VIDEO: Prince Harry dancing in Jamaica, you can’t help but have a crush on him

Prince Harry shaking his hips

Prince Harry is on a Hot Eligible Prince Tour! Just kidding! He’s touring in place of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 60 years on the throne, called a Diamond Jubliee.

He kicked off the tour in Kingston, Jamaica (where the queen is still the head of state,) by “racing” against Olympian Usain Bolt (Usain let him win twice.) Then harry put on his hip-thrustin’ dancing shoes at a youth organization called Rise Life.

Harry also laid the charm on thick Prime Minister Portia Simpson, who said, while grinning “He’s very nice. Very, very nice. A wonderful person.”

Even though the Prime Minister LOVED Prince Harry (who is touring under his official title Prince Henry of Wales) she still want to get rid of The Queen as their head of state. Talk about a diplomatic ploy! (In other news, Prime Minister Portia Simpson wouldn’t mind marrying Prince Harry, kidding again, but you know it’s sort of true.)

Harry dancing!

Harry “winning” against fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt: