Drake claims he’s ‘never even met’ the Instagram model who says he got her pregnant

Drake and Layla Lace pregnancy rumors 2

Instagram model and alleged former video vixen Layla Lace caused a stir last week when she claimed–on social media and without evidence–that Drake had gotten her pregnant and she was carrying his baby. Layla had around 7,000 followers at the time that she made the allegations, which was more than enough to help spread them wide; by the end of the day, her followers numbered over 96,000.

But, according to reps reportedly close to Drake, attention was all Layla wanted–and she must have gotten too much of it, since her account has since been deleted. Which is all good with Drake: according to TMZ, he thought her claim was “so ridiculous” that “he didn’t even sic his team on her.”

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The alleged reps apparently said that they “never…reached out to Layla, much less threatened her.” And, according to them, “she did it for attention and when people talked about her there was no need to keep the posts up.”

Their logic is kind of strange–if the Drake and Layla Lace pregnancy rumors really are phony, and Layla only made them up to get attention, scrubbing her entire social media presence (she’s also off Twitter) would be both unnecessary and counterproductive. If Drake *had* threatened her with a lawsuit, simply removing the offending posts likely would have ended the threat.

In either case, all eyes are now focused on Layla until she resurfaces and either clarifies her story or explains what she was really after. Until then, here’s a photo of her most recent modeling work:

Get ready for NBA All Star Weekend with @mr_guerra x @cupthemcakes #dynastyseries featuring @iamlaylalace

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(Photo credits: Drake and Layla Lace pregnancy rumors via Twitter, WENN.com; h/t to Hollywood Life)

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