Teen Mom Amber Portwood can totally relate to Kim Kardashian

Teen Mom Amber portwood and Kim Kardashian

While seemingly the whole interwebs is hating on Kim Kardashian in light of her recent divorce filing from baller Kris Humphries at least one celeb can relate. Teen Mom Amber Portwood sees similarities between what herself and baby-daddy Gary “It’s Gary Time” Shirley have struggled with and the probably failed relationship between Kim and Kris.

Amber told E News that:

“I don’t think anyone was surprised. I mean it is heartbreaking, but Kim and Kris are like Gary and me. Total opposites. One is a diva and the other is a down-home guy.”

When Amber was asked if she or Shirley were the diva she did a little left field name dropping in her response:

“Well, Janice Dickinson told me I’m a diva, so I guess I’d have to say I’m the diva.”

Portwood is down with the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel! Who knew? In spite of the differences it doesn’t look like Gary is making Amber wait outside his backdoor a-la Kris as the two are teaming together to celebrate their daughter Leah’s upcoming 3rd birthday together.

“We’re having a giant bash for her. It’s going to be all princess-themed. She’s going to be Cinderella. Gary and I realized that it’s all about Leah. It’s not about what he wants or what I want. It’s her day.”

That’s a very healthy and thoughtful statement coming from Ambs. You know if she keeps that up she should know that she’s in a totally different league than Kim 🙂 . I keeeeeeeed. On a seriously not serious note if Amber is Kim than this must equate to Kris being Gary. Okay ladies, it is time for you to step up and make your voice heard. Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island or in Anderson, Indiana with, It’s Gary Time or It’s Kris Time?

Actually it’s pretty surprising to hear Amber make this comparison after she ripped Kim K a new one for dissing on Teen Mom. Kim decided to make a blog post about the show making teen pregnancy seem cool (she obviously never watched TM) and Amber returned fire…

“She made a sex tape when she was younger and she wants to bash the girls on Teen Mom? If you read the articles about the show, they do nothing but talk about how the show reveals how hard it is for all of us.”

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