Does Bering Sea Gold’s Scott Meisterheim suffer from an “idiot problem” or is he just angry?

Scott Masterheim Bering Sea Gold

Some documentary-style reality television shows give us a glimpse into the lives of professionals whose experience and talent expand our sense of what is possible for a human being to achieve. Others might not display professional prowess, but they can still inspire a sense of awe, it seems, by showing us just how reckless, determined, or just messed up in the head some folks are.

Check out Troy Landry hunting an alligator on Swamp People or watch Sig Hansen pilot a boat right over the front edge of a moving herd of crab in Deadliest Catch, and you’ll wonder what you could’ve gotten good at if you’d had their talent and drive and focus.

Watch Gold Rush, with its desperate, recession-slammed amateurs making every mistake in the book, and you’ll learn a lot more about toughness than mining; still, there’s something pretty special about that Hoffman crew.

But, what is the lesson of the Discovery Channel’s new show, Bering Sea Gold? Well, whatever it is, Scott Meisterheim is right in the middle of it, and it seems to have something to do with anger (or idiot) management.

No one on Bering Sea Gold embodies amateur desperation like its most prominently featured undersea miner, Scott Meisterheim, Captain of the Wild Ranger. If you’ve seen the posters for Bering Sea Gold, you’ve seen Scott. He’s the blond with the rugged good looks and determined squint. (In fact, he looks a bit like Deadliest Catch‘s Sig Hansen.)

What the still images can’t convey, though, is Scott’s temperament. And by “temperament,” I mean “temper.” This is one high strung dude. By his own account, he isn’t easy to get along with, is desperate for money, and has no experience mining off-shore for gold. Now, that’s a recipe for some reality tv drama, and that’s exactly what Scott is cooking.

It is tough to tell how short Scott’s fuse really is, since he is surrounded by people who could make the Queen of England lose her lady-like ways. Steve Riedel, who also doesn’t have any experience diving for gold, but who somehow made it onto Scott’s crew, is one annoying joker. He seems good-natured enough; but, he can’t stop talking (or singing), he doesn’t seem to have any sense of time or personal space, and he has this habit of trying to make all of the misfortunes of mining into causes for a very vocal celebration of life. I’m trying to think of another character on any of documentary reality TV show who tries (and fails miserably) to lighten the mood the way Steve does, and I can’t think of one. Oh, and no matter how many times Scott fires Steve, he just keeps coming back.

So, when confronted with the possibility that he has an anger management problem (because he, for example, threatened to throw Steve off the boat or, for another example, ended up punching a generator out of rage), Scott denies it explicitly. He doesn’t have any anger management problem, he says, just an idiot problem.

Steve isn’t the only marginal character Scott has to deal with, though. There’s Jason Walker, another newbie to gold dredging, who impressed Scott with how long he was able to stay underwater on his first gold dive. Sadly, he also impressed Scott on that first outing by dislocating his shoulder as he fell off the boat into the frigid Bering Sea.

After Scott got Jason back on the boat, and to a hospital onshore, it was just him and Steve again. That did not take Scott to his happy place. (Does Scott have a happy place?) Jason seems much better at keeping his mouth shut than Steve is, so he catches a lot less of Scott’s temper; but, that might just be because Steve catches so much of it. If Steve really walks away from the Wild Ranger, and Scott hates Jason as much as he tells the camera that he does, then Jason’s not going to have a lot of fun out on that dredge alone with Scott. Nope. No fun at all.

As if it weren’t challenging enough for Scott, who is a rookie captain, to make a productive crew out of one silly inexperienced miner and another injured inexperienced miner, it turns out that they’re all working for a rookie dredge owner, too. Vern Adkison has experience running ships on the Mississippi river, but he was drawn to the stability of gold because of the craziness of the world economy. Who knows what a dollar or a euro will be worth 10 years from now? Vern is banking on gold being a bit more durable, so he put a dredge together. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, though, any more than the rest of them. Nice.

