MBFFL Are Whitney Thore and Lennie Alehat back together?

Are Whitney Thore and Lennie Alehat back together again? My Big Fat Fabulous Life

It appears as though My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has moved on from her supposed romance with her online French tutor, and the new man in her life is not new at all!

Whitney’s bearded boo Lennie Alehat from MBFFL Seasons 2-4 popped back into Whitney’s life last fall, and their relationship looks to be much more than friends.

Lennie has been posting numerous photos and videos taken inside Whitney’s house and with Whitney’s pets. Lennie also shared a video clip with Whitney’s mom, Babs, at what appeared to be a physical rehabilitation center.

In December, Whitney shared photos of her Christmas tree and thanked Lennie for his assistance decorating it. She also shared a video teaching her dog to swim in which Lennie can be seen in the background.

Here’s a screen cap from that clip:

Whitney Thore Lennie Alehat back together teaching dog to swim

And here’s a photo of two of TLC’s finest furry faces — Lennie and Henchi!

Lennie Alehat and Whitney Thore's cat Henchi

More recently, Whitney shared an Instagram gallery on March 18 that included a photo of Lennie asleep on a couch with a cat. “Hey y’all, sorry I’ve been gone,” Whitney began the caption for the gallery. “A lot of life has been happening. I’m back ❤️”

Lennie shared this comment on the post: “You caught me slippin 😴”

Whitney has talked about filming for a new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, so it seems obvious that Lennie will be the central focus of her story line during the new season. However, neither Lennie nor Whitney have confirmed a romantic relationship, so it could be that Lennie will be replacing Buddy Bell as Whitney’s roommate with sexual tension.

Lennie Was On Catfish

If you’re curious about what Lennie has been up to, he expanded his reality show resume a few years ago with an appearance on MTV’s Catfish. A 28-year-old tattoo apprentice named Chelsea from Salt Lake City, Utah fell for Lennie during his time on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. After he broke up with Whitney, Chelsea reached out and the two struck up an online relationship.

However, Chelsea began to get suspicious that she wasn’t talking with the real Lennie due to his reluctance to talk via FaceTime, the number of admins on his Facebook fan page, a telephone number discrepancy, and several other red flags. She would eventually fly to Los Angeles with Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Tallulah Willis to finally meet the real man she’d been talking to. As you may have guessed, it was actually Lennie.

After Lennie’s appearance on Catfish, he began to get some backlash from MBFFL fans who thought he didn’t treat Whitney well. Whitney came to his defense on social media.

“S0000, I didn’t see the whole @mtvcatfish episode (just a clip), but Lennie wasn’t actually catfishing anyone—it was really him,” Whitney started a Facebook post. “And I’ve seen a lot of y’all sh*tting on him, saying he wasn’t good to me, etc., so lemme say that out of a year-long relationship, you probably saw an hour TOTAL of it on #MyBigFatFabLife. Lennie wasn’t for me, but he is a good person and has continued to support me even though we broke up 2.5 years ago…so give this dude a break! 💚

Lennie Is Almost 1-Year Sober

Lennie and Chelsea didn’t work out, which I guess would be the bad news. The good news is that Lennie has confronted an apparent alcohol problem and he is just a few weeks shy of one year sober!

In addition to being sober, Lennie has also been working out and losing weight. Perhaps that will cause some tension between him and Whitney next season?

Check out Lennie from his potential spin-off series, My Big Bearded Buff Sober Life:

What do you think about Whitney and Lennie potentially getting back together? I’ve always liked Lennie, and ANYTHING is better than a blurred out online language tutor, so I’m on board!

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