PSA VIDEO – The Situation totally respects abstinence with Bristol Palin

Who knew? The Situation “totally respects” abstinence because it has “abs” in it. At least, according to this new PSA starring him and his Dancing With the Stars peer Bristol Palin.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the celebrity and scandal of a reality TV star, or a teenage mother who’s own mom almost became vice president but then quit her governor job to become a reality TV star, that we forget that they have very little entertainment-type talent. Bristol is actually doing pretty well on DWTS, so she’s getting ballroom dancing under her belt. Her acting chops need a little work though.

But not as badly as The Situation, who by the end of the video leaves you writhing in physical pain from the awkwardness. Each utterance of “situation” is a punishing blow.

It still may work as an abstinence PSA, and possibly a sobriety PSA. This is what you end up with when you get drunk in the club, girls. It looks a little different after seven lemon drops. Drink cautiously.