So, just to review. Scott Meisterheim is ill-tempered, he says, because he is surrounded by idiots. He’s working for someone who has never bankrolled a dredge before and his crew consists of two men who have never dredged for gold. So, he is certainly surrounded by people who don’t know what they’re doing; but calling them idiots might be a bit too strong. And, hey, wait a minute. How would Scott know gold dredging idiocy when he saw it? He doesn’t have any more experience than the rest of them! Vern and Steve and Jason might not know what their doing; but, Scott doesn’t know anything either. He isn’t a gold dredging veteran. Why is he in Alaska at all? Why did he choose to put himself into this infuriating situation?

Well, as he tells the story, he is behind on the child support payments for his daughters. Way behind. So far behind that he’ll be thrown in jail if he doesn’t come up with some money very, very soon. So far behind that he was willing to leave his wife (who is not the mother of his daughters) and borrow money to go to Nome for the summer to mine gold. According to an interview that Meisterheim gave to a newspaper in his home state, Michigan, he doesn’t owe quite as much as the show says he does, though. Discovery says he’s in the hole for $100k, when the total is more like 20k according to Scott. Still.

In the same interview, he said that he knew he was going to be portrayed as a villain, and he said he didn’t mind. He can be nice or not, depending on the people he’s with. And these people definitely don’t bring out the nice in him.

Dredge Wild Ranger Bering Sea Gold
^ Scott Masterheim and the crew of The Wild Ranger return to port in Nome

When you put all of this together, Scott doesn’t come out looking very good. Let’s grant that Steve would be a difficult man to be stuck at sea with and that Jason isn’t much better. Let’s even grant that Vern isn’t giving Scott the support he needs, although there’s not much evidence of that. The bottom line is that Scott is the captain of the Wild Ranger, and it is his job to make it profitable. No one promised him a perfect crew or a perfect boss. They gave him a dredge and a chance. It is his job to make something of it. And, at least halfway through season one, he just isn’t coming through.

The Christine Rose, with its huge excavator, is in a class of its own; but, both the Clark and the Sluicey are out-mining the Wild Ranger, too. Scott is simply not doing his job. Can we blame this on Steve or Jason or Vern? Well, I suppose we could; but, no self-respecting Captain would. Can we blame it on Scott’s anger or perhaps just his inexperience? Maybe. What do you think?

Photos: Discovery Channel

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  • beefieboy

    I think Scott is just under extreme pressure and is taking it out on the closest targets available. Finding 0 gold in the first five episodes can’t help either! I’m not making excuses for him – how he treats other people is horrendous, but it can be slightly explained by the pressure, I think.

    • Joe

      I hope you read these posts Scott and take them to heart. I won’t call you Captain, because I am one, and I’m a real one. As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran I can say without a doubt that you are a S.A.R. case waiting to happen. You have zero respect from anyone because you don’t give it. I’ll bet you don’t even respect yourself. I think we are all tired of hearing you cry about having to go to jail if you don’t find gold. Who put you in that spot again?? It’s always sad when a man of your age cant seem to take any responsibility for his actions, and puts the blame everywhere else. I’ve wasted enough time writing this, but it sure felt good to get that out since your not standing here for me to say it to your face. Something I would certainly do without a doubt! Do not pass go, Go Directly to JAIL!

  • Shane

    Great show but Scott’s gotta go. He’s gotta have his a** whipped and I would love to be the one to do it. Regardless with his stupid attitude its not gonna be long. I just hope it happens on camera.

  • John

    He is an idiot. Someone needs to kick his butt. He is one obnoxious angry man, who shouldn’t be around people.

  • Scott

    I hardly ever write into these things but I have to say something here. I cannot believe that this is the first article/board talking about this colossal d0uche. I don’t know what it is about this whale d!ck that I care so much? I shouldn’t. The only thing I think it could be is that I hate bullies. That’s all this dude is. Well, that and a total moron. How many times can this idiot contradict himself? As much as I want to bully him into submission though, I can’t. I have to feel sorry for him, he doesn’t know any better. The same way you can’t get mad at your dog for dropping one in your shoe. That is even a poor analogy because it is disrespectful to the canine species. He’s that dumb.

