VIDEO No one can impersonate Barbara Evans like Jenelle Evans

Barbara Evans is the most impersonated character in the history of all of Teen Momdom. Her accent and mannerisms always brings a smile to our faces while they usually drive her Teen Mom daughter Jenelle Evans nuts. Her persona has gone so as far to inspire its own Twitter account ran by a hilarious fan, that has over 108,000 followers as of this post. Jenelle herself has taken to Tweeting with “Babs” on a regular basis.

While we all can sit around and try to do our best Bahhhhhbra, Jenelle herself threw down with an impersonation clip that settles who pwns that game. As it should be, no one can do Barbara like Jenelle.

As she wrote in a tag for the clip, “Impression of my mom. No one can do it like i do. :] I know her best.” Check it out (and as if it isn’t expected from our foul-mouthed firecracker you can slap a Parental Advisory sticker on this for adult language):

Ha! “You put buddah on the doughboys.”

At least we know our girls are working on their game while TM2 is on hiatus. On that note I’d love to see Barbara retaliate with her own Jenelle impersonation clip.

  • white lamp

    That isn’t accent, that’s dialect, I think.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Dialect involves different phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, and is used by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially. I think this is more of a regional accent.

      • j

        an accent is language influenced by a first language. rather, barbara would have to come from another country and have her phonology (within standard american english) altered by her native language. a dialect is any variation within a language, which is why barbara sounds the way she does.

        • Starcasm Staff

          Accent has more than one meaning. It also applies to regional quirks in pronunciation. hence, “Southern accent” “Boston accent.”

        • Starcasm Staff

          From Accent: “the characteristic mode of pronunciation of a person or group, esp one that betrays social or geographical origin” from Merriam Webster: “distinctive manner of expression: as a : an individual’s distinctive or characteristic inflection, tone, or choice of words —usually used in plural b : a way of speaking typical of a particular group of people and especially of the natives or residents of a region”

          • Billy

            i love when starcasm schools people lol

  • Squids

    hahaha dough boys

  • Joei in PA

    I do a better impression lol 😉

  • Laura

    First all STARCASM, that page of Jenelle’s “so called mom” is fake. And it’s sicking that you would even mention it because the fans are dumbasses that actually believe that it’s her real mom. That person on the fake page has no life because their not even telling people their not the real Barbara. They also run the KieffersHoodie page or whatever it is. Their tweets are the same crap everyday. it’s not even funny especially when it’s NOT her! Get a life!

    • Jackie

      Its just meant to be funny. Not trick people. Please cool your jets.

    • fsjfsfgh

      it´s clearly said in the fan page that it´s unoffical. and the article said:”Her persona has gone so as far to inspire–“, the key word in this sentence is INSPIRE.

  • Mandy

    She should impersonate Barbara by taking care of Jace! Now that would be funny!! *sarcasm*

  • me

    aw I’m disappointed, thought it would be way funnier!

    • Mandy

      Yeah it wasn’t funny at all nor did it even sound like Barbara… but according to starcasm these girls sh!t rainbows so whatever…

  • Tomuch

    That wasn’t really funny, shes guy her accent down but it still wasn’t that funny I do agree that she should impersonate her mom by taking care of Jace, now that was funny

  • Whoa

    Should have did the “I SEEN YEW WIF KEEFUH”

  • suzy q;)

    Who should impersonate Barbara to take care of their own kid!? Little girls, just like Jenelle, Barbara isn’t the best role model for parenting. If you watched the show, it’s not just jenelle wasting a great deal of time B*tching, but her mother too (just as much). Plus, Jenelle’s on drugs and her mother kicked her out. fyi, good parents neither smoke weed or kick their child’s ass on the street. Grow up, girlies!

  • anna

    i <3 jenelle evans