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MaryJane in a bikini from The Pauly D Project

While Pauly D’s crew is out and living large in The Pauly D Project, his mentor DJ Biggie has a serious girlfriend back home. You must be a pretty special lady to keep a man with that type of exposure and readily accessible road “ladies” true. The super trailer released by MTV hints at this dynamic so I thought I’d provide a little info on the girl that looks to help keep Pauly D and the boys grounded.

Her name is MaryJane Giampa and from what I’ve gathered Mr. Michael “DJ Biggie” Morgan is a lucky man. This brunette that originally hails from Norwood, Massachusetts has the beauty and the brains to hold her own with Pauly’s crew.

In the teaser clip for the show Biggie says, “I’m excited right now, but I’m the only one in the group that has a girlfriend. And going on the road with Pauly could jeopardize my relationship.” You can see MaryJane stating matter-of-fact, “No strip clubs, no wh0res.” Of course Pauly interjects with, “What the hell are we gonna do then!?!”

Not sure what the boys are gonna do but I think Biggie knows what he’s got and walks the line as Johnny Cash would say. Here’s a photo of MaryJane and Biggie together. MaryJane posted it with the following tag, “Me & @DJBiggie ‘s 4 year anniversary 2day.”

DJ Biggie and his girlfriend The Pauly D Project

Looks like a happy couple to me (and some well placed hair coverage – no not on Biggie’s chest).

MaryJane Giampa graduationMaryJane should by no means be judged as a hanger-on just because she’s Biggie’s girl. She’s done just fine for herself having received an aesthician’s license back in 2005. Later, she went on to graduate from Rhode Island College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Oh and just so you know, girl was Cum Laude. The image to the right is of MaryJane and Biggie on her graduation day.

The 25-year-old has been stoked about the upcoming show. She’s been tweeting her excitement and had the following to say to a follower who was kidding her about her acting skills after seeing a promo, “haha acting classes?? This is reality bro… No time to act in real life situations. Still love u though.” She’s also got a sense of humor about Biggie’s, well, bigness!

There’s been a lot of buzz around Pauly D’s spin-off and I’m positive our girl MaryJane won’t hurt any of that. Remember to catch her and the rest of the crew (profiles here) on March 29th at 10PM EST.

I’ll close this out with one last parting shot like we like to do. In this one we’ve got Giampa enjoying a little bikini down time with a friend.

MaryJane Giampa The Pauly D Project bikini

Photos: Twitter

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