    • big country

      if you were a real man step in the cage with one of us you are weak minded and simple mined incompetent idiot who likes to run his mouth. You are a pure discrace to fathers everywhere when you act like a bully and any real man knows that a man that blames everyone else and runs his mouth hasnt got a pair to man up to his own faults. I hope your daughters grow up and marry an idiot like you so you might see how little of real man you are. If you were that desperate for money and had the balls and are as tough as you like to bragg you are step up to the real world and jump into the cage. I bet you couldnt last 1 minute with a rookie much less a real man who really fights for a living. You know you are a true pussy and sad thing is your daughters will see that too thats probably why your wife left you, you probably like to bully women to. I could and would shut you up in under 10 seconds you brag because you picked on a elderly man and you probably did steal his gold. People like you deserve to be in prison cause all you are is a drain on real working men and our country. I pray you come across someone like me who will shut you up and trust me you babbling idiot you will, karma is a bitch just like you.

  • mark in las vegas

    Calling Scott the Captain of the boat may be more title than anything else but so be it. Scott demonstrates that he has no leadership abilities on this job. First, he has zero experience and then the owner and the crew have no experience. He is marked for failure and with the season (on TV) coming to an end, Scott and his crew have only achieved getting 3/4 of an ounce. He might want to prepare for jail and one way would be to take some classes in anger management or his jail stay may be longer than he thinks. Scott is a loser, yet the other boats seem to have their share of losers as well. Their boats are unsafe and their practices are surly unsafe. I’m surprised that the Coast Guard hasn’t inspected them for sea worthiness. They don’t practice any safety and they don’t give any training to newbies. It is no wonder that most of them don’t do well.

  • blueblueblue

    It sounds like if he doesn’t pay his child support he is going to jail. So that adds a lot of stress, but I do think he is having an idiot problem. I don’t blame him at all. I would probably have anger issues if I had to work with that guy too, I don’t understand why he keeps showing back up.

    • Curt Madden

      Scott is the only one who is right.The Wild Ranger was poorly set up and he was’nt hired to fix it just get gold with it. Vern got his ass kicked and had it coming. I don’t understand why so many lazy asses are on the other sideof this issue.

      • Sterling

        People tend to just focus on Scott, he has balls to speak his mind.
        People focus so much on him so they forget the people he is trying to work with.

        I would love to se you, the haters, work with these people, try to find gold to make money to be able to stay alive and provide for his family.

        Come on…

  • Al Seng

    Scott do you enjoy that idiot and maybe it is good tv however, lets make money and put me on hose on the bottom of the sea and we will make money. Don’t understand why you put up with that unless that is good tv and you get paid. I work fourteen hours a day now and up there I would do the same and when you enjoy it, it is called fun not work. I am throwing out the dare hire me and we both enjoy life. When someone needs money and is a down to heart worker you can enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!! Al Seng 219 406 5756

    • Curt Madden

      Al, I’ve been diving for 30 years and I go with ya!!

  • bill harris

    Vern deserves the total f**ing he is getting on gold, if he’s stupid enough to prefer a lunatic like Scott over someone like Steve or Jason. Scott’s fuse is so short, he can’t even tolerate an acknowledgement of a command or positive feedback. Utter moron.

    Hey, Vern. There’s a REASON people QUIT. Because your captain doesn’t know what the f**k he is doing! But then … neither do you, since you keep him on.

    • Curt Madden

      Your so far off base here. Vern is going to hire those dumb asses and go broke.
      Have you ever had to hire and fire these kind of guys.For christ sakes they don’t even know when there is no suction to the dredge. What the hell are they doing. Would you realy want them guys running your air supply? Gota say no way in hell!

  • Scott Sucks

    Scott is so angry because he’s a dead-beat dad and loser at the game of life. He’s tens of thousands of dollars behind in child support payments and his so-called solution is to take a gamble trying to strike it rich by gold dredging. He’s also a bully. I, for one, hope this jerk ends up in jail and gets a cellie who’s angrier and meaner than he is – that would be poetic justice.

    • wesley berry

      i agree with you he seems to only pick and run his mouth to smaller and less docile guys that douche knows he can get away with it. He such a sissy he picked up a glass and hit an elderly man with it during the finale show cause he cant even fight fair against an elderly man. That is truly a wussy and a piece of crap.

  • Meat Boy

    Scott reminds me of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys dealing with Traver and Cory. I hope for his own sake that he’s not for real!

