Whitney Thore pole dancing, her mom Babs suffers serious stroke in MBFFL trailer

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore pole dancing

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns for a tenth season on August 8, and we finally have the first extended preview trailer! The dramatic 2+ minute clip features a pregnancy announcement, a wedding, Whitney pole dancing, Lennie love, and some very unfortunate health news for Whitney’s mom.

Here’s the video, followed by a full recap in chronological order:

The preview trailer begins with Whitney and the gang on the dance floor prepping for a 1980s-themed party. While everybody looks truly scrumfluorescent, it’s Whitney’s dad Glenn that steals the show!

Next up is the wedding of Whitney’s gal pal, Jessica. When the bride’s garter belt is removed by the groom’s teeth, Whitney seems repulsed — which is quite surprising given Whitney’s extensive history of over-sharing much, much worse on the show over the years.

The trailer continues to quickly hop, this time to show Whitney taking pole dancing lessons as she not-so-jokingly asks if the pole has a weight limit. Whit continues her sexy dancing ways by performing at a senior center and slapping her ass as she asks one of the attendees: “You’ve never seen one this big, have you?”

At this point, the trailer focuses in on what is sure to be one of the biggest story lines throughout My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 — the return of Whitney’s ex, Lennie Alehat. As TLC mentioned in a press release about the new season, “things get tricky for Whitney when she mixes her professional and personal life by hiring her ex-boyfriend, Lennie, to help with her online fitness videos.”

In the preview trailer, we see Lennie playing the role of videographer for Whitney and her No BS Active partner, Jessica Powell. Whitney is quick to assure viewers that there is no risk of a Lenfatuation relapse. “Some people might think that hanging onto an ex is a slippery slope. I might fall on my ass, but I’m not gonna fall for Lennie.”

The trailer takes a brief break from the Lennie story line for Ashley’s pregnancy reveal, which (of course) includes an interpretive dance by Whitney and Todd (and a drag queen) for the baby’s sex reveal.

After the sex reveal party, we’re invited on a Whitney Waycation to St. Lucia! We get a dash cam view of Whitney riding a jet ski, then the focus returns to Lennie. Whitney seemingly doth protest too much by insisting she isn’t jealous when Lennie and a woman named Hilda seem to be getting very close.

MBFFL Whitney Thore's mom Babs suffers another stroke

Whitney’s mom Babs has a stroke

After the St. Lucia footage, the trailer takes a very serious turn as Whitney finds out from her dad that her mom, Babs, has had another stroke. Whitney’s brother reveals that he found Babs on the couch and she couldn’t talk. “When I first came in, I thought that she might have passed away,” he says.

Near the end of the clip, we see a very emotional Whitney crying as she talks with her dad on the phone. “I just don’t want her to suffer,” she says.

“I can’t believe she’s taken a turn for the worse,” Glenn responds.

Whitney reveals things are really looking bad in a voice over. “I saw my mom today and this is really it.” Whitney is sobbing as she walks to a production crew member named Jacob for a hug.

Despite the preview trailer seemingly suggesting that Whitney Thore’s mother Babs may have passed away, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Babs posed with Whitney for her 76th birthday on June 22.

The trailer made absolutely no mention of Whitney’s supposed French tutor paramour. It’s unknown if the French man will be addressed on the show.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premieres Tuesday, August 9 at 10/9c on TLC.

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