Paramedic dad delivers own daughter in fast food parking lot


A North Carolina dad had his hands full with a “Jill in the Box” in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box last week. Thankfully for the sweet little girl and her momma, daddy is a trained paramedic!

Paul Dupree and his girlfriend Erin Castro were headed to the hospital when mom realized the baby wasn’t going to wait for the safe confines of the medical facility to make her presence known (kids these days man). Dupree told WSOCTV, “She told me, ‘I think the head is out,’ and I said, ‘Oh my.’”

It turns out that Paul and Erin had already been to the hospital earlier that day after Castro began having contractions. They were informed at the time, however, that the baby wasn’t ready to come yet and they were sent back home.

On their second trip of the day to the hospital, baby decided it was time to do this. Dupree pulled over and dialed 911, set his phone on the dashboard and started following the instructions of the dispatcher as the whole delivery was caught on audio. Paul had experience with delivering babies before in the line of work – but never his own mind you!

Without any medical gear on hand, daddy Dupree managed to get his baby girl delivered (of course mom did HER part) before any emergency responders arrived. Paul even managed to improvise upon realizing that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the infant’s neck. “We had to maneuver her a bit to get the cord untangled and once I got the cord untangled I used my shoestring to tie the cord off,” Dupree said.

Mom and dad said that their demanding little one, who they named Harper Lynn, is doing well and they’re gonna keep that shoestring as a memento. Erin added, “Looking back, it was what was meant to be because her daddy got to deliver her.”

Good stuff. This one goes out to Paul, Erin and Harper Lynn from a couple of Carolina boys: