posts, I can see why Kristina doesn’t want to see them.I wouldn’t either.

    • Caitlin

      I could not have said it better myself. These people are acting SO disrespectfully to their own family member’s memory. Accusing Kristina and her family of actually murdering Todd? He drowned! Unless Kristina is a phenominal swimmer, how exactly would she manage to drown Todd while being okay herself? That is just an absurd thing to say. Plus a good portion of these posts are incoherent and ignorant sounding which is just making these people look even worse, like seriously are they on drugs or something?

      And they have NO respect for the fact that Kristina has lost so much in this situation, as well. She got pregnant as a teenager, which is never an easy thing to deal with (regardless of the fact that she should’ve known better) and then had to deal with the tragic, sudden death of her fiance/baby’s father. Then she did not have an easy pregnancy at all, as we all saw on the show, and I believe alot of that came from the stress of losing Todd and Todd’s family always wanting to talk about it. Then there’s the heart breaking fact that she knows her son will NEVER get the chance to know his father other than what he will be told. How could these people be so insensitive? And will bashing her publicly like a bunch of immature, nasty highschool students, make Todd’s son happy or respect them when he is old enough to understand all this?

      Wow. Just wow.

  • Sanoga

    If there is any legitimacy to their suspicions, they should be taking this matter to the police… not blabbing about it on Facebook. Some people are just so crass.

    • inwonderland

      I totally agree. I think this is so disrespectful to their son’s memory. Don’t plaster this all over Facebook.

  • Ashley

    That was the most awkward thing to read. Translation please?!

    • Jessica

      Haha I know right? Im so proud to say that these people live two towns over from me. Obviously Waskom schools do NOT excel in the English department

      • Sunshine

        I had a hard time reading it also. I have a headache now : (

      • KLM

        I went to Waskom for 12 years and I promise that they have a wonderful education program along with an exceptional English department. Some people just talk and text like that not the schools fault by any means. So please don’t down the Waskom Public School because you don’t know anything about it.

  • Sara

    Honestly, I thought it was kind of weird she was engaged already, but we don’t know if there were problems in their relationship.Neither does his family. Thats how my ex’s family was, yet they KNEW he was abusive to me, and almost 2 years later I am happily engaged(:

    Don’t judge a book by its cover, or assume things like this family rather than looking at all the angles instead of just the son’s!

  • Ugh

    Apparently, their grief has also severely impaired their spelling.

  • Steph

    I know the family is not right in all this, but, about the girl- isn’t it kind of a disgrace to engagement/marriage to be engaged twice before you’re even of age.

    • Roxanne

      She probably has a lot of anxiety around raising her kid alone. I wouldn’t judge her for being engaged twice before she’s of age. Give her a break. Her life can’t be easy, and this situation certainly isn’t. I’m sure a lot of her actions are impulsive ways of coping with her tragedies and difficulties in life.

    • -A

      Since when is it your place to decide what is right and wrong for someone else? It’s her life and her choice to do what she wants.

  • tab

    such a sad situation all around. what do they mean by it not being an accident? are they suggesting someone killed him or that he committed suicide? if i thought someone may have killed my child, i sure wouldn’t be posting about it on facebook!

  • Cbaby

    One thing….well maybe not one thing… I have to say is, yes she was engaged. That is wonderful. She was young. Too each their own. Each person deals with things a different way. The family can not be mad at her for moving on. I’m sure todd would’ve wanted her to be happy.

    My dad died when I was five. My mom took some time(about 3 years) but she moved on. Sure maybe it was a little fast but its her life not the grandparents of the baby.

  • Katrina

    You all read my mind! I think it is extremely inappropriate to be putting all that on FB. And accusing someone of murder is VERY SERIOUS & not something to just throw out on FB. Not to mention the threats they are all making at pressumably Kristona are disturbing. They need to get of facebook & get some serious help.

    Everyone grieves in different ways- just because they aren’t grieving the same way you are, doesn’t mean they aren’t at all. Just because she moved on doesn’t mean she isn’t still grieving. These people need to worry about themselves, get off FB, & leave that girl alone!