  • matt

    i think scott is another loser who cant support his family . he has no idea of what he is doing and his screw ups et taken out on anyone around him. he even called his boss THE OWNER an ignorant jacka** tonight. i believe he cant make it working anywhere in michigan because i gaurantee no one here would put up with him. my shop eployees would beat his a** in a heart beat. i hope he gets no gold, comes back here to michigan and gets thrown in jail. im sick of hearing the drama ” im the only man in the world with child support fines, i go to jail if i dont make money ” man up ! be a dad quit the hard a** attitude and go get a real job and provide for your family . scott your an idiot who has no clue what your doing and i hope you have fun in the prison showers you piece if sh*t

    • Phil Lowman

      Looks like we were typing on the same page. A man that’s to sorry to Suport his own and gets on tv and drives home the fact he is a misfit in society is a total looser that doesn’t deserve any other chances. With ankle shackles, rock busting hammer, and plenty of hot sun with a shotgun pointed he might be able to hold a job. Well after a few times in the hole. I live in Ga. I used to think everybody from Mich was lime Scott. That was until I started flying into Detroit and setting up tooling that we built. Man those folks were as warm hearted as family. Went ice fishing, snowmobiling, and other things. I asked head engener at cooper tire what was with the haitful Michigan people who move down on us. He explained they were the outcast that don’t fit in anywhere. If you love in Michigan you should file charges against him for false represtation. But really its kinda Kool to have some tv drama. Like I kinda hope n cheer for the other teams, then hope for total failure on his boat. Tho I do feel for his help, but they don’t seem to upset. Have a great weekend

      • wow…

        Phil, your spelling is so bad it’s laughable.

  • luke charles

    Scott is a dead beat bully that karma will catch up to,the real idiot is him,he’s in a desperate way but bullies & belittles his crew when he says he needs to make $$,he’s not smart enough to fix anything that has gone wrong on the boat without wasting time running all the way back in & was stupid enough to work a dredge w/a malfunctioning sluce box all season & never once thought about it,checked it,or ever thought to ask more experienced dredgers for advice or to look things over…the real idiot is Scott!!! But he still has $$$ to buy cigarettes to chain smoke,shame,shame,shame

  • joey crouch

    Scott, I hope your cellmates name is Big Bubba!!!

  • Phil Lowman

    From my teens I’ve been a job leader in building new or research machinery. The owners brings your man power. Some top notch machinist, most are Goobs that get in the way. Bully Scott is crying about $10s of grands. Hah I had millions on the line with simpletons for help. Scott is a born looser. Never have I had to bully workers and I’m his size maybe bigger. If he’s so behind, he must not have been able to hold any job long enough to pay child support. I’ve seen many like him. Think they’re way is it, bossy, belittle others for self worth. They’re lazy to extreme and blame others for being a failure at life. I feel pity on his daughters having a looser at life to be a roll model. The girls had a chance to have him get the money owed to them that somebody is having to provide because he’s to stupid to make real money to provide for his blood in a real job. Now he goes out to get rich and ends up a idiot for the world to see. He doing this where others are finding gold because they listened and work together. Scott is a lazy, loud foul mouth, bully that would only fit in a place like prison where he can tell his bad ass bragging tails and how he robbed the Suport of his children because he is a total outcast and couldn’t get along with anybody long enough to make enough to raise his own flesh and blood. Even a Hog laying in mud will provide for their young. He’s sorrier than the old hogs laying in their excrement. You hear Scott say I gotta get the gold for my girls. Then if I don’t I go to jail. A real man wouldn’t be in a situation like this. Yes I said real man. Causing, smoking, drinking, and all the other sick thing he does makes him a fool. A God fearing real man puts family first always. Then you don’t go to the Bearing see looking to hit it to stay outa prison. I do hope he gets to read this post. Sure hope I made the point of always trying to be a bad ass or lazy bully makes people see what an idiot really is. But he showed a good point of how the loud mouth looses. Or maybe if a kid wants to grow up being tough they can watch Scott and see what a life long looser acts like and turn to the better. They might put a plaque on his cell for him being a televised stupid ass, he showed others to turn from their DUMBASSISMN. Really my kids see him and how he acts and we discuss him and how to avoid being a selfish, lazy, looser, bully. It seems to be working because they laugh at how ridiculous he acted and ended up with nothing.

