What happened to original Love Connection Host Chuck Woolery?

Tonight FOX reboots the late-80s, early-90s dating show Love Connection with Bravo darling Andy Cohen, but what has the original host of the show, Chuck Woolery, been up to in the decades since the first Love Connection went off the air?

He now runs Blunt Force Truth, a conservative podcast and blog with Christina Ferrare, but he spent several decades after Love Connection’s 1994 end pursuing more game show endeavors.

Chuck was the original host of Wheel of Fortune, but moved on in 1981 after the network replaced him with Pat Sajak over salary issues.

Love Connection debuted in 1983, and ran through 1994

From 1996-98, Chuck co-hosted The Home and Family Show with Christina Ferrare.

He tried his hand at dating shows again with The Dating Game from 1997–99.

Greed (1999-2000) saw Chuck host a trivia show

From 2002-07 Chuck hosted a reboot of Lingo, a Bingo-inspired word game

In the 2000s Chuck also hosted live game shows in Vegas including The Price is Right Live! at Harrah’s casinos and $250,000 Game Show Spectacular at Las Vegas Hilton. In 2003 he had a short-lived reality show called Naturally Stoned. He started his political commentary route via Youtube with a channel called “Save Us, Chuck Woolery,” which helped land him a nationally syndicated radio show shorted to simply “Save Us” us in 2012. His Youtube channel is now the home of his Blunt Force Truth content. Woolerly considers himself a conservative libertarian and constitutionalist, and is a passionate gun rights activist.

Of course, Chuck’s true legacy will always be Love Connection, with its historical documentation of 80s and 90s Aquanetted hairstyles and dating rituals and Chuck’s catch phrase “We’ll be back in 2 & 2.”

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