  • J C

    Oh now come on, It is not smart to be engaged twice in your teens, When leah did this everyone was bashing her but with this girl its suddenly acceptable because shes greiving?
    And why everyone is badmouthing the hights is a bit unfair, If kristina gets a pass for greiving they should too. People are saying how they shouldnt blast it on facebook well think about it, that is the only way they have of contacting their son left in times before people would send letters but letters are now obsolete and if you never sent him letters when he was alive it wouldnt feel right when hes dead.

    No to mention that you dont know how they felt when writng these posts, being kept up all night with tears and memories can really make some horrible thoughts come into your head, including blaming others or putting the guilt on yourself.

    • Sunshine

      Then write it in a journal or keep it in emails between friends and family….putting it out on facebook for everyone to see and comment on is disrespectful to her son plain and simple.

    • Conspiracy Man

      The analogy that you make that equates Facebook in modern times vs. letter writing in older times is incorrect. Focebook is to modern times what a billboard or a newspaper article would have been in predigital days. Facebook is a public forum. Letters are a private method of communicating. The Hights obviously have very little class, because the first thing you learn in Class 101 is to keep your private matters private.

      In addition, this public airing of private matters is the main reason that shows like Teen Mom give off the smell of bottom feeding.

    • Conspiracy Man

      AND- your argument makes no logical sense. As far as I know, anyone can still write a letter, take it to the post office, and mail it. The Hights are free to do that as far as I know. You should not assume that everyone suffers from the same disabilities as you. Just because you might have trouble reading a whole letter by yourself does not mean that other people have the same problems.

  • ashley

    This is all extremely inappropriate. As a mother of 4 little boys if i thought murder was a factor i would have brought it to officers attention a LONG time ago. Maybe the way they treat kristina is the reason they dont see their grandson. If you cant have respect for the parent why should she let you in her childs life so u can bad mouth her to him. I just hope this little girl stays strong it seems she has alot less support on her side of the grieving process.

    • Stacy Lee

      I agree totally, if they did not get to see him much before they defiantly are not going to see him now, she is young and probably wants to move on and forget that horrible hand she was dealt but coming at her and implying she is a murderer is so not the way, you know the old adage you catch more flies with honey. Its a real shame because they are creating damage that may not be able to be repaired because she is so young and probably immature she probably will not be quick to forgive so now they have cut their nose to spite their face and lose out on the best part of their deceased son/brother while she will always have him, their best bet is to apologize and some serious damage control if they ever want to be a part of that babys life.

  • HeATher

    I understand being upset and grieving but all that is, is drama. If they want to see the baby all they’re doing is making things worse. If you make the baby’s mom mad and put her down and threaten her all she is gonna do is run further with the baby and not even consider letting them see the baby.
    Therapy is definatly needed.
    People need to put that baby first not themselves!!

  • kristian

    Gonna say this Idk the whole story or everyones side but if you where trashing me like that and accusing me of murdering your son then i wouldnt let my child see you either. I wouldnt want my child to be posioned against me or trying to ruin what the love between the couple was. So what she moved on. Some people greive faster then others.

  • Ashlee

    Wow really they wonder why they cant see their grandson. Shes probably sees they are not in the right state of mind and she can easily say she feels threatened. Unless they get the help they need I hope Kristina can stay away from them. They sound like monsters. Plus with her moving on with maybe so her son can have a normal family and not have to feel the pain everyone else is feeling.

  • Shayla Smith

    I think its pathetic that since Kristina is trying to move on & not be miserable all of her life & her sons life, that she’s being accused of murder. I understand the pain Tina must feel from losing her son, but to point fingers at the mother of his child & once his fiance, is just wrong. It seems to me that they are too crazy from all of the grief they’re still feeling. The way they act on FACEBOOK would be enough for me to keep my kid away from them too. & they wouldn’t be able to ‘fight it like Farrah did’ unless she was unfit mother. I’m sure she’s got enough proof to prove that that family is a little COO-coo right now. They have a lot more healing to do before they are in the right state of mind to be able to be around a child. Maybe that’s just my opinion.

  • Alicia

    If they are accusing her of murder, they need to take it to the authority that can actually investigate it – the police! By them posting this on FB, several people can now be taken to court for slander…and the girl will win!

  • Deborah

    I’m just thinking that these people do not understand repercussions of their actions. Facebook posts are admissible in court and saying things like this about their grandson’s mother is only going to bite them on the ass. By just reading their posts, they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the baby. There needs to be LOTS of therapy. The Mom talks in her posts like she’s straight out of the ghetto.

