VIDEO Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout on her 3rd pregnancy: ‘It was not expected or a planned pregnancy’

Maci Bookout Taylor McKinney pregnancy

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout surprised everyone with her Valentine’s Day announcement that she is currently pregnant with her third child, her second with fiancé Taylor McKinney. Maci made the initial announcement on Instagram, and later MTV shared a video of Maci talking all about baby number three, which might come soon enough to mean she and Taylor will have two children under the age of one!

Here’s the video:

“I found out I was pregnant with baby number three right after we got engaged,” Maci reveals. “It was not expected or a planned pregnancy at all,” she adds.

Maci later reveals that she and Taylor had very different reactions to the “surprise” when they found out. “When Taylor found out that we were expecting, he was very excited — annoyingly excited,” Maci says. Taylor quickly chimes in: “I was definitely the more positive. She had a bit of a breakdown.”

Maci goes on to reveal that all of their male friends seemed to react the same as Taylor, while all their female friends aligned with Maci. “When people found out,” says Maci, “I think all the women were logical and — I mean, realistic. And all the men were happy.”

Taylor used slightly different terms in his recounting of the reactions. “All the women were pessimists, all the men were optimists. The men are excited about it.” Maci laughed and responded: “Yeah, because y’all don’t have a clue.” Taylor rolled his eyes. “Oh, please!”

Maci Bookout third pregnancy quote

So when is Maci Bookout’s due date? “I am due May 30,” she says, “so we’ll probably have two children under one. They’ll be Irish twins.”

Maci says being a pregnancy veteran has definitely changed her attitude about the process. “Because it’s the third one, you know what’s going on. You’ve been there, done that a couple times now, so, I don’t know, it’s just laid back.”

One person that doesn’t seem laid back is Maci’s son Bentley, who is apparently thrilled to be getting a little brother! “Bentley is really excited. He liked this from the very beginning,” says Maci. Taylor adds: “He loved Jayde too, but he wanted a little brother the first time, so he, yeah, he was very excited when we found out — especially when we found out it was a boy.”

Congratulations again to Maci and Taylor! To see the full pregnancy reveal (I assume), be sure to tune in to Teen Mom OG airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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