    • Curt Madden

      Nice rant, Been there all the same run two companies as well. I’d hate to be in a jobless state but I have been lucky as have you. I think you have to see from Scotts side just a bit. How many people would go to that area just to pay child suport or to even make money on their own when the state would just take care of you. All that aside do you really think these guys are in the right? Scott gets mad because he’s at the end of his rope and they have his air supply and water too. There is always more to a story but, from my side of it I see where Scott gets his anger.

      • Meester Unnone

        He went to Alaska not to make money but to hide from responsibility. If he was there to make money he would have gone out more than 10 times in 2 months in season one. Don’t defend someone who has led a life of irresponsibility, fathering children he couldn’t (or didn’t want to) support, not being able to find and hold a job in the lower 48, obviously not spending much of the first half of his life learning any marketable skills, etc. etc. etc. He is a loser who has gotten by month to month by being a con man. The biggest con he’s run is on himself. The only thing worse than him is someone who won’t even pretend to work. At least he’s pretending.

  • Travis

    wish i was on your boat scott. Its about gold and hard work nothing else. Call when you want a crew member. We only need 2.

  • Rock

    Scott is a born loser. It should be tattooed on his forehead as a warning to others. As Captain, it’s on him whether the venture succeeds or fails. He blames everyone else for the utter failure for which he is responsible. He doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to lead. On top of everything else, he’s an angry big mouth and a would be, tough guy. This guy is destined to fail at everything he tries in life.

  • Hilarity

    You all have to be joking. Steve is a complete moron. Does Scott have anger issues? Maybe. But Steve is just a jag who acts like a complete pompous snob. He just needs to leave and go work for the Democrat party. He’d fit right in.

    • Hyperion

      Some of you guys need to quit watching so much FOX, it is rotting your brains. You sound like the same type of teabagging fools who complain about Dems and the government, and then carry signs like “Keep your government hands off my Medicare”. or tell us how you deserve foodstamps, while complaining about social programs. Perhaps it is time for blue states to pull the plug and quit subsidizing the red state morons who are the real drain on the federal coffers. Go learn something before you spout off.

    • staci

      HEY! I’m a Dem and trust me WE don’t want him either! Yes, Scott has issues, baaaad issues, but he does seem real about who he is. Steve is one of those creepy people who behave as though nothing is important except themselves. Always smug, acting superior *especially* when they are doing the wrong thing. Really? Who talks to their prospective boss/captain and chides them before they’re even on the boat. Really, showing up late and casually strolling up with attitude? No way would he have been hired by me in the first place and not for any position and not if he paid me. That kind of loser is the worst kind of employee and frankly, he’s not cut out for a job so physical and especially one where everyone’s life or livelihood depends on one another.

      Steve also likes to play for the camera “stand down” to Vern, ahhhaaaaaaahahahahaha! Ass.

      I do wonder why Vern (I like Vern) chose those inexperienced people – perhaps because he knew it would make better tv than any real income. *wink wink*

  • Dave

    This guy is nothing more than a deadbeat sissy. He only set out to make money due to the threat of jailtime. Hmm, abandoned his children – given his attitude i would not be one bit surprised if he abused his children as well. I would say the best thing this loser could do is off himself, but that would be a waste of a good bullet. I’m sure this criminal wouldn’t be missed too much by his poor, abused family.

  • Andrea

    I don’t know why, but I love Scott. Yeah he’s an asshole but so what? I would have gone nuts being around Steve. He’s a total doosh (spelled wrong). I honestly think that he was trying to get under Scott’s skin. I mean think about it. He was on a piece of crap dredge that wasn’t catching gold. Making sure the dredge worked was Vern’s responsibility. So to go out and work everyday and not get anything for your time and effort, I think I would be a little irritable. And then on top of that you put Steve on the dredge with me….. yeah that’s a no brainer. I would’ve KILLED him. So kudos to Scott for managing to end the season without a homicide. I watched the after show tonight and watched Scott kick Vern’s ass. Good job Scott. I can’t stand listening to Vern talk. Sounds like he’s gotta mouth full of sh#t . I love you and your bad attitude Scott!

