VIDEOS Bering Sea Gold’s Emily Riedel, the opera singer

Bering Sea Gold star Emily Riedel

As if being a self described “wild Alaskan” and a beautiful Bohemian gold hunting gal isn’t enough it turns out that Bering Sea Gold’s Emily Riedel’s first career choice is that of an opera singer!

We did some serious profiling of the glorious deckhand from the Clark but felt that her opera career was worthy of its own post. She’s got gold fever but her priorities lie in the higher ranges of that of a classical singer. She currently resides in Vienna, Austria and is pursuing a masters degree in opera. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a little taste of Emily doing her thing.

The first clip is of Emily singing “Erbarme dich, mein Gott” by Bach:

I know! As if my growing Riedel-obsession wasn’t bad enough she has to go and be graceful, commanding and hauntingly moving too. I mean seriously, is there a much more deadly combination than an opera-singing Nome gold hunter?

Here’s one more fantastic clip of Emily as she performs three of Franz Schubert’s most beloved lieder, with Genevieve Leitner on classical guitar.

For my world classical music has meant vintage Hank Williams or Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan but it took this girl from the north country to open my ears and heart. Am I over-swooning now? Too bad!

I hope Emily finds what she’s looking for in the interesting adventure that is her life. From our profile she stated she wants to somehow merge the life of her Nome gold hunting fever and her passion for singing. You know, I wouldn’t bet against her doing just that.

Bering Sea Gold's Emily Riedel is an opera singer

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