Texas Flip and Move cast: Are Cody and Suzi coming back to the show?

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The only significant change to the Texas Flip and Move cast for the entirety of the show’s run has been the abrupt removal of fan favorites Cody and Suzi Slay, who left a few episodes into Season 3 and haven’t been seen since. Though the show itself remains popular, backlash to the move has been strong, and a group of fans even went so far as to start a Change.org petition to try and get The Young Guns back in front of the cameras. Their efforts haven’t yet been successful; now, Texas Flip & Move is set to begin Season 4–its first without a single contribution from Cody and Suzi.

The Slays left TFAM with very little warning, and only a since-deleted social media update to let fans know what had happened. Cody Slay’s announcement, via the show’s official Facebook page, has since been deleted; however, Suzy’s subsequent announcement remains active on her Instagram page:

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And, despite their many fans’ prayers to the controversy, Cody has since explained on Twitter that he and Suzi are pretty unequivocally done with the show:

There are precious few details regarding the reason for the Slays’ departure. Of course, rumors do abound: most of them seem to center on a quiet contract dispute, or behind-the-scenes struggle for more screen time, and can’t be substantiated. Since DIY didn’t made an official statement on the Slays’ departure, all we know for sure is what Cody, as gregarious a Twitter user as you’ll find in the whole of Texas, shared when asked by fans:

However, while there’s no telling how acrimonious things got behind the scenes, it’s clear that The Young Guns wouldn’t mind getting back on the show. They’ve been openly supportive of new cast members, and regularly retweet supporters of their own cause. If the husband and wife team were sick of sharing the spotlight, as some of the rumors about why Cody and Suzi left Texas Flip & Move claim, it seems curious that they would both encourage disgruntled fans to continue supporting the show and try to return to it:

So, for at least the time being, it looks like fans of Cody and Suzi will have to resort to Texas Flip and Move reruns to get their fix. But, if you’re a believer in the power of the petition, you can click here and add your name to the list of folks who want the Slays back! And, if you live in the greater Fort Worth area, you can have them over to your house to consult on a redesign–click here for their home page!

As for the show that made their names in the first place, Texas Flip & Move kicks off Season 4 tonight on DIY.

(Photo credits: Texas Flip and Move cast via Twitter, Instagram)

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