    • Laughing AtYou

      I get the feeling that you are one of those girls that marries abusive jerks and a-holes even though e beats the crud out of you every night. The black eye means he loves you, right?

      • Meester Unnone

        You totally nailed it. Anyone that would support that psychopath is in the birds-of-a-feather club.

  • Lawernce Callaway

    Scott, By far you are the worst leader I have eveven seen. You must be a decent conman because you were hired. This shows us everyone your intellegent… just an a**hole. By todays standards I guess that makes you bipolar. Your a father?? Wow, time for a reality check. Do you want your child to mimick this behavior? I guess you dont care..some day you will, if your lucky enough to make it to the regretful old man stage in life. Anyway, Your shortcommings are pride. Nature Vs Nurture, whatever f****** happened to you its gonna keep happining unless you see the facts. If you have hope, try & succeed… If not, do the world a favor and drain the US tax base in jail for the good of mankind.

  • one miner to another

    Kudos Scott, Idid not see anywone with as muec to loose as SCOTT on the WILD RANGER yes ti’s hard to sore like an egle whean you ar surounded by snivling iodiots If thay dont work with you thay are working agenst you.SCOTT was the captin of the dredge an there were no positve aproche by the dredge hands to have A productive season only snivling an crying abought doing there job and what thay were asked to do GET GOLD THE BERING SEA GIVES AND SEH TAKES AWAY No wone has anger isues like the BERING SEA

  • Maxwell

    To Scott- You’re mean to others because you’re mean to yourself. You obviously love your children and that in itself shows you’re a loving person.

  • Tim

    I think Scott was put into a losing situation to begin with.
    I think Scott is not a good leader … he can lead people that want to follow. He said time and again he just wants people to shut up and do the work and do it properly.

    However, if Scott had a crew of people that did what he said, he would have failed anyway. The actual dredge was a failing piece of crap.

    I don’t think Scott is a nice guy, or a great leader … but I don’t think there’s a way the rookie crew assembled stood a chance with that crappy boat.

    But really, if he’s the captain, his crew has to shut up and do what he tells them to.

    I’m glad Scott ended up getting more in 1 day on another dredge than that piece of junk he was on did all year.

    Good luck Scott, pay those bills.

  • Zeta

    Isn’t this guy on probation for, Contractor – Fraudulent Use of Building Contract Fund? Go to,, and see the info. People should not be fooled by looks.

  • Casper

    Scott has the best lines on the show. “Lose/lose situation, I lose my temper you lose your teeth” lololol. This guys is hilarious and will work for/with him anyday! I am in Michigan Scott same situation as you with the child support but in the begining stages, tired of working a nine to five getting nowhere want to make some real money hit me up

  • Beavinator

    Scott is the biggest dumbass I have ever seen on tv! To assault an old man like that shows what a true coward he is! Come fight me Scott you little BITCH.

    • bill

      Scott Meisterheim arrest record

      Sentence 1

      Offense: Contractor – Fraudulent Use of Building Contract FundMinimum Sentence: MCL#: 570.152Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 monthsCourt File#: 0614767-FHDate of Offense: 03/31/2006County: AlleganDate of Sentence: 05/25/2007Conviction Type: PleaDischarge Date:05/30/2012 Discharge Reason: Probation Violator Technical ViolationSentence 2Offense: Contractor – Fraudulent Use of Building Contract FundMinimum Sentence: MCL#: 570.152Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 monthsCourt File#: 08016385-FHDate of Offense: 10/18/2005County: Van BurenDate of Sentence: 05/26/2009Conviction Type: PleaDischarge Date:05/30/2012 Discharge Reason: Probation Violator Technical Violation

  • John

    Living in a dying manufacturing community, I have met many people like Scott Meisterheim before.

    They were children just as the golden age of America was dwindling. It was easy for Americans to live in prosperity when most of the remainder of the industrialized world was in shambles from World War II. With the virtual monopoly on manufacturing gone, Scott’s generation faced greater hardships than his parents.

