VIDEO Miami news reporter Joyce Evans has best sign off ever

Joyce Evans Miami reporter sign off viral video clip WCIX

Back before she was the co-anchor for Philadelphia’s FOX 29, Joyce Evans was a young reporter workin’ the beat for WCIX in Miami. In a short video clip that has become an internet sensation, Joyce can be seen in 1983 finishing up a report from in front of the Miami Police Department, which is apparently not her favorite place to be.

WARNING – There is a lil bit o’ profanity in the clip

Joyce’s instant transformation is amazing! I just can’t get enough! (Kandy Burress’ term “bourghetto” comes to mind.) So, I did a little research on Joyce’s time at WCIX and managed to turn up the original blooper reel the clip is from, which seems to suggest the entire crew at WCIX suffered from a bit of potty mouth as well as a propensity for sharing a particularly offensive finger.

We’ll start off with the blooper reel from 1985, which features Joyce two years after the above clip with shorter hair. The intro is a little long, but worth it for fans of retro cheesiness! (Needless to say, there is a good bit of foul language in all of these videos)

And then here is the original blooper reel video from 1983 which concludes with Joyce Evans’ now infamous sign off:

And just in case you were wondering, here’s what Joyce Evans looks like now:

Philadelphia news co-anchor Joyce EvansJoyce Evans of WCIX Miami and Fox 29 in Philadelphia

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