    • Marlasa13

      More like straight out of the bottle! She needs to allow God into her heart, deal with the pain by laying it at God’s feet and letting forgiveness take over. Peace and love is what will bring her grandson back to her.. Not hate and the evil which rules her heart right now.

    • Marlasa13

      More like straight out of the bottle! She needs to allow God into her heart, deal with the pain by laying it at God’s feet and letting forgiveness take over. Peace and love is what will bring her grandson back to her.. Not hate and the evil which rules her heart right now.

  • Ajax

    None of us have ever been in such a situation, His family is grief stricken, and i’m sure we can all agree she is, or has been as well. For her to be engaged/married, just shows how young these teen girls really are. They don’t know much about life yet, we all learn from everything we do. This is such a sad situation, for his family as well as her’s. In her parents and family’s perspective, Imagine having to read about all this negative stuff being written about your daughter.. being blamed for supposedly killing someone? that is cruel. Don’t go off on facebook.. makes them look press-hungry.

  • Storm

    Have they ever thought that they being bat-shit crazy is the reason why Kristina has not brought the child around more often?

  • Mya

    This is very sad, it is fast for the girl to move on. But that might be her way in handling all of this. I would not want my son to be around someone who is crazy and just going to tell him lies about me. They all need to get help it’s not a healthy. I couldn’t imagine losing a son, but don’t turn your lost into anger, everyone deals with lossing a loved one a different way. They all need to work together for the little boy, he needs a mom and his dads parents. Let him grow up happy and have the best of both worlds!

  • Jennifer

    I think his family needs to realize she was 16 yrs old when she got pregnant. What 16 yr old really knows what love is?? This “new boyfriend” wont be her last.
    Hopefully after seeing all this out on the internet they will realize this IS NOT THE place to air it. It gets old seeing children/adults post some of the most unapproiate things on facebook!

    • amelia

      Agreed. This is terrible. No wonder she won’t let them see the baby. They think she is murderer. Saying all this crap on facebook it just evil. Call the police if you suspect foul play. Otherwise, seek couseling for your grief.

  • brianna

    I just wish the mom had better grammer

    • Michelle


  • Steffie

    Was an autopsy done to see if he was actually murdered or drowned by himself, probably not.

    • -A

      Yes there was an autopsy done & the cause of death was drowning.

  • Billy

    I hope that poor woman gets the help that she needs. Grief is a terrible thing, but the FB posts are disturbing and obviously show a decline in her mental state.
    And the allusions to homicide? Hello, libel lawsuit.

  • whitney

    I know they lost their son and are greiving but you do not throw accusations like that around, there is scientific evidence that can help prove that if that were the case. Sad to see them complaining about not seeing the baby while pushing her more away, I for one would not want to talk to the people if I were greiving over the loss of my childs father and having to deal with accusations of murder. If they want to see the baby maybe they shouldn’t tear her down like that because she will always be the mother of the baby and deserves to be treated that way with respect.

  • helloisitme

    I can only imagine the overwhelming grief of losing a child so suddenly. And Ok, it’s weird and likely unhealthy that she’s engaged again, yes. I can understand why that would upset them. But if there is one thing I’ve taken away from 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom is there seems to be a correlation between women who have children at a very young age and codependency issues. I wonder if this psychological issue was addressed at a younger age, if these girls would be as likely to find themselves in this situation in the first place.

    Regardless of the frustration they may feel over her engaging in another serious relationship so quickly, she is still a teenager, and they are adults. Her dating another man doesn’t mean that she killed someone or isn’t grieving. It either means that she was extremely lucky to have an amazing person walk into her life or she has a very bad emotional tool kit for dealing with trying situations. It’s tacky, immature and cruel to be posting these accusations so publicly. What mother at any age would want to allow their child time with in-laws that would do something like that?

    I don’t know if there is validity to their suspicions at all, but as many people have said prior that issue should be handled by our legal system.

  • Niki

    I find it horrible for the mother to make allegations that his pregnant gf who almost died herself killed her son! The mother is grieving for sure but watch what u say because u may never see your grandson making comments like that and on Facebook! The girl is a teenager grieving! Yes she’s engaged but who’s business is that to judge her she’s trying to move on the best way she can! I was a widow at 21 I couldn’t imagine being in high school pregnant and losing a boyfriend!

