VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E12 After Show and bonus footage break down: Leah says divorce was a result of foolish pride

I went a little sentimental last week following the penultimate episode of season 2 of Teen Mom 2 but we’re back this Wednesday breaking down the After Show and bonus footage.

This week’s After Show starts with the girls reflecting on what it’s like to look back at the last year of their life. Personally, I think I’d need a bucket and a corner man if I had to watch a video recap of my life each year. That can’t be easy man! Anywho, Leah gets very real and reflective about the whirlwind that was the divorce, Kailyn looks back at her hook-up with Jo and what that meant to her and Jordan, Jenelle discusses rehab and what it was like to see her mom so openly overjoyed to see her return home and Chelsea talks Adam and lets the slightest bit of hope in that she’ll one day get past him.


Leah starts off by being asked about Corey’s unwillingness to answer her calls. She places no blame and simply states that the wheels were in motion and that they were spinning too fast for either one of them to really be able to do anything about it. She’s asked if she regrets filing for divorce after discovering that Corey had not and she figures it was his intention to do so since he had hired a lawyer himself.

It’s obvious that this recap was extremely painful for Leah. She reveals that the day before the divorce was finalized she offered a chance at reconciliation, that they could go to counseling and that they would look back and regret the decision but that he simply said nothing. Leah admits that what it came down to is that neither one of them could swallow their pride. She then said at the time that her life seemed like one bad nightmare.


Jenelle figured that rehab would be like jail or a mental institution but she discovered a different world as her stint was in a house up in the mountains that was really peaceful and beautiful. In regards to Delp’s call, Jenelle explained that her motivation to cut him off was because going “there” would just defeat the purpose of rehab. It was an emotional breakthrough, and the moms in the audience felt like it was a great moment for Jenelle and her son.

Bahhhhhhbra! Jenelle’s mom openly showed affection and was so happy to see her daughter return. Jenelle said it did feel good and that the 30 days was the longest the two had ever been apart. Jenelle joked that the real reason she was so excited was because she brought her mom a bunch of gifts. Could it be that Jenelle and Barbara are realizing they need each other!?! I hope so and I think as a like-minded and goal-oriented team they could be great and it would be wonderful for Jace.

I’ve always imagined that if Jace, one of the most laid back kids I’ve ever seen, was talking fully he’d say something like, “Yo. Moms and grandma. It’s all good, let’s just tone it down with the yelling and all go get a Happy Meal. I mean we all love each other amirite? Yeah, I’m right.”


Oh man, Chelsea said her heart fell out when she saw you know who at the car show. It had been months since she saw Adam but whammo, it was that same love. The host reminds Chelsea that she may always have these feelings but that she’s just projecting an idea of what “Adam” is vs. who he really is. As always, Chelsea confides that she knows all of this to be true but she just can’t help herself.

Chelsea knew that seeing him again would be bad but she did it anyway. Of course Adam is all about being friends but Chelsea was hoping that he would want more, she explained that she feels it’s Adam’s way of getting himself back in to her life.

Then Chelsea said something… She said that someday she’s gonna find a great guy! She let it slip out even though she quickly tried to say I hope I’ll find a great guy, she said it. She can’t take it back and it’s on video… We can now verify that at least .000001% of Chelsea Houska knows she will be fine one day without Adam Lind.


Kailyn didn’t see the re-hook up with Jo coming she claims. Kailyn was upset about how much Jo exposed what happened between the two. Kailyn explained that she had discussed her feelings for Jo with Jordan and that she and Jordan had been fighting so maybe it wasn’t as bad it seems when she dropped the info about her and Jo’s night.

Kailyn explains that she was surprised by the fact that Jo wasn’t interested in starting up a relationship with her again after they had sex. At the time of the taping of this After Show Kailyn stated that Jo was happy with another girl but she was interested in getting back together, though admitting she didn’t think it would work out.

This week’s bonus footage has Chelsea chatting it up with friend Erika about her year and how satisfied she is with the place she finds herself in. Oh, and there’s some too cute Aubree “Mommy” shouts too.

Until we meet again… And of course we’ll be bringing you updates from Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn, and Leah as we get ’em.