PHOTO Christopher Walken bares chest on ‘Gods Behaving Badly’ set

A bare-chested Christopher Walken photo with a cup of tea

They says a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one here is just worth one: BADASS!

Appropriately enough this bare-chested photo of actor Christopher Walken was taken on the set of the film Gods Behaving Badly in which, appropriately enough once again, Walken plays a Greek god living in a New York City brownstone. But not just any Greek god, Walken plays Olympic uber-diety Zeus himself. (Some casting director had an easy job!)

The movie is based on 2007 best-selling novel by Marie Phillips in which a number of Greek gods live together in an apartment in New York where they “cross paths with a young couple, Kate (Alicia Silverstone) and Neil (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). The intersection of the Gods and the mortals threatens not only the couple’s budding relationship, but the future of everything else.”

Other lesser gods and goddesses appearing alongside Walken’s Zeus include Sharon Stone as Aphrodite, Oliver Platt as Apollo, Edie Falco as Artemis, Phylicia Rashad as Demeter, Nelsan Ellis as Dionysus, Gideon Glick as Eros, John Turturro as Hades, Henry Zebrowski as Hermes and Rosie Perez as Persephone. The film is set for a 2012 release.

For those of you yearning for more awesome, here’s a looooooooooong last look as Zeustopher Walken in all his bare-chested Olympic glory:

Christopher Walken as Zeus on the set of Gods Behaving Badly movie

The real question here is: what’s in the cup? Sure, it looks like just a cup of tea but I’m guessing Christopher Walken sips on something a little stronger when He heads out for his morning walk. Shampoggnuh? Perhaps unicorn blood?

Photo: Allan Bregg / Splash News

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