Videos of Nathan Griffith’s jail release, bond hearing, and landlord interview released

Nathan Griffith jail bond hearing

For those not wanting to wait until Teen Mom 2 Season 6 to see video footage of the Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith dispute fallout, local news station WBTW has got you covered! The station has released raw video footage of Nathan Griffith during his bond hearing with his attorney, his release, and an interview (almost more of an altercation really) with Jenelle and Nathan’s landlord not long after the incident that led to Nathan’s arrest.

We will start with the video of the landlord, who was sporting a white t-shirt and was obviously fed up with all the attention his tenants were bringing:

WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC

“You guys need to just get in your car and just go, man. For real, I mean that,” the landlord says at the beginning of the clip. It then cuts to what I assume is his description of why Nathan was arrested. “For ripping her ring off her finger, that’s it,” he says. “I was here. The cops were talking to me. Because, trust me, I was the first one to come here last night.”

The landlord then reveals that MTV is no longer filming at the residence and Jenelle is moving out. “They’re not filming a TV show any more because I just talked to them. Jenelle is leaving here. I just talked to them last night. So there’s not — you know, my whole ****ing neighborhood is over this s***.”

He then asks the cameraman why he is even in the neighborhood at that point. “He’s in jail, why are you guys here?”

“I’m going to jail now,” the cameraman says.

The landlord then indicates that he thinks Nathan might already be out of jail. “Good. Well, actually not in jail, so maybe -”

“He is in jail,” the cameraman interjects. “The bond hearing’s at three o’clock.”

“He said that, uh – I don’t know, he’s been making phone calls, so maybe he got out a little bit early buddy,” says the landlord. (Although the next clip of Nathan at his scheduled bond hearing seems to indicate Nathan didn’t get out a little early.)

Things end on a rather threatening note as the landlord can be heard telling the news crew, “The next time I see you all around I’m going to smash your ***ing face man.” That would probably be a terrible way to prevent news crews from hanging around the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Jenelle responded to the clip on Twitter:

Jenelle Evans landlord tweets

In another clip released by WBTW, we can see Nathan at his bond hearing with his attorney and also his release, when was seen with a couple friends who came to pick him up. (No, it wasn’t Jenelle. But that only makes sense because Nathan has been ordered to have no contact with Jenelle for 30 days. Despite the n0 contact order, Jenelle and Nathan are reportedly still together, and she was recently photographed out and about still wearing her engagement ring.)

The jail release comes first and then the bond hearing, in which you can BARELY hear Nathan’s lawyer argue that his client isn’t a flight risk because he has family in the area:

WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC

Meanwhile, Jenelle, via her public relations Twitter account, iterates that she just wants to move on from the whole thing:

In her own tweet, Jenelle says she is looking forward to April and includes a jet plane emoji, which I assume means that her planned trip to Coachella is still on:

Stay tuned, we still have a week and a half of March left to go! 😉

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