VIDEO Tommie tries to throw down on Karlie Redd, but six pesky security guards get in her way

Tommie and Karlie Redd 2

Tommie and Karlie Redd haven’t had what you might call an easygoing relationship, but last night Tommie tried to elevate their feud by throwing down on Karlie in a very public place–and with the LHHATL cameras apparently rolling. (So, cue the chorus of “The whole show is fake af,” which we’re not even saying is untrue.)

According to noted Love & Hip Hop gossip account @LHHTea–who, it’s worth pointing out, went a perfect 10-for-10 on LHHNY Season 7 reunion spoilers weeks before the episode aired–Tommie tried to bull charge Karlie in Atlanta’s Blue Ivory Club last night. She was backed up by fellow newbie Lovely Mimi, but only got as far as the general vicinity of Karlie before security piled on top of her like how she got down on Joc during the threesome that set Karlie off earlier this season.

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Here’s the full rundown, along with the alleged video:

Young Joc and Karlie Redd threesome brawl (w. receipts)

It’s impossible to say for sure that the woman in the clip is Tommie. But the light blue fur coat she’s wearing does look an *awful* lot like the one Tommie just repped on her Instagram page (what a coincidence!):


A post shared by Tommie (@tommiee_) on

LHHATL Lovely Mimi arrest record on drug trafficking, firearm charges

And Lovely Mimi’s involvement would help explain the otherwise cryptic Instagram update she shared last night. Wait for the fried chicken:

What u see is what u get PS im the nicest person u gon meet

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(Photo credits: Tommie and Karlie Redd via Instagram; h/t to LHHTea)

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