YOUTUBE Peter Monn health update: head injury and broken back after car accident

YouTuber Peter Monn has returned to Twitter to update his followers about his condition following a major car accident. Three people, including Peter, were injured and one was killed in the Wednesday afternoon crash last week.

Peter has sustained massive injuries, including head trauma, but has recovered enough to speak out to everyone who has been supportive of him and his husband during this difficult time. He gave a detailed account of his injuries and asked that GoFundMes set up for him be taken down.

His injuries include memory loss, head contusions and wounds, a broken back, a bruised lung, and a broken rib. He also has cuts and scrapes all over. His mouth injuries make it hard for him to talk and be understood. However, he intends to return to social media and make videos when he has healed more. He did not speak out about what caused the accident, which is still under investigation.

Below are the text of Peter’s tweets (@petermonn,) which were published on February 23, 2022.

“I decided when I woke up today I was going to issue a statement. People tell you in times like these to absolutely NOT say anything but I don’t think that’s genuine to the thousands of you who have been supportive of me my husband & the other people involved in the accident.

At some point in the future I will be back making videos but I don’t know when. I woke up with no memory of 3 three, five staples in my head, head contusions, a broken back(i’m in a brace for at least 6 months), a bruised lung, a broken rib and cuts and scrapes all over.

They brought me back to life more times than I can count in front of friends and family, deciding that this head injury also caused heart problems, blood pressure issues & thyroid issues. I’m only saying this to address the truth given the parameters I am given to speak.

Like I said, I will back at some point, but I don’t know when. I may post something on Instagram today & then I will be off of social media for awhile. But I wanted to address 2 things. 1) Thank you for your support. Anyones. & 2)

Several people have started go fund me’s upwards of $500K- $1 Mil. While I greatly appreciate this I did not approve these and we ask that they are taken down. If I ever needed to beg for money I would do it myself.

I also have repeated mouth injuries so it’s a little tough understanding me right now. Well, until we meet again, and I hope thats not long, I love you and make sure to hug each other a little closer today.

The reason why I wanted to address the Go Fund Me’s was b/c the Go Fund Me’s by me or for me or my husband are not by us and we are not directly related to them, thus why we are asking that those directly stating they are raising funds for us be taken down.

Ya’ll i’m just trying to get by. I won’t be addressing any of this again for awhile & will only be “attending” social media when I feel like it, Just know I love you and thank you. You’re my peeps! 💙”

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