    Not understanding this, he instead feels betrayed by society (probably betrayed by the government too). He feels that he’s a hard worker but it gets him nowhere. He trusts nobody.

    I foresee a jail sentence for this man unless he accepts the fact that making money isn’t as easy as it used to be. Don’t take on more responsibility (children) than you can bear. In modern America, line your ducks in a row before shooting.

  • Amina Rail

    if you were in scotts shoes and put on a boat with a bunch of idiots, risking your life and risking jail time.. im pretty damn sure youd be the way he is too.. the men on his boat were immature and had no idea of what they were doing. scott is an amazing man with a big heart. he risked his life for his children and didnt make what he needed to so he served time. his anger, yea it is an idiot problem, cause look at those two other idiots.. id have a problem with them too and im pretty sure along with me a bunch of you would love to knock em out and be on scotts side. to all you people sending him hate mail, why dont you grow some balls and go find the guy and tell him what u have to say to his face. because im pretty damn sure youd all get ur a** kicked!!!

  • Blain Searle

    Scott is the real idiot. Always playing the victim and the bully, must be a democrat!

  • I don’t know where the ‘Democrat” comment fits in, but Meisterheim shouldn’t be in charge of anything (or anybody). He’s a lowlife with no self control, no management skills and a huge chip on his shoulder.Hie destructive rants are pathetic, especially for a man his age. Steve has the class and the wit Meisterheim lacks. He goes his own way,and pretty much ignores the abuse. I wish I were more like him, and he’s the type of person I aspire to be.

    • Sara

      Steve has enough faults and weirdness to drive even a calm person to punch something.
      He mocks the man who can’t control his temper, sings and whistles when he knows it will annoy the captain and shows up late with an carefree attitude when he knows he should be somewhere. I think he is a pompous brat. I have only seen a few episodes featuring Steve, and I really understand Scott’s frustration, though he clearly has anger management problems, I don’t blame him for hating Steve. The phone call thing with Vernon showed the lack of respect Steve has for people, and his lateness, and the fact that Scott could not reach him when he was being the bigger man. I see a selfish, pompous, flaky, weird, disrespectful person in Steve.

  • Curly

    I’m from Homer & I think Steve Riedel is a weirdo & hard to get along with no matter WHO you are. Vern was an idiot for not taking care of his own piece of crap dredge & Scott had lots of stress to deal with. I commend Scott for coming to Alaska & trying to make money. You notice how he had no problem when he was on another dredge boat? Good luck Scott!

    • Moe

      Now that season 2 has aired would you like to revoke that statement?

  • Arlene


  • Troubled people

  • That this guy keeps taking it back to how he’s a VICTIM ?

    Of the entire situation ?

    and if he doesn’t make his child support payments he goes to jail ?



    MAYBE you could take RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN DEBTS


    He keeps threatening people with violence.

    ALL because his precious DEAD BEAT DAD child support payments will be LATE and land him in jail.





    Why not just get ready for JAIL SCOTT




    YOU can’t take RESPONSIBILITY –








    to BE


    Get the F off my retina pal









    I LIKE Scott the most –

    I think he JUST requires a BIT of understanding

    I like his face- he’s a good guy underneath

    Just pressed –

    I hope he calms down




    Don’t do it Zeke- she has FREAKY CANINES –

    I don’t care how well balanced her mammalian glands are – e.g. BREAASTS…

  • She’s F’d – Steve is even MORE F’d

    If I had to work with anyone ?

    Scott may be totally SCREWED on his priorities with child support ? but I GET scott – he’s REAL



    Smoke another J

  • Scott is complicated

    I STILL argue Scott is ONE HELL of a person –

    I can see it in his face

    He’s just stressed

    This guy is a leader -he’s tops

    he just has life circumstances that are distracting him.

    SURE it would be rough but if I had to work with anyone ?

    Scott is real – it’s ALL there – he’s real –

    he’s in a BAD situation – but he’s as good as it gets

  • just read Nome Nugget dated 1st Sept 2012 – its talking about Scott Meisterheim bidding/buying plots for gold dredging – one question – where did he get the money from??

