PHOTOS Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler go topless for #FreetheNipple campaign

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Chelsea Handler and Miley Cyrus have both taken to Instagram to show their support for the nascent #FreetheNipple campaign, which promotes gender equality by way of non-discriminatory nipple showing. As M-Cyr and C-Hand are two of the most prominent nipple displayers in entertainment (non-pornographic category), their efforts hardly went unnoticed: Cyrus lit social media up over the past two days, before taking her topless-est photo down following an Instagram warning.
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Handler, by contrast, got slapped with a Terms of Service violation, and had her mountaintop breast shot removed by the site. Understandably, she was not pleased with Instagram’s decision to go over her head (and chest), and posted an image of the same Terms of Service violation she got the last time she showed the nipples off:


If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it's ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?

A photo posted by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on

No word on whether C-Hand plans to boycott Instagram for a second time.

What do you think, folks? Is this a good idea and a strike in the right direction for equal rights? Does Handler’s point differ from Miley’s? Or, after a ceaseless torrent of holiday food all last week, are you now just hungry for pizza?

(Photo credit: Miley & Chelsea on Instagram)

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