The Simpsons Game of Thrones Intro Sequence: Matt Groening does it again.

Simpsons Game of Thrones Matt Groening

Power resides where men believe it resides . . . in Springfield! Once again, Matt Groening and his stupid smart team of writers and animators have cut right to the heart of something brilliant and morphed it into something brilliantly funny.

HBO’s fabulous fantasy series, Game of Thrones, won’t be back until April 1st; but, never fear, Matt Groening has you covered. We may not yet know how the Lannisters, Baratheons, Starks, and Targaryens are going to work things out in Season Two (I’m rooting for Tyrion, though), and we still might not know exactly what the threat is on the other side of the couch wall, but we do know what lies between Evergreen Terrace, Springfield Gorge, and Burn’s Landing: pure joyful Simpsons fabulousness!

Check out the full video here.

And here’s the Game of Thrones intro sequence that the Simpsons spoofed.

Here are a few of my favorite stills.

Homer Simpson Game of Thrones Knight in a hammock

The Simpsons Game of Thrones intro sequence

The Simpsons Game of Thrones Intro Sequence

Simpsons Game of Thrones Intro sequence Mr. Burns Smithers

Game of Thrones The Simpsons Intro Sequence Nuclear Plant Birds

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