  • This show is BS

    Either this show is really “staged” or the people on the show are the stupidist people on earth. A guy is down fr five minutes and the compressor runs out of gas (BS). The engines get flooded with water ad won’t start so we just spray starting fluid in the carb (try cleaning the plugs) A guy is down and they have too much pressure on the air line so the mask won’t work. A guy tries to swim half a mile in fridged water and almost dies. All this is one episode (the first and last one I will watch) What a crock of ……

  • Dumbass

  • I can’t believe this guy is even on TV. I think the State Attorney should use the video to put this idiot in jail. I’m sure most of him PMS rage is scripted but there is too much of this cr@p on TV and people start thinking it’s okay to copy.

  • kelli t

    I didnt think it was possible for Scott to embarrass himself anymore than he did in season !. After seeing season 2 he proved me wrong. Its obvious he has no idea what he is doing. A little friendly advice Scott, stay home for season 3. You are a f**king joke.

  • Sick of SCOTT

    Putting Down other people who want to help him and treating them Horribly. He Needs ALOT of Psyc Help Electro Shock will work ok.

    • Scott’s OK Sriedel’s a douche

      “people who want to help who”? Nobody’s there to help anyone out of the goodness of
      their heart. Everyone there is there for themselves to get paid and be on TV, nothing altruistic. 🙂

  • scoobydoo

    Yeah, I’m two years behind on finding this thread, but just discovered this series on netflix and having a mini marathon, lol.

    I’m guessing that some of you don’t realize that these are heavily edited to produce specific results. Not saying that Scott isn’t a pity party by himself, but soooo much is edited together to create more intensity where there was none. I’m an older gal and I would surely hate it if someone edited together all my choice words into a serial sounbite.

  • Chris Klupacs

    Scott is by far the biggest douche bag I have ever seen in my life

  • mjax

    I worked with a foreman like this (Scott) years ago on a construction site for about 2 days.. ZERO leadership– ZERO inspiration. Todd Hoffman might not be the best miner but at least has humility and a good sense of honor and sense of humor. I thought Dakota Fred Hurt was the worst kind of a jerk but this dude (Scott) should not even be on the show. I fast forward every time this emotionally fkd up person with low self esteem, who blames all his failures on everyone else, in an aggressive manner makes for bad TV.

  • rambo jones

    have to say… after watching BSG season 1 on netflix. I would of found any large metal object I could and busted this douche square in the mouth.

  • web zone 66

    Yes Scott M is a very big part of the show Bering sea gold he hold down the biggest ass hole part and there is know one live that can hole a candle to him he is king of all the ass hole keep it up Scott

  • web zone 66

    What can I say he is as ass hole and a very poor miner what can’t find gold and blames ever one for his short coming there is know one up there that can do any poor then Scott. And now that he has a job on the AU grabber this black cloud will have more room to grow on that big grabber keep that black cloud close and the gold far you big ass hole

  • web zone 66

    Scott you sad sad man you think you are tough but your just a joke.What kind of man attacks an old man that did’t touch you your to much of a little bitch to try that with some one that would kick the shit out of you you ass hole hole you get what you need your ass kicked. You fuck’n bum

  • johnny

    Scott Meisterheim arrest record

    Sentence 1

    Offense: Contractor – Fraudulent Use of Building Contract FundMinimum Sentence: MCL#: 570.152Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 monthsCourt File#: 0614767-FHDate of Offense: 03/31/2006County: AlleganDate of Sentence: 05/25/2007Conviction Type: PleaDischarge Date:05/30/2012 Discharge Reason: Probation Violator Technical ViolationSentence 2Offense: Contractor – Fraudulent Use of Building Contract FundMinimum Sentence: MCL#: 570.152Maximum Sentence: 5 years 0 monthsCourt File#: 08016385-FHDate of Offense: 10/18/2005County: Van BurenDate of Sentence: 05/26/2009Conviction Type: PleaDischarge Date:05/30/2012 Discharge Reason: Probation Violator Technical Violation

  • medussa

    He is a poster child of what becomes of teenage bullies. They don’t grow up or take care of their responsibilities. And then when they get into trouble they act as if they have done nothing wrong. Like many have said, he should be in jail.

  • John L. Lee

    A dumb ass drunk. Time for him to sleep with the fishes!