VIDEO My Strange Criminal Addiction to feature man with urine drinking fetish


If you thought My Strange Addiction features some seriously bizarro stuff, imagine what happens when these needs become criminal!

Investigation Discovery is doing just that with tonight’s premiere of My Strange Criminal Addiction (see what they did there). The first episode features identical twins who engage in a little frotteurism (a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvis or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification), a woman who steals angels from headstones for her personal collection and a man who is obsessed with stealing urine from young boys because he believes ingesting it will keep him youthful.

Here’s the preview featuring the man with the urine fetish. The video prompts viewers that some names have changed etc so we did our own investigatin’ and have found a real criminal with an extremely similar story:

In the clip it labels the initial crime as happening at a “midwest theme park in 1993.”

In an article via The Columbus Dispatch from March 19, 2011 the arrest history of one Alan David Patton is detailed including an arrest for attempting to collect urine in 1993 from the Magic Mountain Fun Center in Columbus, Ohio.

In the preview video it’s stated that the man is arrested and charged as a child sex offender and receives a 5-year prison sentence. The man, in disguise, and called “Robert Wells” says, “It was a shock, I couldn’t believe they had created a charge like that for collecting urine.”

The show features addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow who explains, “Robert is not a pedophile, Robert has a delusion of belief. His end game is the urine. That is really all he wants.”


For his 1993 arrest, real-life Alan David Patton was “labeled a sex offender and spent 4 1/2 years in prison after fondling a boy while trying to collect urine.”

Patton was arrested again in 2009 and spent 60 days in jail after he was caught stealing urine again at SportsOhio in Dublin.

This arrest actually prompted Ohio to create a new law that would make the collection of any body fluids without consent and for nonmedical purposes a felony. When Patton was arrested again after an incident in October of 2010, they were unable to charge him with the law brought about by his previous actions. Instead, Patton was given 5 years of house arrest and forbidden to use any public restrooms based on his unwillingness to attend court-ordered counseling following his previous crimes.

My Strange Criminal Addiction premieres tonight at 10/9c.

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