Will Teresa Giudice and brother Joe Gorga ever seek therapy?

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her family is anything but civil. Her and her brother Joe haven’t even spoken in months. Although they have tried to sit down and discuss things, Teresa is rarely willing to take any accountability for her actions, or delve deep into their problems, which makes it extremely hard to move forward.

Earlier this season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, when Teresa and Joe were on better terms, Teresa told him that his wife, Melissa Gorga, would leave him for a richer man. Being the husband that he is Joe told his wife, who later had a confrontation with Teresa. Although they exchanged a few bitter words, they tried to stay neutral for Joe’s sake.

After trying to resolve things once and for all at Kathy Wakile’s pool party, without any success, Joe [Gorga] opened up to Richard Wakile who advised him that therapy may be something they need in order to better their relationship. Joe, willing to try anything, agreed and later texted Teresa to see if she was open it it as well. Unfortunately, Teresa was not.

Teresa claimed that the reason for refusing therapy was that she felt as though she didn’t need it, and therapy wasn’t the Italian way of doing things. Sure, it’s not the old-school Italian way of doing things, but it was good enough for Tony Soprano!

For someone who claimed to be ready to do absolutely anything to get her family back together, this refusal to seek therapy was a red flag. Is Teresa lying when she says that her family is important to her, or is there something standing in the way?

Just a few episodes later, Teresa shockingly revealed that her husband Joe was the reason she won’t be going to therapy with her brother. She even asked if she should be expected to betray her husband for her brother. Why wouldn’t Joe Giudice want her to mend her relationship with Joe Gorga?

Whatever is holding them back seems petty in the light of the situation. Joe may even be heading to jail soon! Shouldn’t he, as a caring husband, make sure that Teresa has a good support system instead of standing in the way? If what Teresa and Joe need is therapy, and clearly it is, than that is what they should do. Regardless of what your family has done in the past or believes in, when all else fails, you try something different.

Joe Giudice is quickly becoming the villain of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not only has he shelled out such hateful words about her family including calling Rosie a “butchie boy” and referring to Kathy as her “idiot cousin,” he is now making sure that Teresa and Joe Gorga don’t get any help with their relationship.

UPDATE: In an upcoming episode, Teresa tells Melissa that she DOES want to go to therapy with Joe, will she follow through?

Will Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga ever be able to work out their issues in therapy, or otherwise? What do you think?

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