PHOTOS Audrina Patridge goes topless for Bongo Jeans adverts

Audrina Patridge poses topless for Bongo Jeans

Nothing sells jeans like bare breasts! Actually you can pretty much inserts whatever product you like in the place of “jeans” and you’ll do alright, especially if you’ve got “The Hills” of Audrina Patridge working for you!

Such is the case with Bongo Jeans, who recently signed the reality star as their spokesmodel and quickly got her down to some fashion essentials: a pair of jeans and some epic black stiletto heels.

But the new campaign isn’t all side boob and ceiling eyes, there’s also some more work-friendly spots with Audrina wearing a shirt like this one:

Audrina Patridge poses for a Bongo Jeans advertisement

I never realized this before but there are apparently two words that go a long ways towards killing my libido buzz and they are KMart and Sears. Let’s get back to just Audrina – this time zoomed in and entirely scroll-friendly!

Audrina Patridge topless photo for Bongo Jeans

BONGO! I’ll take a pair of those please…

Photos: Bongo / Splash News

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