Nick Lachey’s glad he no longer has to play ‘grab ass’ with ex father-in-law Joe Simpson

Andy Cohen and Nick Lachey on Watch What Happens Live

Nick Lachey appeared on last night’s Watch What Happens Live with the rest of the 98 Degrees crew. As always, Andy Cohen asked some hard-hitting questions and so did the fans who called in. To start, Nick addressed the question of how long it has been since he last spoke to his ex-wife and Newlyweds co-star Jessica Simpson. Then, her father Joe Simpson was brought into the conversation and all hell broke loose!

“When’s the last time you saw or spoke to your ex, Jessica Simpson?” a caller asked during the appearance. Laughing, Nick said, “It’s been years. Honestly like six years.”

Nick and Jessica began dating in 1999 and married in 2002. In late 2005, they announced their separation. Following their split, Jessica’s dad reportedly offered Nick a settlement of $1.5 million, but Nick refused any sort of payout, despite having a much smaller net worth. Jason Hoppy should take note, just saying.

NICK LACHEY and JESSICA SIMPSON at the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) in Miami, Florida.

^ Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson at the 2005 MTV VMA Awards in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Mike Fuentes/WENN)

After finding out about Nick’s current status with Jessica, Andy then moved on to Joe Simpson who has been in headlines quite a lot lately. “What’s the best thing about no longer having Joe Simpson as a father in law?” he asked. Following a brief pause, Nick’s brother Drew Lachey jumped in. “Can I answer this for him?” he requested. “EVERYTHING!”

Nick, who clearly wasn’t holding back, added, “Umm… I don’t have to play grab-a** under the table on Easter Sunday!” Pretty funny joke, right? Maybe, but with all the talk lately that Joe is secretly gay, Nick may have just added some serious fuel to that fire.

Andy was shocked, as was Drew who said, “Our publicist is freaking out right now.”


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