Miley Cyrus’ brother is dating her boyfriend’s sister, Christina Schwarzenegger

Braison Cyrus and Christina Schwarzenegger

The chances that a Cyrus will marry into the Kennedy family just went up: Miley Cyrus’ brother Braison Cyrus is dating Christina Schwarzenegger. Like Miley’s boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Christina is the grandchild of Eunice Kennedy Shriver — sister to John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

Miley and Patrick have been going strong for a few months, even though some sources say Patrick’s mom, Maria Shriver, doesn’t approve of the relationship.

“They have been friends for a long time,” a source said of Miley and Patrick in November. “They have a ton of common friends so they have run in the same circles for years.”

Patrick Schawrzenegger Miley Cyrus kiss

It’s unclear how long Braison and Christina have been hooking up, but he wasn’t shy about showing off their romance in a couple recent Instagram pictures.

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