Justin Bieber’s DNA has been submitted

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I’m a man who believes in the ideology of democracy and in that vein our readers have spoken loud and clear about Bieber Babygate. Whether you’re inclined to believe he’s the father of Mariah Yeater’s son or not there’s been one persistent vibe, one echoed sentiment that has come across loud and clear….

Just take the freakin’ DNA test and settle it one way or another.

Well folks you can’t say The Biebs is one to disappoint the public because kid stepped up and said, “Here it is, now the ball’s in your court Yeater.” The Bieber camp has stated he was going to do just that for a while now but with all the revelations that came up about Mariah’s past and the fact that the initial paternity claim was dropped this fact got lost in the shuffle.

On Friday Bieber took the test at a lab under very controlled circumstances. There’s also a solid chain of custody so there will be no doubt when the Maury moment comes of what is or isn’t true. You know speaking of chain of custody they have to have someone like Jack Bauer guarding Justin’s deoxyribonucleic acid like it’s the nuclear football. Bieber fever can cause some young, and heck, older women of the world to do some pretty insane acts of fanaticism.

I’m not saying some head member of the Bieber Army would try to snatch that DNA and make a clone…. Yes, yes I am as a matter of fact. I would not put this past a hardcore Belieber friends.

Photo of MAriah Bieber who Justin Bieber allegedly got pregnant
Mariah Yeater

Back to the sitch, it’s Mariah’s turn to provide DNA from the baby in question so all this can be put to rest. Mariah claimed in an interview that she has proof while Bieber’s well paid lawyers have stated that they plan on filing their own suit against Yeater if he’s proven not to be the father to curtail other people out there from trying to pull the same stunt.

Top that!

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