VIDEO Radio show host Ryder and Brandy of Wired 96.3 live on air smoking salvia

Ryder from the Canadian radio show Ryder and Brandy “The Big Show” produced a counterpoint to the Miley Cyrus salvia video.

Disturbed by the fact that Miley put so much attention on salvia, a highly intense hallucinogenic (legal in most U.S. States and Canada) drug that creates a much more potent effect than marijuana, Ryder bought some salvia for $45 and took a hit on air. They also had a video camera rolling to make a YouTube video.

They were trying too hard to cast salvia in a negative light in order to start a campaign to make it illegal, and the histrionics of Brandy were a bit distracting, but there was no denying that Ryder lost his faculties immediately and had a pretty uncomfortable trip on-air. It didn’t look or sound like a fun party time, and hopefully this footage could make at least a few kids think twice before trying out the drug Miley Cyrus was smoking.