Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga is the next Real Housewife of New Jersey

It looks like the mysterious Teresa Giudice nephew story isn’t as salacious as what was widely being reported the past few days, but there’s still a good amount of drama involved.

Teresa’s brother Giusseppe and his wife Melissa Gorga have a baby son. Melissa also happens to be the next Real Housewife of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga.

According to Radar Online, Teresa’ and Melissa don’t exactly get along swimmingly, which explains why there might have been some tension around the time Melissa gave birth to her son.

It looks like the riff in the family might be over jealously and money. Teresa’s brother is into real estate, and apparently isn’t in financial trouble like Teresa and Joe.

“Their house is actually twice the size as Joe and Teresa’s. It’s enormous! She has two live-in nannies and lives in a $4 million mansion on an exclusive lot in Montville. Teresa and Joe’s house looks like a garage compared to theirs.”

UPDATE: While filming for Real Housewives of New Jersey at her nephew’s christening Teresa got into a verbal fight with her brother Joe Gorga, which lead to a physical fight with Teresa’s husband Joe and brother-in-law Joe.

Melissa is an aspiring R & B artist who is recording an album, and using the show as a platform to enhance her singing career.

Here’s the Gorgas’ house, which was recently taken off the market:

And, the whole family at a photo op, including the nephew who caused a firestorm:

(Image Credits: Reality Tea, nj.com, thehollywoodgossip)