VIDEO Teen Mom’s Amber chokes and slaps fiance Gary

Amber chokes fiance Gary into a corner on Teen Mom

MTV appears to have a male/female graphic violence double standard, censoring the now-infamous “Snooki Punch” from the airing of the episode of Jersey Shore, yet they had no problem with Amber violently pushing her fiance Gary into a corner by his throat and then slapping him while screaming the entire time. Could you imagine the outrage if the roles had been reversed – if Gary had choked Amber and violently pushed her into the corner and hit her?!? (We almost get the same effect when Amber grabs him by his D-cup man boobs.)

UPDATE – I’m writing this update most of the way through Teen Mom Season 2 and it’s beginning to become apparent that Gary and Amber bring the worst out in each other and that fact VERY often reveals itself in frighteningly violent ways.

This is domestic violence plain and simple, and even though Amber and Gary aren’t physically living together or “officially” a couple they are still engaging in the cycle of abuse with each other.

In the clip below Amber explains herself after watching her latest violent outburst against Gary, and along she admits she has a problem, she still cuts Gary off and becomes angry with him when he tries to open up a bit. She doesn’t seem to be willing to change or fully take responsibility for the abuse she inflicts on Gary:

UPDATE – MTV is catching a lot of flack for allowing Amber to attack Gary like she did and they have removed the episode from the internet! The scene has also spawned a police investigation into domestic violence charges against Amber and possibly even a movie?!?

Gary slapped by Teen Mom Amber

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