VIDEO Usher ‘Papers’ mash-up with man goat

Usher sings "papers" with Goat

This is without question one of the greatest video mash-ups I’ve ever come across. I found this via YouTube Doubler and it is credited to Ann O’nymous. What you are listening to is Usher’s “Papers” combined with a clip of a goat that just so happens to sound like a moaning Usher!

I apologize for the auto launch on the clip but it has to work that way. Enjoy!

YouTube Doubler

I love the fact that Ann O’nymous was watching that goat clip and realized, “Hey that sounds familiar!” And now the rest is video mash-up gold history. Sometimes genius just strikes you and that had to be the case here.

Top Photo: Usher -> Ray Garbo / and a random goat