Bering Sea Gold Season 2 open casting call

Discovery Channel Bering Sea Gold open casting call for Season 2

Have you spent the last couple months watching Bering Sea Gold on Discovery Channel and thinking to yourself, “You know, I could buy a couple canoes, and old VW Beetle, a shop vac, and a diving suit and get more gold than these people!” Well, here’s your chance! The Discovery Channel has announced and open casting call for the second season of Bering Sea Gold, and they seem to be very open about who is eligible.

Here’s the full announcement from Discovery:

Ever thought of dredging for gold in the Bering Sea? Are you a dredger already and think you’ve got what it takes to do our show?

To help you decide, check out the crews that have already met the challenge to bring home the gold: Watch MEET THE CREWS Video.

Still stoked? Well here’s your chance.

We are looking for adventurers who are brave and want to pursue the American dream of striking gold. And be a part of one of the biggest new hit reality shows on TV!

To apply, please send in your photo, a short video (something that makes your case), and the reason why you think you should be on our show.

CLICK HERE to send your application or email us at

Make it good. There’s a lot at stake for you.

And who knows? In a few months you could be enjoying these GOLDEN CLEAN OUTS!

Of course there may be a few legal hoops to jump through. CLICK HERE to read our post on what it takes to get a gold dredging claim in the Bering Sea.