VIDEO Nicki Minaj mocks Kim Kardashian on Ellen

The 42nd Annual American Music Awards

It hasn’t been long since her Saturday Night Live impersonation got laughter and applause across the wide world of the internet, but Nicki Minaj went back to the well for a follow-up during yesterdayus Ellen interview.

DeGeneres brought up N-Min’s impression, before projecting an image of Minaj-as-Kardashian (complete with super low-cut dress) on the wall behind them.

Nicky M then treated the tittering audience to a deadpan, dead-faced follow-up, before breaking character to laugh and assure everyone that she really does “love” Kim.

There might have been more than a little sarcasm in Minaj’s voice, though. And, in fairness to her: When was the last time any of us saw Kim Kardashian smile? It must have happened somewhere, at some point, and there must be non-blurry photographic evidence of it. Most of the time, though, she looks like a cross between a Mafia don and a parade float.

Anyway. Here’s the full clip of Nicki’s Ellen interview and performance. The Kim-personation starts at around 4:40, if you want to scroll ahead and get the goods:

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