VIDEO Drew Barrymore explains new baby name, Frankie

Drew Barrymore Ellen DeGeneres May 2014

Just three weeks after welcoming second daughter Frankie, a fabulous looking Drew Barrymore appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Blended costar Adam Sandler. Although their new movie was a main topic, Ellen was particularly interested in why Drew and husband Will Kopelman picked the retro name for their baby girl.

“So you have Olive and Frankie and that’s dying to be a television show right there,” Ellen joked.

Drew agreed, saying it was hard to find a name that paired well with older sis Olive’s unique moniker. (Ellen suggested “Martinis” would have been a good choice.)

“Every [name] started sounding like a color or a food. Hazel’s a great name. We’re like, ‘No, that’s two shades of green,'” Drew explained. “And I love the name Pepper so much, but we were like, ‘Olive and Pepper… Like that’s two things you find in a pantry.'”

Drew said after lots of consideration of other names, Frankie was one that just came to them a few months ago.

“Then we gave ourselves room to change our mind, but we never did,” Drew said, adding there is some sentimental reasoning behind it. “My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Franco and I love her so much that it reminds me of her as well.”

As for how 19-month-old Olive is reacting to her little sister’s arrival, Drew said she’s “all positive at this moment.”

“She really gets that she has a sister and she says, ‘Frankie, sister,'” said the proud mom. “She loves playing with her and she’s not mad about it at all yet.”

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