  • imfourandwhatisthis

    This woman needs a damn hobby of some sort. -.-

    • amelia


  • ashley

    I agree JC

  • amelia

    Does this family know that this boy is NOT reading facebook??? As a mother I would be praying that my son was pain free & having eternal life. Doing what I can to make sure I see him again one day. This is social media at it’s worse.

  • dan

    she should call the steve wilkos show lie detector will say it all

    • Reality Check!

      LOL…yeah. Call him or Maury. Those shows are so real! You can’t be serious?

  • Christine

    wow, publishing all of this on facebook (under her son`s name) .
    No one needs to see all the hate that they have. You think they would pray for him to be safe and hope to see him one day. They are EXTREMELY dramatic. Pay backs a b!tchs ??? Why would you wish this on anyboby? Even if your mad and hurting ,they should start the grieving process and not so much at getting back at them. You want people to be by your side not against you! I only wish for the Mother that lost her Son , to try and forgive so that she could show the way for all the family that is grieving also.

  • Dakota

    This is disgusting. So what the girl is engaged or in a new relationship? What was she supposed to do? Spend the rest of her life dwelling on her ex’s death? How realistic is that? After all the things being said about her on a public forum, what makes them think she would want to be around them or trust them enough to allow the baby around them?

    The death was very sad and I sympathize, but they all need to find a better way to deal with things and stop deciding for themselves how the baby’s mom should grieve. Everyone does that in their own way.

  • cgirl

    Completely seriously: is Tina retarded? I can barely understand what she’s saying in her posts.

    • aubre

      shes like CRAZY

    • aubre

      shes like CRAZY

  • Lydia

    if someone accused me of murder, and refused to let me make my own choices and live my own life, i wouldnt let them see my baby either.

  • Kat

    Pretty much agree w/everyone else. I wouldn’t let them anywhere near my child. In fact I’d probably get some sort of restraining order.

  • jess:)

    I think that loss is very painful i know but dont blame it in ur grandchilds mother because u want to blame someone and if there was foul play u couldnt talk about like they do and for that if u wanna see ur grandchild quit blaming his mom and acting like its her fault and mabye a sorry and explaiation might b a start

  • G Money

    I think that this will definately result in litigation as it should. Not right to accuse a young mother of murdering her ex fiance when there was never a formal investigation into Tina’s accusations. I think that she will win as well. Republishing defamatory statements such as Tina’s make those entities liable as well. Please comment on whether you think that she has a valid claim if you have any opinion one way or another.

  • Evafel

    You accuse me of murdering the father of my child on a public forum after I almost die as well then wonder why I wont let you see him? Im sorry about your son but accusing the 16 year old who went through hell isn’t fai either

  • Danielle

    first of all Kristina didn’t even know tht he was gonna die if yall would’ve watched the show u will; kno how she was cryin for him and wishin he was there it wasn’t nobody fault it was just time for him to go and if yall would’ve watched the end of the show she went to go talk to somebody and she said tht she should move on and the family said tht too…. I agree tht karma is a bitch but don’t take it out on Kristina and I like the way yall blames errbody in yall convo the heights family I wish todd jr was still here even kno I didn’t kno him when I was watching the show I just broke out cryin when I heard tht and eveytime they talked about him or cried about him I cried … this was a sad ass story and the HEIGHTS family stop balamin errbody for your sons death
    I am probally gonna post some more covos and stuff tht I feel about this

  • Briana

    Is this women really over here talking about the girl wont let her see the baby ….look at all this tacky shit she postin about her “she killed my son on purpose” she loved todd with all her heart why would she kill him.. on purpose!! ppl can act so stopid after all she have posted about her I wouldt let her see the baby either.. They just need to get over it todd is in heaven and he has gone to a better place than this cruel ass earth they will see todd when they die Case Closed

  • Briana

    oh yea and R.I.P John Todd Heights JR.

  • RealistRealz

    Yall dont know what happen on that trip maybe the information the mom recieved about the trip doesnt add up.. yea she was grieving but they y’all stop and think maybe it’s for the rating… Todd could of been a blood sacrifice for fame nd fortune it happens in hollyweird all the time.