PHOTOS Maci Bookout’s back tattoos explained

Maci Bookout back tatoo photo

Maci Bookout’s recent Spring Break trip to Daytona and the resulting slew of bikini photos has seemed to rekindle our readers’ curiosity about her elaborate array of back tattoos. The collection of skin ink is a combination of writing and imagery that includes a torn sheet of notebook paper as the centerpiece. There are cupcakes, an astrology symbol, a massive human heart and more almost completely covering the back side of Maci’s petite frame from shoulder to booty. So, what does it all mean?

Maci Bookout tattoos photo

Maci herself offered up Cliff’s Notes on the elaborate work of art in progress a while back on Facebook. Here’s what she had to say:

Bulletproof is because I can withstand anything thrown at me. Bentley Cadence is for Bentley and the page on my back has Bookout on it. The page stands for me loving to write. The three o’s are cupcakes and it’s one for my mom, dad, and brother. The u is my zodiac sign and the t is a lightning bolt which is my symbol for my group. “Learn to feel” starts on my upper rib and then continues onto my back.

A more recent post on Maci’s Facebook fan page (FaciBookout?) (actually it’s the Maci Bookout & Kyle King Offical Fanpage) reveals that “Bullet Proof” is also going to be the title of the book Maci is working on:

Many people have asked about Maci’s back tattoo so here it is, she has a tattoo that says “bullet proof”, which is the title of her book, “Learn to feel” , “Bentley Cadence” , a Leo zodiac sign, cupcakes which are the O’s in bookout, a few family poems.

The script lettering across the sheet of notebook paper reads:

When my heart hurts worse than my head
That is when I will get scared
and that is when I will know it is worth it all

(I’m not 100% certain on that last line)

Maci Bookout bikini tattoo photoMaci Bookout's heart tattoo on her shoulder

Here’s an older photo of Maci Bookout’s back tattoos:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout back tattoos

And another one from a red carpet event in May of 2010:

MAci Bookout back tattoo at the Candie's Foundation 6th Annual 'Event to Prevent' Benefit

Looking at these photos you can sort of piece together a rough timeline. “Bentley Cadence,” “bullet proof” and the large sheet of notebook paper with her name spelled out in cupcakes (uncolored at the time) were the earliest. Then the cupcakes and letters got colored and the script text was added followed by the large human heart on her left shoulder.

There’s still a little bare skin left so I’m sure Maci will be filling that in, at which point we will update the post.

UPDATE – Here is a photo from summer, 2012 in which you can see Maci has added tattoos of a stopwatch and some sort of fabric form to her right shoulder:

Maci Bookout's right shoulder tattoo of a stopwatch and fabric

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