VIDEO Sleeping dog wakes up and sings along to Let It Go, then promptly goes back to sleep

Oakley Singing Let It Go

How’s your Monday going? Considering it’s the first big day back after a holiday weekend, I’m willing to bet it’s a bit rough… So do yourself a favor and watch this adorable video of Oakley, an Australian Shepherd, jamming to Frozen‘s Let It Go.

The video starts off with Oakley snoozing to Charli XCX’s Boom Clap… But he instantly perks up with Idina Menzel’s song comes on and chimes in with some well-timed howls. Best of all, he goes right back to sleep when Boom Clap comes back on.

Oakley’s owner shared a clip of the sweet video on Instagram on Saturday along with the fitting hashtags #frozenpup and #letmehowl. The popular pup also has a Facebook fan page with the “Frozen Puppy” permalink. According to his Instagram page, Oakley is training to be a therapy dog.

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