PHOTO Bruce Springsteen adopts Timberlake for daughter Jessica

Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica with her new puppy Timberlake

The adorable guy you see above goes by the handle of Timberlake and he’s the newest addition to the Springsteen family!

A Second Chance Puppies and Kitten Rescue shared the great pic showing Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scalfia’s daughter Jessica Springsteen holding the rescue animal that her famous dad and mom adopted for her after she competed at the Saturday Night Lights Horse Jumping event in Wellington, Florida.

Here’s what the organization had to say about Jessica’s, a show jumping professional rider, new puppy pal:

The most exciting adoption of the day happened at the Saturday Night Lights Horse Jumping event in Wellington. While we were parading the adoptable dogs around the arena, we were stopped by the person in charge who told us to wait there, that one of their VIPs had to have one of our puppies. Turns out it was Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patti. Bruce adopted Timberlake for his daughter who came in 2nd place in the horse event. Bruce and Patti did not want to take a picture since the puppy was for their daughter Jessica (pictured here), but Bruce did the adoption paperwork. I think Timberlake is going to have a great life!

The woman who had fostered little Timberlake, Ruth Hambel Douthitt, was obviously surprised and excited by what happened as she wrote, “This was my foster puppy that Bruce Springsteen adopted for his daughter. I actually completed the adoption paperwork with him.” When a friend asked Ruth if she got nervous or insisted on a home visit she replied, “No but I did make him produce his drivers license for me to copy the numbers.”


The Boss has been very successful in protecting the private lives of his 3 children as they’ve grown up – a particularly impressive feat for the living legend. His fame is immense and beyond that, his work inspires a particularly intense brand of loyalty and curiosity among his fan base. Now that Evan, Jessica and Sam are older – the family has started letting fans and the public in a little on what they’ve been up to and how they’re doing.

Patti started an Instagram in which she’s shared a couple of candid and rare pics of Evan, Jessica and Sam. The following photo of their youngest, Sam Springsteen, made headlines as her mom doted on him graduating from the Monmouth County Fire Academy.

Sam has since joined his local Colts Neck Fire Department.


Patti wrote, “My youngest son, Sam, graduated from Monmouth County Fire Academy tonight. #Proud #OurFamilyHero.”

As for Evan, the following video surfaced a while back of him following in the footsteps of mom and dad as he worked on a music career of his own.

Here is a crowd-shot clip of Evan Springsteen performing solo acoustic:

Congrats to Jessica on her new buddy and for the Springsteens on doing a great job of allowing their kids to blossom in their own way.

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